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  1. this is my first post here, so if it is in the wrong section i am sorry, but i am new and i do need advice so i thought this would be a good start. this is going to be a relatively long post, but with questions like this it seems to be worth it o give as much detail as possible to get the best help possible. im going to refer to both the dpms style and AR-10 as just a .308 for this post. it is much easier than saying ar-308/AR-10 every time i'm referring to all .308 ARs. first of all, i definitely want an AR chambered in .308. i already have an AR-15 that i built myself. the reason i'm considering the purchase of an assembled .308, but is building still better after reviewing thees points based on my needs? 1. .308s aren't as interchangeable as ar-15's. my ar-15 is a mix of a bunch of different parts from a bunch of different companies, my upper, lower barrel, BCG, stock, hand guard, receiver extension, buffer spring+buffer, grip, and stock are all from different companies and i didn't need to think twice about them not fitting together. you cant really do that as much with a .308 from what it seems and when looking for parts they don't tell you what they are comparable with most of the time. due to this the only safe way to build one is to get all the parts from the same manufacturer, which sucks for someone like me. i don't like to go top notch with everything. i drop money on the parts that are critical and cheap out on parts that aren't critical. BCG? barrel? get the good stuff. lower? hand guard? grip? buffer tube? get me the cheapest thing that will still make it go bang. thats the while reason i built an AR in the first place, all of what i wanted and none of what i didn't. 2. price. after putting together a parts list (of parts i am not sure would even fit together) it doesn't come out much lower, or lower at all, than a similar prebuilt .308. 3. quality. i'm no pr armorer. i have built 2 AR-15s and i don't particularly like doing it. i only did it because of the other benefits involved. it makes me want to rip my hair out more than it puts a smile on my face. my emotions aside, i think a person who puts these things together for a living will still do a better job if he comes in to work hung over on a monday than i will in my basement trying my best on my best day. so basically im asking if there is something i am missing that would still make building one worth it over buying one? building a .308 just doesn't seem to be as good of a deal as building an AR-15 i really like the ruger precision rifle. its about the price range i want to be in at $1500. anything less than 1000 makes me skeptical, anything towards 2 grand makes my wallet ache. if it is a really good deal i might get one for 2k but thats the top limit and it would have to be really good for what im paying, like it better change my oil or something. im looking at a 20 inch barrel but i could live with an 18. the stag arms stag 10 is another option. 18 inch 4140 chrome lined vs the rugers 20 inch 4140 hammer forged without chrome. a little less accurate but more corrosion resistant. any other suggestions? any input is appreciated, even if that input is calling me a moron.
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