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  1. A man is truly blessed when he has the companionship of a good dog!
  2. I doubt the NFL will change for the good. I quit following the game after Staubach retired. All the class acts are gone. Anyone recall that Bum Phillips would not wear his hat in an indoor arena? These people are so disconnected from real history and quick to cancel culture those they disagree with. Those are the fascist tactics used by the Brown Shirts in Germany. How many would quit taking money from Ford if they knew Henry Ford received accolades from Hitler and that all his dealerships had to carry an anti-Semitic newspaper? Not one and I would bet a large sum on that!
  3. I have a Holosun 508 mounted on my 1911. 32 MOA green circle of death is great! I also like the fact it is hogged out of a solid chunk of titanium. Hood, base, everything. Shake awake and sleep function plus 3 reticles. A dot, a circle or a circle and dot. Looking for another one now for my Dolos AR.
  4. My first TV crush, Dianna Rigg, has passed. Tres bummed!
  5. Spacing and edge distance suck. I could make a better pattern.
  6. Excellent! Please post range result.
  7. Not when weapons are uncased on the benches. No handling of firearms during a cold range.
  8. To me it is respect for the rules of the range. Follow them and everyone has a safe and fun day. What is the logic behind being so hurried and self centered to ignore basic safety? Really though it was the white guilt trip she tried to put on me. Never used a foul word till then. My heritage would give me license to proclaim perpetual butt hurt for a myriad of sins visited upon my ancestors. You know what though? It's non-productive for me and I can squirrel cage about other issues.
  9. It really didn't get close to that as I escorted her from the range. Oh yeah after she called me that I called her the word that is about 2' higher than her ankle. She couldn't understand normal thinking.
  10. I'm still free and still have a job! Oh and no holes.
  11. Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong category. I have an opportunity to be a RSO at a range twice a week. A group of 3 young adults were on the pistol range and were unremarkable through several sessions. No problems with muzzle discipline, making firearms safe for a cold range. Nothing. So we are in the middle of a cold range. I am clear in my instructions that no firearms are to be handled at any time the range is cold. All persons not hanging targets should remain behind the line and no one should approach the benches. From about 30yds away I see them picking up their weapons. I directed them to put them down and step back over the P.A. They failed to comply and replied they were leaving and it was OK. As I hustled down there I continued my instructions as my volume increased. From there things deteriorated as I lost control of the situation. Never physical nor threats of gunplay gratefully. But it was obvious I was livid! I won't go into full details unless I have to but suffice to say I have to look at my mistakes, Now that I said that. As the vocal young lady walked off to have me arrested and lose my job...she called me a white bastiage! I was gob smacked as this was coming from a white lady! Instantly I thought of all the young, untrained young adults with new guns and no training. Whites, blacks, Asians, Chicanos, Gays! People with their pants hanging down, narco styles, possibly skin heads , People would consider them gangsters and shouldn't shoot. My belief in God, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and just plain principle demands I must and do help all who ask on the range. I see people, period. So for this person to call me a white bastiage actually hurt but I knew if I tried to explain anything it would fall on deaf ears. Makes me scared for our country and fear the violence may be closer than we all think. Please excuse my English as I didn't score very high on that subject on my ACT. May your God bless and guide you all!
  12. Amen on the pain killers'! Worse thing you can do is take too little and trying to use the least amount. In the beginning I take the max dose as prescribed until the pain becomes tolerable. Not pain free as that's too much. Don't try and "catch up" by taking some more. The meds are not near as effective going half arsed. Your body will tell you how much to take once the initial shock of pain is addressed and you may find yourself tapering off unintentionally. Also you can alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Half way through the time between doses of one med take the other that way the two OTC meds overlap and compliment each other.
  13. I would say 99% are new guns bought in the last 6 months. Off brand or generic builds from some individual (on line?). Mostly in pistols too. I can watch the bolt extract the round then jams. Either a stovepipe or the round ejects fine then it appears the next round is dragged up by the bottom of the BCG or catching the very bottom of the bolt. End result is the traffic jam at the breach as the bullet tip and bolt are trying to enter the same hole. Most are lesser experienced shooters with no spare parts. I also notice it is more frequent with 300BO but just had my first ARski pistol do it. Only once was a customer using subsonic. These guys look at me like I should have the answers and while some easy things can be cleared or addressed I usually opt for recommending a gunsmith.
  14. I have an opportunity to play, uh work, at a local range a few days a week. I see quite a few ARs that will either stovepipe the spent round or fail to feed the next round. I am assuming that the BCG is failing to fully retract to properly eject and if the case does eject the bolt is not far enough back to properly strip the next round. How can you tell if it is under gassed or over sprung on the range?
  15. May your God grant you strength and guide the doctor's hand!
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