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  1. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

  2. xonlyj

    Headcase---errr... Headspace

    There may be some variation of tolerances between the brand or date of mfg for the gauges being used. I may be wrong but I can't see how the mentioned issues affect head space as the interaction between the lugs on the bolt and the barrel extension sets that headspace dimension. A defect in torque, or the receiver so gross as to change headspace would be instantly obvious to any one. Is the guy local? Can you bring it back and have it checked on their tooling? Dude, I would just return that barrel if you question it.
  3. Once again I prostrate myself before the altar of wisdom in search of enlightenment. I have two 1911's, a SR1911 Commander in .45 and a Springfield TRP 10 mm long slide and it's getting harder to use iron sights. Wearing glasses compounds the problem. I usually don't wear glasses outside of reading but the Rx covers all distances and when I use them there is a change to the dynamics of the sight picture. I'm interested in more friendly sights like a red dot or reflex but that would require machining the slide. Any recommendation for optics ready slides, sights, etc. would be helpful. Thx in advance!
  4. xonlyj

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    Absolutely the 2nd method. I used a laser bore sight...once. Once I learned the old school technique it is far easier to sight-in. Start at 25 yds to get on paper then step up to 50 and on., Looks silly shooting a rifle on a short distance but it really saves ammunition. Beats sitting on the long ranges fiddling with sights/scope adjustments, burning ammo, waiting for the barrel to cool and getting frustrated.
  5. xonlyj

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    So no issues with compressing Varget?
  6. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

  7. xonlyj

    Why not support UBGC?

    My big issue is that no matter what our gov't says, the data will never go away! Someone will save it somewhere like Monica's dress. In this digital age nothing is lost forever excerpt Epstein's suicide tape.
  8. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

  9. xonlyj

    Is it just me?

    You're punishing!
  10. xonlyj

    Good Morning!

    'morning! For those so disposed perhaps offer a prayer for God's grace and guidance for all our leaders today.
  11. xonlyj

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    Any suggestions for a metal funnel? That static is bad with CFE.
  12. xonlyj

    Varget and the .223/5.56

    Short plastic Hornady funnel. Think I'm going to look for a metal one. What are the issues for compressed loads?
  13. xonlyj

    An what's You gonna do Oh My

    When you're dancing with your honey and your nose is kinda runny and you think it's kinda funny but it's snot.
  14. xonlyj

    An what's You gonna do Oh My

    Better be careful because he keeps his junk in his trunk.
  15. xonlyj

    New Old Guy