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  1. You could add a loop lanyard or para cord or grip tape to better fit it to your liking..
  2. I ordered one of the CRKT Hawk when they went on sale ... I had a friend near by make a leather sheath for mine but there are Kydex sheaths out there for them.
  3. I blame the DA and the mayor on this .. Reap what you Sow ATL .. they should’ve backed the blue.
  4. I ordered them from here : https://badgerhoundsupply.com/product/killdozer-patch-sticker-bundle/ You may have to get notified when they are back in stock for stickers or patches.
  5. I keep it on my pack ...
  6. If you don’t figure it out. Use a battle sight zero at 25yds. That will get back to zero at 300yd so anything inside that is a hit. You can Kentucky windage hold over after 300yds. Good luck
  7. Here’s the ATF rules : https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/permanent-brady-permit-chart Looks like we are ok here. Our permits to carry concealed require renewal every 5 yrs.
  8. Let’s act fast and do our part to let them know we do not approve this sneaky change. Act now only 5 days.... [MEDIA=youtube]nAUeLlHURlk[/MEDIA] Article by Ammoland: https://www.ammoland.com/2020/02/atf-proposes-make-national-gun-registry-easier/ Sign This : https://gunowners.org/na02152020/ Proof ATF gathers info: https://gunowners.org/news02042013c/ https://gunowners.org/appendix04042013/ Contact State Legislators: https://gunownersaction.org/legislator-lookup/ Contact the White House: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
  9. If it doesn’t fit the lib agenda then it never happens. Still tho prayers up for the victims and families.
  10. Hopefully nothing to do with spiders lol
  11. Thanks Greg I started the same question thread there as well. That’s what I’m betting on that someone stumbles on the thread and says they need to get rid of the extra one they have. I’m thinking my chances of hitting the lotto are slightly better. LoL
  12. Interested let me know if this becomes reality please. This is great news. I’m sure it can be done since they are doing not Glock frames already. Keep me posted I’ll be first in line for beta testing if need be lol
  13. That’s what makes it even harder to understand. The frame is not serialized so it’s like an accessory at that point so why is it not shipped to doors all over the USA blows me away. I can’t be the only one looking at this scenario.
  14. I have a Mark IV 22/45 Lite and enjoy shooting it plus it’s so easy to clean. I came across a steal of a deal on a Target upper that I picked up to swap out back and forth. Now I’m looking for a frame to go with it but I’m coming up empty. I contacted Ruger but they don’t sell the frames only ... so that puts me to Volquartsen and when they are in stock at Midway or Brownells they are around $450. I added myself to a wish / want list at Wirthwein but I think that’s a shot in the dark since I haven’t heard anything. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated Thanks.
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