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  1. xonlyj

    Can you guess?

    What goes, "clip, clop, clip, clop, bang, clip, clop, clip, clop, bang"? An Amish drive-by shooting!
  2. xonlyj

    The Cattle Call

    How will they differentiate from all the other dna in Warren's G.I. system?
  3. xonlyj

    What range bags?

    i'm sorry no one has responded yet. Personally don't use them. I go with a good bi-pod and Magspeed grip and monopod. https://magnetospeed.com/pages/how-it-works-m-series-grip
  4. xonlyj

    Well, It Must Be True

    Draft all illegals, invade Mexico. Have no exit strategy.
  5. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    I got the BTR. I thought the difference was just tube size. Probably stay with Cabela's for the rewards points.
  6. xonlyj

    Case Trimmers

    Yes. I should note my error, the pilot is difficult to remove after TRIMMING. Sizing preceded this trimming step.
  7. xonlyj

    Well, It Must Be True

    Western Union's busiest times are paydays when immigrants send their money home.
  8. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    Settled on the Athlon Ares it has the Xmas tree reticle but I can work with that. Looked at one at the gun show and liked what I saw. Got it from Cabela's with 10% off but had to pay state tax which made it about a $30 savings. It's on back order and may take 2 weeks. Thanks for all the input! God bless you all! Matt
  9. xonlyj

    Case Trimmers

    I'm getting frustrated with case trimming! I have both a Lyman bench mount and Lee hand held piloted trimmers and have issues with them. As the neck is cut, the flash/burr from cutting seems to catch under the pilot making the cutter and pilot difficult to extract from the neck after sizing (trimming, what a maroon). Is this a cutter issue,? Would a carbide cutter produce less flash? What about WFT style trimmer that indexes off the shoulder? Are there issues with different head stamps? Looking to keep it simple and do not want a powered table top model. I do like the hand held models that I can use a screw gun with but hand crank is just fine too. Looking fwd to all your thoughts. May God bless and guide us all. Matt
  10. xonlyj


    I'm going to be on an extended road trip along the Rockies and will be swinging through as part of the trip. To quote Flounder, "oh boy is this great!"
  11. xonlyj


    one, two, three hah,hah hah...
  12. xonlyj

    I swear I'm going soft in the head....

    Started at an early age. Would walk across the hangar to get something, forget what it was, turn around and halfway back I would remember then turn around again to go get it. Forgetfulness kept me in shape.
  13. xonlyj

    Scope advice

    I am thinking(going) to buy a new scope for my 6.5 Grendel for the long range shoot in NM this September. I am planning to use it for out to 800 yds or so which should be the effective range of the cartridge if I understand it. Only hunting paper and steel targets using bench or prone. I think I want FFP as the graduation data will be consistent (MIL dot will still be MOA at any power setting?). I know that the reticle will cover more of the target at hi power but I am thinking that computing should be simpler than SFP. Tube and objective diameter should be larger I think. I don't think I want/need fancy/busy reticles and would prefer either hash marks or mil-dot. Externally indexed turrets for elevation and windage with zero stops would be preferred. Not interested in illumination either. Finally, I would like to stay under $1600. Any input?
  14. xonlyj

    I swear I'm going soft in the head....

    What were we talking about?