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  1. Just wait for the F-35 bill to come due!
  2. I'm having fun with my elected officials now. I asked my congressmen, representatives and Governor, "why"? There are so many laws, rules, executive actions...and not one bit of it means a thing when the masses lack basic integrity.
  3. I thought the star on your driver's license means it meets the real id act. Gets me on a plane without another form of ID. My TX DL has one on the right side. No it's not the Line Star.
  4. Keep frigging with their serenity Taos!
  5. Been to Buffalo. Visited the Fetterman battle site. Your right it is nice but...
  6. I got notice that I am approved for unemployment! I'm gonna be rich with this added to my SS check! I had to go on-line to report the fraud then contact the credit reporters and lock my account. No big deal I got what I need. The worse thing is all the onus is on us to report the fraud and take action. Seems to me the state should pay for credit monitoring as they screwed up. This is why all the laws in the world will not help. It's about honor and integrity and it's getting to be a rare commodity.
  7. Amen, a giant strip city. I'm not going to buy anything just looking for a studio/one bed to rent year to year. All I want to do is chase trout, hike, target shoot and hang around a fire when it's cold as I pass time to the inevitable. I've got to follow up on these excellent replies. Open for more suggestions and why! Thanks!
  8. The wanderlust is starting to make me itch again. I'm currently in COS but it is ridiculously crowded now and secret quiet places are getting over run. I can lament over this encroachment but we brought in on ourselves. "Call some place paradise and kiss it good bye" They expect 250K more people in this area alone and with increasing demand for scarce water and the gun control crew is aggressive. I love the Pikes Peak area. A 150 mile radius covers a lot of great fishing, hiking, etc...That can be said for any where in CO too. The problem is new comers bring outside ways many which run counter to the spirit of the Colorado I knew. That means it's time to think of shaking the dust off for new territory. If you were an active outdoorsman and wanted a base to explore from where would you go? I prefer the Rockies over any other scenery and don't mind cold or snow. Cody, WY looks possible as it is close to Bear tooth wilderness but it lacks tall mountain scenery from town. St. Ignatius, MT is awesome but millions of people pass through going to Glacier Natl park. I don.t mind living in the sticks and prefer small towns. Any suggestions?
  9. I heard some nice things about Steiner but have never seen one as for high mounts they should be plentiful here in CO.
  10. I have found Burris makes a nice mount but I like UTG mounts too. It's pretty solidly made and well finished with no machine marks.
  11. They start gagging when they see my SS card. When I got it in 1969 on Okinawa I was told to laminate it. Then they ask why my signature changed.
  12. I moved back to CO from TX and have been trying to get my DL here. First time through I was told my privilege to drive had been suspended in CO for an issue in 1983. Yes, I had been busted for no insurance back then (many times) and payed the price. So I contacted the powers that be and they said there were no issues and I could look it up online. Great. Today I go down and now there's an issue with the ID. Two forms are needed. A valid DL and birth certificate are acceptable. Except my 50 yr old birth certificate copy is unacceptable because it has a notary stamp. Funny, DoD was going to accept it to work on F-22s. Now I have to get another certified copy of my birth cert suitable to their standards from CA where I was born. I used an online doc service to order the copy. To verify my identity I had to provide my TX DL info. No big deal then it hit me. I will be providing 2 forms of ID when I get my new (hopefully) license, the TX DL and the new acceptable birth certificate. The birth cert I procured based off data from my TX DL which by itself was not enough ID! My mind is blown!
  13. Specops has one for sale on the Non-FFL area. If he sells it I want 10%.
  14. My advice is buy more than you want to spend. It will pay in the end. I may have missed it in the thread but get educated on first and second focal plane reticles and parallax adjustment especially if your considering multiple power scope. I like FFP (first focal plane) because it makes the math easier when you change power and also the reticle doesn't cover the target at high magnification. To me name means a lot. I have a Leupold from the sixties that is in perfect shape optically. Consider established companies with years of reliability or companies that serve our armed forces. Finally get something with a lifetime guarantee. I have great experience with Leupold and understand Vortex is second to none in the warranty department. Oh yeah. You will never be satisfied!
  15. Maybe that's part of the problem. Worked for years as a bar tender then decades at shift work, rotating schedules,etc... Always loved 2nd shift.
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