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  1. The smell is only while spraying it. After it settles you cant smell a thing
  2. Again this information come direct from cerakote themselves. I have had no negative effects from my in home oven.
  3. So I cerakoted some parts for my lower today and I have a few helpful hits for the DIY people on here. 1) PREP IS EVERYTHING!!! I know this is what everyone say but it is sooo true take your time and do it right. 2) ventilated area is a must. This stuff smells like a urinal cake when you use it so make sure you dont try this inside. 3) Your in home oven will do the job. 4) Read the manual. Again self explanatory but always good advice. 5) finally number 5 and this one is a biggie. If you are doing polymer and metal components at the same time you can bake them together. This is information directly from cerakote bake at polymer temperature (150-180F) for 2 hours then raise the temperature to the metal level (250-300F) after removing the polymer/plastic components. Works great and looks awesome, if you are thinking about coating your gun I highly recommend cerakote.
  4. Hey all got to say have had nothing but positive experiences here so far so I figured why not see if I can get some more good advice. I seriously need a good gun belt for my EDC I carry a Springfield XD Mod 2 which I love btw would highly recommend if youre in the market for a new handgun. So any suggestions?
  5. Wow guys thanks for all the awesome information that you are giving me and to answer the question I didn’t last night , sorry my eagles were playing had to watch, the barrel comes with my aero precision upper and it is a 16 inch barrel chambered in .223 wylde. Also Greg just curious how many rounds do you have to shoot on average to make buying all the reloading equipment worth it? A good friend of mine reloads all my 9mm for me but I’m curious on what it cost to get the correct reloading tools and kits and not waste money on useless items.
  6. Also kye4some that is a really nice gun you got there I especially like the wood accents that isnt something you see everyday. At least it looks like wood to me might be the light though.
  7. I agree but like I said none of the gun shops in the area sell anything BUT magpul. I’m not just talking the big stores like bass pro and academy sports none of the small guys do either. I got lucky to find the hexmag grip in the bargain bin honestly and I can’t wait to get this thing to the range. Hopefully I will have the upper done by Christmas or if not that I get some cash from my family to finish it.
  8. Don’t need one now have the pins installed but thanks for the heads up I might go get on to add to the at tool kit.
  9. Ok guys I have noticed a trend with my local gun shops and I cant seem to find anyone who carries other brands besides magpul. Now this is strictly a personal preference but I dont like the way any of the magpul grips fit in my hand. My problem is that all of the local gun shops sell almost exclusively magpul. Now I know a lot of people like magpul and that they make a quality product but I cant seem to find any tactical fore grips that I like. Anyone have any suggestions the current pistol grip I just bought for my build is a hex mag and it fits my hand just right. Also the other problem I have is that I like to hold a grip in my hand before I purchase it. Pm me if you need to know where I live but Im losing my mind here and need some ideas.
  10. Devil duck that is true I got the spring back but I think the detent is gone forever
  11. I’m facepalming right now that was a bad joke funny but bad
  12. I am planning to buy a quality barrel in my opinion, and keep in mind I’m a seasoned shooter but a rookie builder, the three parts you should never cheap out on are the BCG the barrel and the trigger group. I wanted to see what the general consensus was on the wylde since it has such good reviews.
  13. Thanks hlhneast I am glad someone said that cause I already had an oh shat putting the pivot pin in was doing it on my vice at work and the detent is now stuck in the ceiling insulation at the shop. Oops luckily my local gun shop is only a block and a half away so it wasn’t too bad. Still I felt like an idiot
  14. Hey everyone project is getting there getting my armorers wrench and vice blocks tomorrow, hopefully. Also go a steal on a hex mag pistol grip found one in a bargain bin for 5 bucks. Anyway Im finally getting ready to start getting my upper receiver parts and was wondering what everyone thinks about the .223 wylde barrel. From what I have read it seems to give a nice balance between .223 and 5.56 which is great cause I target shoot with .223 and hunt with 5.56. So anyone have one and want to give some opinions on it? Thanks again will post pictures of the gun when it is assembled both pre and post cerakote.
  15. The reason it is so expensive is because it is anodized aluminum alloy. But like I said I want to get one in my hand BEFORE I decide weather I want it or not. Nothing worse than buying a part sight unseen and hating it.
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