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  1. What bullet would you use grizzly I assume you want deep penetration
  2. 10 gr of bluedot and 180 gr Hornady XTP work well for me I also use it in my 44 mag loads never know about availability so i try to use 1 powder for as many calibers as possible and buy in bulk
  3. I have factory Colt mags same problem I'll try that. Thanks
  4. That is just beautiful Come on Smith remake this Classic
  5. I wonder if Smith will bring back the 610 since they are doing classic models
  6. I wish Smith would come out with the 610 again
  7. Glock 20,Para Elite Hunter, New Colt Delta Elite, But I wish S&W would make 610 again
  8. I have aPara Elite Hunter and a new Colt Delta Elite and the brass lands in a different zipcode
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