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  1. xonlyj

    Project: Accurize 6.5 Grendel

    OK. I thought something more would have happened with all this work. Disappointing results and put it on the back burner. I am sure I added to many variables by changing BCG, chasing hand loads that started promising then went south. I may be an example of the "expensive guns doesn't make a good shooter" meme. I'm going to the range today and will post results this week. I need to learn a lot more about all of this but at least it is fun turning money into smoke! As always, may God bless and guide us all. Matt
  2. xonlyj

    .223 Wylde

    Hopefully people are still watching this thread as I have another question. My 9th ed of Hornady reloading book lists a 223 Remington Service Rifle load that is interesting. Loading up to a 75 gn bullet for mag length rounds. Any thoughts on these loads?
  3. I chose a Springfield TRP. Figured I should go with a 6" barrel to get the full benefit of the round. Feds always put a hold on my purchases so I'll get it next Monday!
  4. xonlyj

    .223 Wylde

    I knew I could count on you guys! I have already got good tips for my 7.62 here and I have managed create a sub MOA load (when I am steady) for it. Thx for moving the thread. I will check in to the ASC as I already use them on the 7.62 and 6.5. I have. I do have a 9th ed of Hornady book and the Lyman AR reload manual. I am waiting for a case gauge and I will get a resized case to work to cut slots in it like the advice I got here so I can set seating depth. I am still hoping for more insight on the Wylde loading. And yes it's colorized. I've wanted one since I saw it. Found out a shop in South Lake, TX carried it which was 15 minutes from home and I made a beeline there. Should I add a binary trigger to get closer to "full libturd" position?
  5. xonlyj

    Little Videos

    I think I counted six lucky guys in that group!
  6. xonlyj

    .223 Wylde

    I builty a .223 Wylde, 1:9 twist, H-Bar 16" barrel and am looking for help on reloading. If I understand it correctly I can use data for the .223 Rem and 5.56 NATO and that the 5.56 will have a higher pressure at max loads. Research suggest an advantage to the Wylde is being able to use longer bullets but I am sure mag length will restrict OAL. I also picked up some Hornady 65 gn bullets which were specifically labeled for 1:9 twist. What would you all suggest? Thanks and may God bless you! Matt P.S. I used a Spike's Snowflake lower.
  7. So I have decided I want a 10mm. think it would be a better side arm for the wilderness than my .45. I like 1911 patterns for the weight, balance and trigger. Looked at the Rem R1, Kimber, Colt and Rock Island. Really liked the feel of the Rock Island and liked the double stack. I also like the black finish stainless on the Kimber for all wx durability. Some had bull barrels and some still use a barrel bushing. I shoot almost every week and put 100 rds through my SR1911 each time. I have experienced two bushing cracks, one extractor fail and one firing pin spring break in 20K rds put through it. I expect to shoot the 10mm almost as often. As always, I appreciate all input. May God bless and guide us all. Matt
  8. xonlyj

    To grind or not to grind

    Nice build! I love my Windham Weaponry 7.62. Not quite the same now though. Fab Tech stock, free float hand guard from Windham, off brand muzzle brake, SSA trigger, Mag Speed Hand Grip and Monopod, Harris bipod, Tract scope. Never had an issue with hammer or firing pin. Still sitting on the free enhanced pin that Windham gave me as it hasn't been needed. Had issues with some scratched brass but did some polishing and seems to be good now but it might have been the off brand bolt. Sticking with the bolt offered by Windham now. Worked up a load using 26.5 gns of Alliant RL7, CCI #34 primer and 123 gn Nosler Varmaggedon bullet that runs about 2250 fps. Left target top was first group. Second on the left was after adjustment.
  9. xonlyj

    Pick a state to live in

    I am partial to Colorado and own land near Cripple Creek. Any state with the Rockies is good though. Sometimes I catch myself missing Round Up, MT. Something about the low winter sun shining on the prairie grass and the white butts (antelope) that was especially peaceful to me. Just saw some pics of St Ignatius, MT and that was really sweet!
  10. xonlyj


    Damn, missed a chance to build a .224 with my new Snowflake lower. Please keep me informed. Any date is fine and the trip from DFW is just in my ability for a one day drive. How many rounds needed? Req'd or recommended equipment like mats, range finders, etc?
  11. xonlyj


    I would love to go on any date! Fall is really the best time in the Rockies IMO. Will 6.5 Grendel be adequate for the course? I just visited Whittington last September and loved the facility. I am still a NUG (new useless guy) and an unknown but if there's room I am in.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sanctuary-city-for-gun-rights-washington-state-city-mulls-law-to-protect-2nd-amendment Love it! Republic has a nice ring to it.
  13. xonlyj

    Mongoose and vs Black Mamba

    We used to watch staged habu/mongoose fights at local carnivals on Okinawa when dad was stationed there. Had the two in a plexiglass cage and the mongoose always won. The story went that the mongoose blinded the habu by biting the eyes first. WQe were told that Okinawa was overpopulated by rats which led to importing various venomous snakes (all called generically "habu"). With no natural predator, the habus required that mongooses be imported. Once saw a real fight a middle of the night when we were camping in the Boy Scouts there too. Okinawa was a blast for a 12 year old boy!
  14. xonlyj

    Am I out of Line ?

    I have to admit that 5 years ago I didn't seed the need for an AR much less hi-cap mags but I got mine at the end of the Obama era and fear that Hillary would get elected. Turns out I love that gun and have been working hard to improve my few skills with it. I have learned to tear it down, modify it, use it safely and identify and fix malfunctions. I am older and have arthritis issues that keep me from trying CQB or 3 gun tactics but I keep bench shooting which I know is not a realistic defensive scenario. I use ten rd mags as they don't interfere with the bench and they look well used while my hi-caps are still virgin. To me, the 2nd amendment is about the people being able to defend themselves against an oppressive government or tyrant. The ability to defend against criminals is a bonus as a result of the right. Hunting also benefits from the right to possess arms and the AR is turning into the MSR and gaining popularity for a wide variety of game. Mag cap restrictions for hunting would be no more onerous than the plugs in shot guns that restrict capacity in those situations only. All you can do is what you think is right and leave the results up to God. Perhaps they feel safe enough with their choices at this time. Maybe later they will change their minds and you can be there to help them. May God bless us all!