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  1. This is because they cannot control an armed population. They must disarm us all in order to control us. They will lie and do anything they can to achieve that goal. It's pathetic.
  2. Part of that is because of laws saying they have to be safer for pedestrians being hit by them...
  3. Cast iron cookware is awesome, just don't machine the stuff it stinks to high heaven and is a huge mess.
  4. They don't but they can rule on the interpretation of the law as written. This is so the layman can make sense of them easier.
  5. Same, I saw a video from Brazil that started as a bike chasing a car and the Leo got off his bike and fired through the rear window of the car killing the driver. This was also in bumper to bumper traffic on a highway and somehow he didn't hit anyone else from what I remember.
  6. Part of it too that I notice is a lack of community. Neighbors used to talk lots and even spent time together now most hardly know their neighbors aside from a "hello" here or a "how are you today" there. Then you get the neighbors of people after tragedies like this saying, "I had no idea". Maybe they would have never noticed anything but maybe had they payed attention to things more they could have noticed something was up and not right. Maybe they knew about his past and how he was a domestic abuser, maybe they also saw him carry a rifle case into his home. Add those together and say something to someone who could maybe stop something awful from happening.
  7. I'm not saying it's because of their illness but because of the drugs they are given to treat it. We have hardly any data for the long term effects of antidepressants. Many carry risks like "may increase suicidal thoughts". Ever think that if it increases those thoughts that people who were thinking about shooting up a school or church are going to have those thoughts increased as well? I don't for a second blame those with mental illness for trying to get help I blame the doctors and pharmaceutical companies that peddle these drugs like some kind of super cure and communication is a far better cure.
  8. I could see it happening.. People have been killed for less.
  9. Hitmen exist and for the right price can kill in a way that it appears to be an accident. Obviously I have no facts but it all smells fishy to me.
  10. Noveske directly called out the pharmaceutical industry in a public forum and a week later is dead, that seems to perfect to just be coincidence to me. I have long had distrust for the pharmaceutical industry and this potential attack on a prominent firearm manufacturer furthers that. Obviously it's all pure speculation but it's feasible that this could have been orchestrated by the very rich pharmaceutical companies.
  11. Nothing is coincidence anymore. I find it hard to believe a healthy person loses control of their vehicle crosses multiple lanes of traffic and is still going at a high enough rate of speed for a fatal crash. Remember as Jafar said of the golden rule, "he who has the gold makes the rules."
  12. You never know. Noveske died mysteriously after posting about how almost all of the mass murderers were on some kind of antidepressants. Interesting to think about.
  13. Look into the drugs they are on... While yes mental health is something we need to work on solving, drugs are not the answer for it. Communication cures mental illness.
  14. The biggest problem I see is the lack of punishment for those acquiring and those selling illegal firearms. Yes some people shouldn't be able to own firearms but to make those who should be able to have to jump through ten tons of hoops just to get them isn't right either. We all deserve the right to defend ourselves, unless we have proven to a jury of our peers to not have the capacity to use that right without the risk of causing harm to ourselves or others.
  15. I hate this state... Anyone else remember that it was here one of the first terrorist cells was discovered after 9/11, in Lackawanna specifically. Then there's the compound in the Adirondacks. They keep saying we need diversity, however Muslims keep showing us they want no part in diversity and want to be the only ones left.
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