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  1. Underdog

    Inexpensive AK's

    I love the simplicity of the AK, nothing more nothing less. It's a very reliable rifle with iron sights that is very capable of defending anyone. Once you make your initial purchase there's not a lot more to add than ammo and mags. I started out with an American made AK and it has been very reliable and functions great, I've had it over a year now and not one problem. In the next few months I'll be looking to purchase another one and it will be either an Arsenal, Riley Defense, or a Wasr 10. I'm still doing my research but I have it narrowed down to these three models. Everyone should own an AK, it's a totally different animal than an AR. Both are loads of fun.
  2. Underdog

    Just bought my first Ar15

    bmajewski83 Congrats on that new rifle, very nice.
  3. Underdog

    I'm bustin' with anticipation!!!!!

    Chris645 I understand what you meant in getting comfortable with the AR platform. I had a very hard time adjusting to my first AR and I think it was a mental thing for me, so I ended up selling it off. One year later I gave it another try and I must say I feel much more comfortable the 2nd time around. I'm having fun this time and enjoying my rifle much more.
  4. Welcome to the best AR-15 forum out there. I caught that same bug several months ago and I haven't found a cure for it yet, except more AR stuff makes you feel much better.
  5. Underdog

    Sd sight optics

    I agree with the quick target acquisition with a red dot, and maybe it's me not using it correctly. I have a Holosun HS503C sight and the thing works great, I just can't get comfortable with it. I tried using one eye, then both eyes. Placing more forward on the rifle and then more towards me, I just cant find the correct and comfortable way to use it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Sorry Ozarkpugs for redirecting your thread for a post or two.
  6. Underdog

    Sd sight optics

    I like to just keep a good set of iron sights on my rifle to keep it light and simple. I tried red dots and scopes, I keep coming back to irons as that's what I learned with as a kid. I learn to use them well and often, so that would be my recommendation and choice.
  7. Underdog

    PSA Magpul MBUS set for less than $50

    Yup got it to work. Thank you hlhneast.
  8. Underdog

    PSA Magpul MBUS set for less than $50

    I just looked and it's now $93 they must have caught their mistake. The sale ends 1-15-18. I put them in my cart and added the discount code and it's still $93. So whoever got them $49 got a great deal.
  9. Underdog

    I HATE Winter!!

    I woke up this morning and it was 2 and now a few hours later it up to 8. All this week is suppose to be bitter cold, hopefully after that it warms up some to like 40 or so.I can't stand it when I'm trapped inside because of the cold.
  10. Underdog


    Happy New Year!
  11. Don't let the cold stop you. A half hour out in the cold at the range gets the blood flowing and releases all your stress. I go real early in the morning when the sun just comes up once a week and I'm usually the only one there. I dress in layers and wear thin gloves and enjoy myself in the cold. It's my time and I feel a lot better when I'm done, it helps me keep my sanity going.
  12. Underdog

    Opinions Please on PSA Complete Lower

    I have the PSA EPT and adding a set of JP springs makes for a very nice trigger.
  13. Underdog

    Gas Blocks

    That's a nice article on adjustable gas blocks, I understand a lot more now after reading that. I think it would be very beneficial to have an adjustable unit on my rifle. Last year I played around with something similar, I put a reduced size gas bushing in my Mini 14. It made an incredible difference in the shoot ability of that rifle. The recoil was reduced and the spent casings were now tossed within easy reach of the rifle. In the end the rifle was much easier to shoot.
  14. Underdog

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone, and hopefully Santa brought you some goodies for your modern sporting rifle.
  15. Underdog

    Some General Advice for the New AR Buyer

    I just read this entire thread and it is very informative and helpful, and this forum in general I believe to be the best AR-15 site out there. Everyone here is very helpful and understanding and I just wanted to say "Great Job" to all who make this place so special. I recently acquired the "black rifle disease" and this site has given me much guidance to learn and grow without criticism and rejection.