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  1. Does any Mfg'er make, or care to make, an all wood or wood laminate sportier or target style replacement stock, that is designed without a pistol grip? It would house the original recoil system. It would cover and gently enclose the rear exposed curved edge of the lower, and will cover and also attach to, the lowers cutout where the pistol grip mounts. This 1 change ( a non pistol grip stock) , will remove THE NYS classification of "ASSAULT RIFLE from many factory Colt AR MODELS that have been made. It will also prevent THIS CLASSIFICATION from being stamped on any new AR, that is built (or modified) with a plain, old fashioned, crowned bbl, that has no, or no provision for, muzzle accessories. The stock alone would give it the same FEATURE SET that kept the Mini14 from receiving this classification. In NYS, the Mini is a "regular, old fashioned, semi auto sporting / hunting, rifle. You'll make many NYS sportsman happy, and think of your sales if you are the first kid on the block to make this product! Might any Mfg'er wish to discuss this further?
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