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  1. I have heard that facing the upper receiver will cut the group size in half, any thoughts on that subject ?
  2. sometimes i double tap even on the computer, sorry
  3. I just started shooting my 16" Black hole .264 lbc that I assembled and am at 1" with factory ammo. With all this good info, hopefully I can shrink my groups. Glad I joined this forum
  4. 1renegade

    AR15 parts from Walmart

    I learn something here every time I read these forums. I had no idea Walmart carried any ar parts. Glad I joined
  5. 1renegade

    Worse than Crack

    After spending $125 for a spikes stripped lower and $90 for the upper for many years who can resist the LOW price deals out there now ? Free uppers with certain barrels, and lowers for $45 . It certainly justifies putting together another rifle because of the cost savings. Even many billet sets are way down in price. Lots of 1 day promo's on the web
  6. 1renegade

    Missed Midwayusa Deal

    I am interested in seeing how that turns out for you. After researching many various parts it seems like the $700 ar some how ends up being the $1800 ar. Even now with all of the price reductions on the web, premium parts still demand a premium price.
  7. I usually have both eyes open with rds except when I really have a tight shot I close the left eye. probably wouldn't matter but just feels more precise
  8. where could I find info carbine training courses around the Yakima area ?
  9. 1renegade

    Hey Everyone! New Here and Building an AR

    For accuracy and comfort go with a good trigger. Larue has a good trigger on sale at times for around $90. Also Velocity trigger is a very good single stage trigger@ $125
  10. 1renegade

    Shooting Areas Near Yakima

    North of Selah at the end of Sheep Company rd. you can shoot an easy 1000 yds if you want. Because of the fire hazard now the shooting area is closed after 10 am
  11. 1renegade

    Match Grade Ammo?

    I agree, higher magnification scope as reticle can cover up bulls eye on target. American Eagle 50gr tipped (black box) have worked well for me.
  12. 1renegade

    300blk ammo.

    I have been using 220gr sierra with 10gr h4198 for my 300 subs and is working well
  13. I joined this forum to find information about Blackhole barrels and other AR parts. I bought a couple Bushmasters in 2003 and then started putting a few of my own together. I have always had good luck with Blackhole barrels in 5.56 and 300. My latest rifle has a 16" Blackhole barrel in .264lbc. I am getting solid 1" groups @ 100 using Hornady Amax. My question is, does the Hornady Black shoot as well or better ?