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  1. dabuckhunt

    Electrical switch install

    Definitely dont do anything you don't feel 100% safe doing. Have you asked your power company what options they approve? How often do you expect to need to run on generator power?
  2. dabuckhunt

    Electrical switch install

    Yea you have a bad situation there. Why not just back feed the panel? You don't need auto transfer do you?
  3. dabuckhunt

    Electrical switch install

    Wow yea that doesn't leave a lot of options. Here is one that, while expensive, would reduce the labor portion for sure while allowing you to use the whole panel, granted limited on which size you buy. https://www.homedepot.com/p/GenerLink-30-Amp-Meter-Mounted-Transfer-Switch-MA23-N/301961623
  4. dabuckhunt

    Electrical switch install

    Do you have a picture of where the main power enters your house?
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