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  1. xonlyj

    6.5 grendel... here we go again

    I use the type I Grendel because I started with a commie AR in 7.62. Do not mix bolts! A 7.62 bolt should not be used on a Type II barrel! As for strength, my bolts have thousands of rounds on them and all I have broken is extractors.
  2. xonlyj

    Secondary sight options

    I got the 508. It's hogged out of a chunk of titanium. Should take some serious abuse.
  3. xonlyj

    My Wife vs. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

    I wouldn't have been so subtle. Just would have hacked the bottom of with a knife.
  4. xonlyj

    Site is loading funny

    Seems to be much better for me on the lap top and will load on my phone. I think changing the tinfoil in my hat helped.
  5. xonlyj

    Out of Stock

    Lots of OOS at the box stores too. Have you happened to wander down the fishing dept? Here in CO the shelves are raped. No bait, line, floats, hooks, swivels...
  6. xonlyj

    6.5 grendel... here we go again

    Oh yeah, I use 7.62 bolts from Wyndham Weaponries but I have bought them elsewhere.
  7. xonlyj

    6.5 grendel... here we go again

    I love the Grendel! It gives me a chance to shoot longer ranges without beating up my shoulder replacement. A box of 30-30 or worse 30-06 will leave me aching for days. I have to differ with most conventional Grendel fans on one issue. Type I or Type II bolts? Most mfgs are making Type II bolts which have a face depth of 0.135". I prefer the Type I for a couple of reasons. 1st, the Type I bolt will also accommodate the 7.62x39 round which is the Grendel grandpa. 2nd, the bolt face is only 0.125" deep which may make it stronger (IMHO). I have thousands of rounds on the bolts and no issues whatsoever and I have reloaded some hot rounds.I entered the Grendel world because I have a 7.62x39 AR and now I can carry the Commie AR and a Grendel upper in the same bag. All spare bolt parts are interchangeable so I only carry a small parts kit and spare assembled bolt(s). Had an extractor break the other day. Just swapped bolts and kept rockin'. Type I and II are entirely up to you. While Type II is far more common you might consider the Type I especially if you're thinking of a 7.62x39 build. Also check on the .264 LBC which is a Grendel with a different throat cut and usually uses the 0.125" Type I bolt. Good luck and good shooting.
  8. xonlyj

    Leupold warranty process

    Had a 6 year old pair of Leupold binoculars, their cheaper model made in China, that needed some warranty work. I had lost the eye piece cushion and noticed a broken o-ring sticking out of the ocular (eye relief?) adjustment slot. Contacted Leupold's c/svc dept. They replied in a few days and we started the warranty process. After 2 months I am happy to report I have received a replacement instead of repair. Because my old 'nocs weren't made anymore they sent me an equivalent in the latest model. Nice slim design, nice lens protectors and a more convenient case. A pity this one is still Chinese but it still has good, clear, crisp glass. Although the warranty process took some time (including shipping) it went super smooth and painless. Several different c/svc reps who seemed to be clued in as I worked the process. I'm glad I bought from them and feel confident with all the other optics I own of their's.
  9. xonlyj

    Barrel switching devices

    I liked the Leo system. Wish I would have known about it earlier. The second one is using the DOLOS set up. I'm currently messing with the DOLOS after seeing articles that it is used in USAF eject seat survival kits. So far it seems to hold zero with disassembly/reassembly. Making a set up to fit my NRA bag I got for renewing my membership.
  10. xonlyj

    Trigger Issues- Light Primer Strikes

    Yeah, swap lowers with a friend. That will cut a lot of branches on the T/shooting flow chart.
  11. xonlyj

    Burn The Flag, Go To Jail!

    I too am offended when our flag is burned. I also accept it as a legitimate form of protest and expression. If the 2A is divinely inspired and sacrosanct then why are not the other remaining rights in our great Bill of Rights? I also believe that just because we are free to do something doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it. Certainly wouldn't burn the flag in front of a conservative crowd and not expect a reaction and wouldn't wear a KKK hood at a Black Lives Matter (BLM is Bureau of Land Management). Recognizing that some one may be trying to provoke violence my responsibility would be to note the act and not respond in kind. Afterwards I could collect the remains for proper retirement. Our flag has been damaged uncountable times in innumerable battles in the defense of freedom across the world before and will continue to be. One more burn, rip, hole or stain can not detract from it's promise if we ourselves, individually and by choice, remain true our country's principles.
  12. xonlyj

    Site is loading funny

    Obviously an Antifa/Skynet/NK scheme. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Catcher in the Rye?
  13. xonlyj

    Site is loading funny

    Anyone having problems loading the web pages? Sometimes my forum index page is blank or has just the top header and no content.
  14. xonlyj

    Radical arms rf15 mag release doesnt move.

    Is it a mag issue? Can you insert the mag without issue? I'm starting to see more stuck mags in lowers. Lots of cheap mags with poor quality control and, I suspect, off brand lowers with dimensional issues in the mag well. This is purely a guess on my part.
  15. xonlyj

    Gas key staking.

    Looks ok to me but my eyes need strong light and magnification. If you are talking about the displaced metal at the staking, that is a result of the staking and I think it looks OK. If the sharp points bug you then dress them down with a file. I have noticed that some ARs have a noise which I assume is the buffer spring. Are there any signs of abnormal wear, scratches, gouges are damage to the inside of the upper? Damage to the bolt lugs or barrel extension?