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  1. Have a 509 sinister goggles for 3 years now and have no major problems with it. It is just a bit PITA to change the lens.
  2. robton62

    headache rack for trucks

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I kind like the Spyder headache racks.
  3. I want to add some rear window protection for my truck. I like that look of backrack headache racks because they are welded together rather than bolted. Does anyone have one? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Nice bikes you got there! Where did you buy your LED headlight?
  5. robton62

    Piggy Bank is almost full, what gun?

    P938 is an excellent concealed carry gun. It shoots great and doesn't weigh much.
  6. robton62

    Audio system

    I had a local shop install a Pioneer AVIC-5000NEX, Alpine D-series amp and JL sound bar.
  7. robton62

    Anti goat gate

    Looks good. I like the idea of make it self opening.
  8. Nice work! It doesn't not look bad at all.
  9. I posted my car on craigslist before, and transaction went smoothly.
  10. robton62

    South Western YardBird and Waffles

    Looks delicious. How I wish I'm a good cook also.
  11. robton62

    Update Boat and Computer Speakers

    You can't go wrong with Klipsch. Have mine for two years now, and the sound is still great.
  12. robton62

    Bought my first Harley

    Nice bike! Is the exhaust system stock?
  13. robton62

    Which motor oil in your Harley?

    I use Amsoil synthetic. Expensive but my bike seems to like it.