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  1. I lived in CA in the 70s and heard stories of the legendary $800 CHP cruisers. The Blues Brothers said it best.
  2. Wait. Let me put on my surprised look.
  3. Amen brother! '68 Triumph 250 (yes that's a car) banging gears on any CO mountain road. Really nothing like the ride of a British sports car.
  4. The one about taking a pill to help prevent transmission of a certain STD from a partner who is a known carrier tells me how far we've gone. No mention of other proven options like condoms or, dare I say it? Abstinence?
  5. I lived in TX. I know what you just said! Personally I don't care to hear about celebrity problems. I stopped to think about the enlisted man serving his country while his wife and family struggles to maintain the household. I bet they'd love to get $15 an hour plus OT that liberals want to give to everyone else. Has anyone figured out that honor, integrity, courage and responsibility are ideas no longer valued by our leaders, sports heroes, heck the general population at large?,
  6. Amazing how that bank has changed from the days of the SF earthquake.
  7. Self quarantine "advised" but not req'd. New Mexico Covid-19 Traveler Information
  8. What about NM restrictions for out-of-state visitors? Last I heard NM was req'ing 2 week isolation.
  9. Having been raised Catholic I got a chuckle about the "other Catholic church" My memory of all that stained glass was 2 fingers. Hmmmm... maybe Jesus wants two fingers of whiskey?
  10. Is the "50)" a line item or max cartridges? Unless I have the brass an interested party uses and they mine it will involve a few mailings.
  11. I hope I'm in the right place so here goes. I have a brick of CCI BR-2 large rifle primers I'd like to swap for large pistol primers. I live in Colorado Springs and am willing to meet half way (within reason), Any takers?
  12. Our ability to deny reality is astonishing.
  13. So...Someone explain to me how this is not like the Nazi tactics of the '30s. Wonder what Crystal Nacht is gonna look like.
  14. Much better. Paranoia meter falling.
  15. Ever consider Alodine? It is a conversion coat that etches and protects the aluminum from corrosion. Most small aircraft shops have it for sheet metal repairs. Very easy to use but protect yourself as this has hexavalent chromium, a nasty hazmat. Degrease, apply and wait 1-5 minutes depending on alloy and rinse with water. Leaves a nice yellow tan finish that is perfect for any topcoat. Any first year A&P mechanic can apply it in 5 minutes. It is sold from Aircraft Spruce in qt bottles and pens for small areas and spot application.
  16. AR15.com is closed down as of yesterday.
  17. Mine's slow too. I think I better get out my tinfoil hat.
  18. xonlyj

    Paper airplane

    I folded over with laughter.
  19. I create problems for myself just by thinking. As an exercise in worst case scenario and semi autos are banned I'm wondering about bolt chassis that will accept a threaded AR barrel and/or manual bolt upper conversions. I see a company is doing a bolt action AR out of UT and some posts about straight pull bolts. Not sure if it is economical or practicable but is an interesting diversion. Input?
  20. Dad was stationed at Mather AFB and we could hunt pheasant fairly close to the flight line and the ammo dump. I was 16 years old carrying a 12 GA on base.
  21. This is my AR-ski. Started as a Windham Weaponry basic model. Added the free float fore end from Hogue, Procomp muzzle brake, Geissele SSA trigger, Magneto Speed hand grip and monopod, Fab defense stock and topped with a Leupold 1-4 AR Patrol scope. Reasonably light, eats any kind of ammo reliably. While the scope does have a red dot there is a basic crosshair so I don't need batteries to run my optic.
  22. Yep! Best fried chicken I ever had was in a small MT town, really a village, where the Fremen made a stand so many years ago. Stopped at an ancient diner after fishing. 1/2 a bird, salad, potatoes and rolls.
  23. I've done it accidently when I had some mixed brass. Hardly slowed down my single stage press. I guess you have to fire form them next but there are others who know more. I'm trying to figure out what pill the American Gunner 200 rd econo box uses. It's 123 HPBT and I am getting very good results in an AR and a bolt. Drove 90 miles just to get more. I'm finding the range is a good source of 7.62 brass.
  24. You can resize 7.62x39 brass in a pinch. Primers are the big issue right now.
  25. Go figure. Here in CO Polis wants to close bars, restaurants, etc...but wants schools to stay open!??????
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