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  1. Sick bruh Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  2. agnt_kruger

    Aero Precision Bar Barrel Nut

    Thanks guys, I will try the suggestions and report back
  3. agnt_kruger

    Aero Precision Bar Barrel Nut

    I have to use an Aero Precision "Bar" barrel nut since I have an AP rail. Anyways it came with 4 shims. With the shims on ,the gas tube whole does not line up properly to the gas tube hole on the upper reciever. I took the shims off and tried to line them up. This time they do line up but I feel its not on tight enough. To make it to the next whole would take a considerable amount of pressure to turn it that far and Im wondering how much pressure you can put on the upper receiver and how hard you are supposed to turn the barrel nut. I will be watching some more videos to find out but all input is appreciated. I will update with pictures later tonight when I am working on it.
  4. agnt_kruger

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    Almost done with the pun, Spray paint on rail a little lighter than planned so I want to fix that to match the magpul. Also I need sights and to tighten a few things here and there
  5. agnt_kruger

    New gun safe

    I feel your pain brotha
  6. agnt_kruger

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    I got a 5.56 barel, which just arrived a few days ago. Just got my BCG today and Rail. Will update with pics later. Just waiting on my gas tube since they accidentally sent the wrong one they sent out a replacement.
  7. agnt_kruger

    Adjustable gas block

    nice options
  8. agnt_kruger

    My FFL Called...

    nice set!
  9. you'll be driftin all over the place, sounds like fun!
  10. agnt_kruger

    How men think.

    dump martha
  11. agnt_kruger

    Lehigh Defense Ammo

    Xtreme Penetrator, damn it, they stole my nickname!
  12. agnt_kruger

    A question about assembly grease

    is the only place you can get anti seize an autopart store ? and online of course
  13. agnt_kruger

    Good Wednesday Morning to All

    Good morning!!! Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  14. agnt_kruger

    Oh yeah...this sucks. 😄

    looks like pismo beach / oceano dunes
  15. agnt_kruger

    California: Roll call

    Like you said its all where your at in California. It can be a great place if you know where to be. I am also on acreage. My next door neighbor has a shooting range and I am building one too. From what I've seen Texas is a boring, flat depressing state where all land is owned by someone and lots of people in debt. All their billboards read "Debt Help" and "Payday Advance" which goes to show . I would choose California over Texas any day even though they have better laws for firearms it doesn't make up for everything else. California is the great, we have everything. you can go to the beach in the morning, and the same day go to a mountain with snow, wake up the next day and hit the desert.