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  1. I don't really need the stock, just the butt plate assembly. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Looking for a complete SKS butt plate/trap door assembly, cleaning kit ejection spring and butt plate screws. Thank you
  3. We're looking at Tennessee pretty seriously.
  4. Adam 2

    Hey Adam 2

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. And it was totally awsome!!
  5. Good morning from east central Illinois
  6. Good afternoon from east central Illinois
  7. Well now, finally I can protect our property and trim the tree's all at the same time
  8. Good morning fron east central Illinois
  9. Good morning form east central Illinois
  10. Good morning. Nice crisp morning in east central Illinois. Just hangin out on the front porch, working on the second pot of coffee. Y'all have a great day. Life is good.
  11. Good morning from east central Illinois.
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