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  1. xonlyj

    Case Trimmers

    I have changed cutters a couple of times but never tried the carbide ones. I don't mind the hand crank so never got the power adaptor. Trying the Lee trimmer with the case specific pilot and cutter attached which seems ok. That one I use my Milwaukee cordless screw driver with and it helps. Who uses the WTF (WFT)? Is it worth it? Thanks and God bless us all!
  2. xonlyj

    Barrel profiles and .264 LBC

    Oh boy! The barrel arrived 10 days ahead of schedule. Gotta find time to build it up.
  3. xonlyj

    Active Shooter Dallas Tx..........

    He didn't last 2 minutes. Overplaying the video here in DFW. He had posted on F/book about "we'll see who has the power". Guess he didn't! Thank God for well trained law enforcement. Proves what is req'd to stop a bad guy.
  4. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    Picked up a Warne 20MOA rail and Burris XTR rings. You were right, I could have used the 1.25 but I am happy! Warne's website has a very good mount and ring finder. I was surprised it listed my Howa Mini Action, most manufacturers don't even have a rail for it. Mounted it all and broke it in yesterday. I am really excited! It works well!
  5. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    Thanks for the input. Turns out Cabela's was going to take forever to get it and I am on a time crunch so I rolled the dice and tried cameraland. Man that guy was hilarious to talk to! We talked awhile and he thought the BTR was maybe getting discontinued. So I went ahead and ordered the ETR. (I really have less sense than money). Anyways, that sucker arrived in 3 days from NY to TX. Very good service! Suggestions for rings? Going to mount on a Howa 1500 and I already have the rails. Will 1" be high enough for the 56mm objective?
  6. My limited knowledge and intuition suggest that straight flutes may be a negligible weight change. I do believe that it would increase stiffness and add surface area for cooling. Fancy scrolling, spiral and criss-cross patterns would appear to cause uneven barrel stretch and warping as the metal heats and stretches in convoluted ways. I agree that fluting adds to appeal until it becomes too damn busy and is just an exercise in "can I do this?". Then the barrels look like the narco terrorist 1911s that show up on the range. JMHO. May God bless and guide us all Matt
  7. xonlyj

    FN Made The Commitment....6.5CM It Is!

    I not worried. May I have two please?
  8. xonlyj

    Can you guess?

    What goes, "clip, clop, clip, clop, bang, clip, clop, clip, clop, bang"? An Amish drive-by shooting!
  9. xonlyj

    The Cattle Call

    How will they differentiate from all the other dna in Warren's G.I. system?
  10. xonlyj

    What range bags?

    i'm sorry no one has responded yet. Personally don't use them. I go with a good bi-pod and Magspeed grip and monopod. https://magnetospeed.com/pages/how-it-works-m-series-grip
  11. xonlyj

    Well, It Must Be True

    Draft all illegals, invade Mexico. Have no exit strategy.
  12. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    I got the BTR. I thought the difference was just tube size. Probably stay with Cabela's for the rewards points.
  13. xonlyj

    Case Trimmers

    Yes. I should note my error, the pilot is difficult to remove after TRIMMING. Sizing preceded this trimming step.
  14. xonlyj

    Well, It Must Be True

    Western Union's busiest times are paydays when immigrants send their money home.
  15. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    Settled on the Athlon Ares it has the Xmas tree reticle but I can work with that. Looked at one at the gun show and liked what I saw. Got it from Cabela's with 10% off but had to pay state tax which made it about a $30 savings. It's on back order and may take 2 weeks. Thanks for all the input! God bless you all! Matt