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  1. Thanks for the advice. I'll try it when I find it! Any leads?
  2. I went straight to Nosler for their .310 pill. I get very good accuracy with them, Right after I got those SPS got a supply of seconds in stock. Not hot on the soft points as I have had feeding issues in my AR. I stretch the COAL out to 2.225 on that load. I made a ladder of the SSTs using CFE 223 and a CCI primer on the Grendel. Mixed results, Tried some PPU BTHPs too. Basically 2" down to 1 1/4" five round groups. Then I load a mag of the treasured factory loads from Sportsmans. 3/4" or better. Perhaps a different powder? Is any available? As always thx and God bless.
  3. I'll try them thanks. Now to find some .310 bullets for the ARski.
  4. Hi guys! Been away for a while. Fishing was just too good! I was wondering about the bullet used in the 6.5 Grendel ammo sold at Sportsman's exclusively. This stuff has shot great for me! The American Gunner ammo was sold in a 200 rd ammo can(?) and used Hornady brass and, I assume, a Hornady 123 gr HPBT pill. Where can I find this bullet? It appears that Hornady made one at one time. I've tried the Nosler equivalent but the ogive seems to be much shallower and does not seem to work well for me. I know there's more to the cartridge than just the pill but it may be a good place to start.
  5. Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep! The Tubes were a wild stage show. Can't say my first as it is my security question.
  6. I had an issue with my Springfield TRP Operator 1911. The slide wouldn't go fully into battery and then would jam and I couldn't get the slide back. Had to tap it with a mallet to tear it down. With my limited knowledge I found the ejector was loose and jamming on the slide. Took it in to a 'smith and just got it back. It turns out the ejector has 2 pins that locate in the frame and then glued in! WTF? How could any one think an adhesive is good for a small part that is exposed to shock and heat of a 10mm? A part that is exposed to cleaning solvents and oils. I've used some pretty cool adhesives in my time but never in an application like this. I doubt I would have bought it if I had known. If it loosens up again, I don't know what to do. Silver solder?
  7. xonlyj


    Dude, I really empathize with you especially if you are a hands-on kinda guy. The worst part for me in the end was I can't work on my own vehicle anymore since a shoulder replacement from arthritis. Quite humbling for a lifetime mechanic. Take care of that shoulder after surgery. Accept all the help you can get.
  8. Not bad for the price of a Red Lobster dinner.
  9. A friend of mine just gave me a bunch of reload supplies that his dad used. I can't find any dates. Do you think this stuff is still good? The Remington primers have wood slat separators in the boxes. How old is that?
  10. Couldn't be Longhair, no antelope involved.
  11. Dad said we'd grow one big square eye in our foreheads. I loved the vacuum tube tester at the hardware store!
  12. Excellent! Now go shoot it.
  13. In todays atmosphere I wouldn't sell one! Clean 'em, inspect 'em, lube 'em, and store 'em.
  14. Success! Woo Hoo! I'm gonna go get my resident fishing license now!
  15. An update! I have received 2 replies which simply restated ID requirements. I had resigned myself to having to get a non-resident fishing license this year. Then, lo and behold, I get a call after 6pm. It seems that because I had a license previously in CO then they already knew me. I have a special "expedited appointment" for next week. Wonder which official I bugged and lit a fire. Like to thank them! Keeping my fingers crossed.
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