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  1. xonlyj

    My First AR-15 Build

  2. Dairy businesses have been in a downturn for awhile. Changing tastes of Americans. We should have seen this coming when sushi got popular.
  3. I have mixed feelings about the seizure. Like to see selfish people get their just desserts. However, everything about this is at the very least improper but most likely illegal. Everyone has made good points. Sometimes though, capitalism is really just a front for pure greed during times of national danger. War profiteering was a shameful thing years ago. Was the guy making an investment or really just prepping for his family and friends? Hell I don't know their true motive. One thing for sure is forced compliance won't work.
  4. xonlyj

    5.56/.223 rem vs. .223 Wylde Recommendations

    Go with the Wylde IMO. Eliminates the worry of chambering 5.56 in a .223 dedicated firearm. In SHTF situation you can just grab either ammo and run. Something to with throat angles only I think. Go with 1:8 twist or faster. 1:9 seems to work best with lighter bullets I have found. If not Wylde than 5.56. Come to think of it, what was the reason the Wylde was developed?
  5. xonlyj

    Samurai Film Festival

    I think Netflix has everything Monty Python did. Their One Down, Five to go show is freakin' hilarious. So is Live at the Hollywood Bowl.
  6. xonlyj

    Samurai Film Festival

    Does Monty Python count?
  7. xonlyj

    Buying ar15 need input please

    I'm not familiar with that one. You might get more for less thru PSA but not sure.
  8. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

  9. xonlyj

    Thanks UPS!

    Try McMaster. They have all kinds of hardware in different finishes and mat'ls.
  10. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from COS. Maybe range day today.
  11. xonlyj


    All good! Shoot that sucker till it fails. Never know, it may last.
  12. xonlyj

    NRA Whittington Center CLOSED Indefinitely

    Dragon Mans is still open here in COS.
  13. xonlyj

    Pent-up Anger

    .45, because a double tap is a waster of ammo.
  14. xonlyj

    Almost got darted head on.

    Humming birds are sweet. In Cotopaxi. CO, they showed up in spring. The Rufus birds would come last and guard the feeder from other humming birds. That included humans and dogs. You could watch them come down from a tree like they were on a string straight in your face, Hey. I'm filling the feeder! A friend in Howard had about a dozen feeders. Never saw so many in one place! You would of thought they needed ATC to prevent mid-airs! In UT we had a feeder in the back and the birds would come buzz us on the front porch when the feeder was low. Best experience was handling one. On the porch one day burning a coffin nail and saw a hummer (sorry had to use the term) on the ground which was weird as you never see that. I managed to get the bird, which was very weak, in hand and found a big black ant latched around the tip of his beak preventing him feeding. Very delicately I managed to pop the ant off and I held the bird to the feeder. After a while he was able to feed on his own and left sometime later. See, once in awhile I am capable of good works!