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  1. Chris645

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    No sweat, Terry. My computer often has "brain pharts". Just the nature of the beast, I guess.
  2. Chris645

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    Well, it seems they aren't running , in mass, to the "burn pile" with their "weapons of war" just yet!!! https://www.dailywire.com/news/44900/media-rush-report-three-people-new-zealand-turned-ashe-schow
  3. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I've got a 100 yd range at my house. Sure wish I could stretch it to 200. A thousand yd range would be nirvana for me!!!
  4. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Once you find one you think is really working for you, go from 5 rounds to 10. That will prove whether or not you've got the right one. The bench work I do is primarily with 10-shot groups. If I could shoot like you, and put all 10 in one hole, I'd be tickled pink. I've only got a couple of 10-shot 100 yd targets that look like that 42.4 gr load. Keep up the good work.
  5. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Well, just so I won't sound repetitive...................I'll just say................Dayum fine shootin' there Sgt. Hulka! Wish my groups looked like that. How many shots were in that H4350, 42.4 gr group?????
  6. Chris645

    Is this Pistol NY compliant?

    Pretty cool concept for the 1800's.
  7. Chris645

    Little Videos

    Oh, okay.
  8. Chris645

    Little Videos

    Is she someone you know, or have you just picked that up from something she's said? I still think it's pretty awesome.
  9. Chris645


    I may not quit laughing all night, Flesh Wound. Thanks, that was funny.
  10. Chris645

    Little Videos

    That's freakin awesome, GiggleSmith. I can't believe she was able to get that close to them. Pretty durned cool.
  11. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Sounds as if you're on the right track. Send me a PM if you want an Alloying Conversion Calculator.
  12. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Okay, that's great. Just hate to not mention the importance of properly alloying lead for specific uses. When I started casting, I had gathered almost 500 pounds of "gathered" lead over the years. Thought I was in hog heaven until I started really learning about casting. Some firearms like lead, some don't. But in all cases, lead needs attention paid to it before pushing it down a barrel. Just hate to see new casters make the same mistakes I did.
  13. Chris645

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Make sure you get that alloy analyzed. And then formulate for the speed the rounds will be traveling. Can't just throw "any old lead" bullets down a barrel and expect to obtain any accuracy.
  14. Chris645

    Little Videos

    Like the guy in the video said, "Who elected this woman?" The sad part about it is she WAS elected by the people in her district. They think she's a wonderful breath of fresh air.....................and there are thousands across the country who are enamored by her charisma and would vote for her in a heartbeat if she were running for President. (and I have no doubt, when she is legally old enough, she will run!!!) She, and the other two freshman (rank beginners) are a very dangerous lot and me-thinks it unwise to just laugh at her while thinking she is harmless. Quite the contrary me lads, quite the contrary. 61% of young people in this country support Socialism over Capitalism, so her "Green New Deal" is a big thing in their minds. Piglosi needs to step up to the plate and put this nitwit in her place.............and quick, before she taints our country. Rant over............back to the videos.
  15. Chris645

    +1 for Flesh Wound

    No kidding.....................he goes WAY beyond being accommodating. Great guy to have on the forum, and as a friend.