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  1. BoiseAR

    Cancer sucks

    I'm sure everyone has seen that statement before, I know I have. But it hits close to home for me now. My younger brother, who is 25, was diagnosed a few weeks ago with a tumor on his pituitary gland in his brain, a Germinoma Brain Tumor, also known as a Germ Cell Tumor. He had a chemo port installed two weeks ago and just started his chemo treatments this week. Chemo is expected to last a few months, with possible radiation needed after that. Our family has decided that we will kick this cancer to the curb, and the treatment has a high success rate so we have every reason to be optimistic. Unfortunately due to the nature of his tumor, and the fact that he is a truck driver by occupation, he’s been off work for several weeks and will likely be off 4-6 more months. He has many monthly obligations, including a portion of the rent and utilities for the house my dad and I share with him, not counting the mounting medical bills. My brother is the most generous person I know, giving all his extra money to friends and family who need it. Because of his generosity he unfortunately has no rainy day fund to lean on in this situation, so these next months will be challenging, as now my dad and I, who both make less than what my brother did, are now basically paying the bills for 3 people. We don't have a large family so we don't have that cushion of monetary suppport that some people do in situations like this. Positive thoughts and prayers for my family and my brother's treatment would be much appreciated. One of my brother's good friends created a GoFundMe to help us, which we are extremely grateful for. As I am not sure on if posting fundraising links is frowned upon on this forum I will refrain from posting the link, but if anyone feels so inclined to donate a few dollars, I would gladly send the link through PM. This post is less about the money, as helpful as it would be, and more about getting prayers up for my brother and our family, especially our younger brother who is in the Navy and unable to be around for this process. This is going to be a hard enough process for those of us here with my brother while he's dealing with this, I can't imagine how hard it is on our brother knowing this is going on and he's 3000 miles away and unable to see him. Thanks in advance for anyone sending positive thoughts and prayers our way.
  2. The ending of this situation was definitely a chaotic mess. Officers should not have been spraying and praying as mentioned above. I have no law enforcement or military experience so I can't weigh in much on the procedural aspects of this, but I did just want to make a correction in the picture posted above. I watched the video of the end of the chase, and the 2 SUVs that officers were using as a rolling cover were actually unmarked/undercover units, when you watch the video you can see the lights in the front/rear windows of both of them. However every other vehicle on the side/front of the truck were definitely civilian vehicles. RIP to the UPS driver and the other innocent bystander.
  3. BoiseAR

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Another change up today. Installed some Strike Industries takedown/pivot pins.
  4. BoiseAR

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Where my DelTon is right now. Swapped out the Tapco vertical foregrip for a Magpul AFG, and put my Ruger rapid deploy rear sight back on, was having issues with the bolts holding my Primary Arms optic to the rail mount loosening and allowing the optic to move.
  5. Youngest brother has been home on leave from the Navy for the past week, and this morning we went to a local indoor range and did some shooting. Went through about 100 rounds of 9mm, me shooting my SD9VE and him shooting our mom's Taurus G2, and then about 120 rounds between the 2 of us and our ARs. We first were taking 5 shots and alternating to the next person at a target out at 10 yards, and did a good job keeping everything basically centered. Then we sent the target out to 25 yards and shot at a "hostage rescue" target, him on the left, me on the right(I accidentally winged the hostage, oops). We both did pretty good, both using Ruger rapid deploy rear sights and stock front sights. Then when we were leaving, we decided what the hell and spent the $20 for 2 shots with a Barrett .50 at 100 yards that the range offers. THAT is a gun, and was a fun experience. We were both way right of center, BUT I did get closer lol. All in all a fun morning, and of course great getting to spend some time with him while he's back, he will be heading back to Hawaii next week.
  6. Man, been a looong time since I was on here. So sorry for resurrecting a dead post haha. No longer have my bike I posted when this thread first started, I now own a 2018 Yamaha MT07, bought it brand new in April 2018, and have put about 4400 miles on it since then(ride to work all the time when its warm but up until April this year I only lived 4 miles from work so a weeks worth of work commute only put 32 miles on haha). Love this bike.
  7. Forgive me if this is a repost of this, but did not appear to see any other posts for it. Saw this story the other day, just found out today that one of the 3 still missing, AOAA Grosso, was a friend of my brother's from boot camp this summer as well as the Navy Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola. He was on his first ride to the carrier to begin his job. RIP in to all 3 and prayers go out to their families and friends. http://www.cpf.navy.mil/news.aspx/040043
  8. BoiseAR

    Just saw The Hitman's Bodyguard

    Was gonna try to see it this weekend, glad to know it will be worth the admission.
  9. BoiseAR

    The eclipse

    Probably just gonna watch it from my mom's place, our city will see a 99.7% eclipse, so should be able to take our glasses off for a short period of time.
  10. My $700 1990 Yamaha YX600 Radian bobber project. Runs and drives, only things I've done so far are a different tail light (previous owner had cheap tail light/plate bracket combo screwed into bottom of plastic seat pan, fell off first time I hit a decent bump at speed. I replaced it with an LED running/brake light with integrated turn signals, mounted on part of an old license plate which is then attached to L brackets bolted on by slightly longer bolts for the rear shocks. Looks kind of redneck, but works), and a new rear tire to replace the bald one that was on there. Bike is currently at the dealer getting the fork seals and front brakes done as I don't have the room, tools, or time to do it myself, and I have a new front tire arriving tomorrow that they will also install. Also have all the needed parts coming in this week to convert the ugly stock rectangle headlight setup to a 5 3/4" round light setup, using an LED "Daymaker" headlight. It's a fun little bike, and being a 600 it can scoot pretty well if I want it too. The bike Closer look at my homemade tail light setup The headlight I'll be converting to
  11. BoiseAR

    Death Wish 2017: starring Bruce Willis

    Saw the trailer on Facebook the other day, I haven't seen the original, but the trailer for this one looks like it may actually be good.
  12. BoiseAR

    Proud of my brother

    We go our first letter from my brother the other day, and he was able to call mom this afternoon. So far everything is going well for him, he was designated a section leader within the first few days, which is awesome. He did fine in their first PT though he said it was miserable lol. So far out of the 8 recruits that shipped out from our town, 2 have already dropped out, which makes our mom nervous about whether or not my brother can hand the stress, but I think he'll be fine. We should be getting another letter from him soon so it will be nice to hear from him. Now I just need to get to the range with my AR and get it zeroed in and get some practice, don't want him coming home on leave after a school and wiping the floor with me at the range lol.
  13. BoiseAR

    4x4 vehicles

    1991 Civic Wagon lol. Currently trying to source a replacement viscous coupler so the Realtime 4wd will work correctly, with 365k on it the original one is pretty much done for.
  14. BoiseAR

    Side charging uppers?

    I like the idea of a side charger, and may get one for my rifle. But I don't like the design of the BCA ones, where the charging handle is on the same side as the ejection port. For a righty, that would be just as inconvenient to charge as a standard charging handle, as you'd have to reach over or under with your left hand, or take your firing hand off to charge it. I like the design of the Gibbz Arms ones instead. https://gibbzarms.com/product/g4-side-charging-upper-receiver/
  15. BoiseAR

    Concert ticket prices

    Only been to 3 concerts in my life, I've spent about $220 between all 3, $120 of that was a VIP ticket with meet and greet with the band for 1 concert.