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  1. Coop650

    "Package Delivery Delayed"

    The last 3 Amazon Prime orders we made shipped USPS, all 3 were delayed. Amazon gave us a $10 credit even though I am not sure it was their fault. USPS here in Texas has been awful compared to PA. In PA not once in 14 years at our old address did we have a package go missing. It's happened 3 times in a year here, one was $3500 check. I think USPS has been hiring some employees who just don't care.
  2. Coop650

    Rest in Peace Bob.

    Sorry to read that. RIP Bob.
  3. Coop650

    Speeders in Texas

    I have been riding motorcycles for 38 years (I am 46). I went through a spell where if I wasn't doing double digits I wasn't happy. Those days are long behind me. In Texas if it's a 75 I may do 80 if I have to pass, but that's about it anymore. You don't save much time as already mentioned, you use more gas, and unless you have a lot of space to slow it's harder on your vehicle's brakes. I am cheap, I don't even ride the clutch in my car on a hill because I want the max mileage from the clutch plates LOL.
  4. Coop650

    Single Malt Scotch?

    I am more of a bourbon drinker, but I have some Black Label here and like it actually. Years ago someone gave me some Glenfiddich 12 for a gift and I hated it to so much I poured it down the drain but that was back when I only drank beer and if I had a whiskey it had soda in it. Now I drink everything neat. I guess I should try a malt vs grain Scotch sometime again now that I like whiskey (whisky).
  5. Coop650

    What are we drinking on Christmas?

    It's like a George Thorogood song here...
  6. Coop650

    Christmas Card Fire Mission

    I'll get one out tomorrow.
  7. Coop650

    Lower Priced Sripped Lowers

    Mine has an Anderson and works great. But I didn't build it, I bought it already built into a rifle. Now that I have spent so much time on this site I am not sure I would have bought it. At the time (this past July) I didn't know much and just wanted a rifle so I bought it from a local guy.
  8. Coop650

    cordless electric lawnmowers

    We bought this house in Texas in January. I sold my old gas trimmer before moving. We have 2 acres but only have a small 40'x30'x40' fenced in backyard for the dogs. I only trim around that fence, around the house, and around the 10'x16' shed. I bought a Ryobi 18V trimmer with a Home Depot gift card or realtor gave is and it has been great. Right now I only have one battery and I can trim what I have with the one.
  9. Coop650

    12 Cans of Diet Coke?

    I bet my brother drinks close to that, plus coffee in the morning. I can't stomach the stuff but I think he is addicted to it.
  10. Coop650

    The Walking Dead season 8

    That is the only thing that made me wonder if they have some lame trick up their sleeve. I mean, when asked when Carl actually got bit he was very vague about what episode it was. I went back and watched, it was episode 6. When he was helping Saddiq and Carl fell on that dead animal, he was fighting two walkers and you can see the one lean in to bite after he pushed it off.
  11. Coop650

    What first got you into firearms?

    My dad and uncles always shot guns so it was just normal to me. I have memories of being very young, 5 maybe, and shooting a 30-06 at my uncles and crying lol. He was a bad influence on me .
  12. Coop650

    Snowing in Pflugerville!

    I really hate snow. It was a reason I was so eager to take this job and relocate from the SW PA area to Texas. Then I learned it does occasionally snow here. But at least it is nothing like the Laurel Mountains in PA where I lived. We got snow in feet there. I can deal with flurries/light snow.
  13. Coop650

    Three to four cups of coffee a day linked to longer life

    I was worried you guys wouldn't know I was joking. I agree if its what you like, why not drink the good stuff.
  14. Coop650

    Three to four cups of coffee a day linked to longer life

    I am not a coffee snob. I can drink pretty much any coffee as long as it's black. If it's bad I will add some sugar. But never creamer, even plain cream/milk makes it undrinkable for me. Heck I will also drink cheap beer. Not to say I don't appreciate good stuff. But all the guys saying they won't drink this brand or that brand are just spoiled .
  15. Coop650

    Seriously, what do you really want for Christmas?

    I am off of work still from back surgery #3 in June so I gave my wife some $20 ideas to keep it cheap (pistol grip and vertical grip, cheap RFID blocking card holder/money clip, stuff like that). She insists on gifts even after 25 years, plus I love giving gifts so I don't complain. I get more joy from giving then receiving, and that is not bs. But she won't let me give her Christmas gifts without receiving any of my own lol.