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  1. xonlyj


    I usually leave with as much brass as I came with. If I shot it, it's mine. If someone else leaves it, it's the range's. If I see someone leaving desirable brass I will ask for it. The range I used to shoot collected and sold brass scrap which is quite profitable. I remember taking a popcorn can of reject and timed out brass to the recycler and walked out with 30 bucks. May start saving 22 brass just for scrap. I'm always leery of used brass as you don't know if it's been reloaded or how many times.
  2. xonlyj

    No need to worry about Alexa any more...

  3. xonlyj

    Count on it...

    Roll 'em up kids!
  4. Just found out Rainier is out of business and I was a fan of their 185 JHP pill. I shop at Cabela's a lot and got used to picking up 500 for $65 and tax. Anyone shoot the Xtreme (spelling?) brand? Looked at Berry's but all the styles get confusing. I shoot a Ruger SR1911 Commander as a range gun but sometimes carry on hikes or fishing. Was using titegroup but switched to CFE pistol which is MUCH cleaner. Input for alternate bullet and suppliers would be appreciated.
  5. xonlyj

    Now See what smoking Pot does for You

    I respect the attempt. Certainly unique. I heard that the style was dictated by high tensile steel that doesn't like to form compound curves. Windows, well they're right up there with his tube idea, didn't quite make the finish line. I give the guy credit for what he has done so far in aviation as well as automotive. Yes, fossil fueled cars will be replaced in cities and suburbs most likely. In the end it will just be a gesture as population increases. It seems like every energy/technological revolution comes with great potential. But hiding behind was some unforeseen environmental cost. Seems like we address 1 issue and create 2 more.
  6. 4 month excursion of the mountain west and the White Buffalo (but not with open sights like someone else did!)
  7. Dude, I am so sorry. Let me know if you need help. Can't believe they charge for loss of use. Have them bill NM. It was their antelope!
  8. xonlyj

    7.62x39 thoughts?

    All I use are ASC. Finish Is wearing off them and still rockin. Ammo wise, Winchester makes a good SP but most accurate I shot was Herters SP or Hornady SST (in brass or steel). Most steel cased ammo will be accurate enough for a 100 yd shot. Haven't had a light strike yet but I have a extended pin in my parts bag in case. Got it free from Wyndham. I could ring the steel targets at the sight-in range at Whittington this past fall. I think the 7.62 is a fine round and it can be very accurate if hand loaded. Check out Nosler for bullets if you reload. I recommend a muzzle brake too.
  9. The big question is, " what about next year?". Unknown course would be fun.
  10. Thank you again for the great shooting and fellowship!  Thank you also for buying the shirts for us!  How shall we pay you?  PayPal?  How much?  Be sure to include postage in the price.


    John Spann

    207 County Road 2229

    Douglassville, TX 75560


    You can just put Pop's shirt in with mine and save some on the postage if that's OK with you.


    May God bless you in your travels and keep you safe!




  11. I got the shirts! Two black, one dk grey. PM your addresses please. BTW, I stayed and took out the AR Grendel today. Ringing steel out to 725 on the sight-in range then took on the white buffalo again. Scored good hits but still no gong.
  12. Finally catching up on comments and want to add mine. What a freaking blast!. I can't say enough about the professionalism of our instructors, the willingness of the class to move outside their comfort zone and the humor! I was impressed with the facility too! I saw long hairs antelope skidding across the road in my rear view mirror. Little b,,,ard got up and trotted away. Amazing how people overcame physical pain to keep shooting, all-day and night driving to get here and mutual support. Egos were set aside and, other than me, no bragging. May stay another day and put away the Howa and break out AR and apply some of the lessons learned. Then take a break from the road before one last trip before the snow flies. May God bless and guide us all!
  13. Extra fat (XL) for me please. Need help with the set up? I'm free.