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  1. Here’s the ATF rules : https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/permanent-brady-permit-chart Looks like we are ok here. Our permits to carry concealed require renewal every 5 yrs.
  2. Let’s act fast and do our part to let them know we do not approve this sneaky change. Act now only 5 days.... [MEDIA=youtube]nAUeLlHURlk[/MEDIA] Article by Ammoland: https://www.ammoland.com/2020/02/atf-proposes-make-national-gun-registry-easier/ Sign This : https://gunowners.org/na02152020/ Proof ATF gathers info: https://gunowners.org/news02042013c/ https://gunowners.org/appendix04042013/ Contact State Legislators: https://gunownersaction.org/legislator-lookup/ Contact the White House: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/
  3. If it doesn’t fit the lib agenda then it never happens. Still tho prayers up for the victims and families.
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    Me, this morning.

    Hopefully nothing to do with spiders lol
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    Ruger Mark IV Frame

    I have a Mark IV 22/45 Lite and enjoy shooting it plus it’s so easy to clean. I came across a steal of a deal on a Target upper that I picked up to swap out back and forth. Now I’m looking for a frame to go with it but I’m coming up empty. I contacted Ruger but they don’t sell the frames only ... so that puts me to Volquartsen and when they are in stock at Midway or Brownells they are around $450. I added myself to a wish / want list at Wirthwein but I think that’s a shot in the dark since I haven’t heard anything. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated Thanks.
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    Ruger Mark IV Frame

    Thanks Greg I started the same question thread there as well. That’s what I’m betting on that someone stumbles on the thread and says they need to get rid of the extra one they have. I’m thinking my chances of hitting the lotto are slightly better. LoL
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    Ruger Mark IV Frame

    Interested let me know if this becomes reality please. This is great news. I’m sure it can be done since they are doing not Glock frames already. Keep me posted I’ll be first in line for beta testing if need be lol
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    Ruger Mark IV Frame

    That’s what makes it even harder to understand. The frame is not serialized so it’s like an accessory at that point so why is it not shipped to doors all over the USA blows me away. I can’t be the only one looking at this scenario.
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    Good Morning!

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    WTB 6.5 Grendel Type 2 BCG

    David cares about each order placed really great customer service at spicetac. I’ve ordered a couple times from them some barrels and BCGs I’d highly recommend them For the original poster looking for a BCG get a Toolecraft and don’t look back. They are worth the coin.
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    Hey RedDawn

    Thanks all !! It’s been a great day I spent 2-3 hrs at the local Army Navy store and range. Just zeroed in a 11.5” AR pistol I built and refreshed on my Mark IV G17 and VP9 shooting. Had a blast My wife and son took me out for hibachi and sushi we just got back in time for the presidents address to the nation.
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    Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Excellent Sale

    Which to buy Inforce or Olight I’m torn between the 2 for a poly 80 anyone used both any preference between them
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    FSB Help Please

    Here’s some pics from AR15 Barrels.com Hope that helps. If you use the 11.5” carbine gas F marked FSB on an A2 receiver I would lower the front post about 4 clicks below flush to start your battle sight zeroing in and you should be good to go.
  14. @bamashooter another thing about the AR pistol is when you shorten the barrel the gas blow back is more pronounced than it is with a longer barrel. So I’ll recommend another barrel Sionics RGP 11.5” and I’ve shot this a one and it’s accurate and cycle is sweet with VLTOR A5 reviver extension. I did a little research on barrels when I started my pistol build and this is what I found. .063-.078 is magic number when it comes to gas port diameter on pistol carbine. Now Faxon has a mid gas on 11.5 and a larger port to accommodate that. KAK Industries 11" bbl with carbine gas is .084 - .086" Mega Arms 10.5" bbl with carbine gas is .080" Green Mountain 10.5" bbl carbine gas is .087" Anderson 10.5" bbl carbine gas is .086" Ballistic Advantage 11.5" bbl carbine gas is .073" Ballistic Advantage 10.3" Hanson bbl carbine gas is .076" Ballistic Advantage 10.5" bbl carbine gas is .078" Aero Precision 10.5" bbl carbine gas .0785" Faxon 10.5" Gov't/Socom bbl with carbine gas is .080" Faxon 11.5" Big GUNNER bbl with mid-length gas is .110" LMT 10.5" bbl with carbine gas Crane spec'd at .070" PSA 10.5" bbl with carbine gas is .081" - .089" Integrity Arms 10.5" bbl with carbine gas is .085"
  15. Looks good only thing is I’d recommend a faster twist rate for a shorter barrel 1:7 under for 14.5” and less.
  16. There’s not much difference between them but for the elevation on rear sight to work properly at distance the milspec is .833 at the base for F marked FSB. Here’s a pic
  17. I bought a BA 11.5” 556 barrel on sale for I think $135. They will pin your block for you and that’s much better in my opinion. The reason I went with BA is a sub MOA guarantee on their barrels. Hard to beat that.
  18. First off flat top upper with removable carry handle will go with a front sight gas block marked F. If the front sight block is marked S it’s for fixed handle receivers.
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    224 Valkyrie Issue

    I would definitely use 6.8 SPC mags that’s the standard mag for the 224V. If he’s using something else it’s not feeding properly. Try that first. I had a 300BLK from RF and it shot flawlessly suppressed or not. If the problem persist move to buffer weight and spring then to reducing the gas at the block that’s how I usually start the process of elimination. Good luck.
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    Issues with my AR Pistol build

    I would check a couple things. Gas block alignment screws are tight and tube is clear of debris. Swap the H2 for a H1 or H0. So the last round bolt hold open works. Check gas rings. Insert bolt into carrier hold tail end turn upside down if it falls out replace the rings. Try a different bolt it could be the extractor springs in the bolt. Try a different BCG. I put together an 11.5 BA 556 with a Geissele super gas block and installed Vltor A5 H2 Pistol buffer kit. I have had no issues whatsoever with this set up. I also use a Toolecraft C158 BCG
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    BCG upgrade question

    If I was gonna upgrade or replace a bolt. I’d go with Toolecraft C158. They are solid BCGs and just a few dollars more than PSA
  22. Oh that’s gonna be sweet through any shooters rifle.
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    Truckstop Coffee SUCKS.......

    Just add ice GTG