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  1. bamashooter, 25 yard zero is doable, but not my preference.
  2. 1. The rail on the handguard was a bit narrow and Ruger sent a replacement. Unfortunately, I cannot find the note with the measurement so I cannot post the actual number. I do know that the rail on the new handguard is a bit wider. 2. I took the rifle to a 100 yard outdoor range and easily zeroed the sights at 50 yards. 25 yards is just too close to zero the sights on this rifle. This is the first rifle I have owned or even shot with sights that sit that high above the bore. I am not a hunter and I primarily shoot a .22lr for plinking. 3. Eventually I replaced the polymer MBUS sights with metal Diamond Head sights. I do like the sight picture better with the Diamond Heads. Thank you to all with your replies. Brickrider
  3. I borrowed a friends digital caliper and confirmed the picatinny rail is to narrow. This causes the sight base to flex/warp upward when you tighten the mounting screw. I have contacted Ruger and they are sending me a new handguard. I will update this post after I receive and install the new one. Brickrider
  4. Thanks to one and all for your responses. I am still working on it, but will not be able to make it back to the range until this weekend. I will work on it some more then. Once again, thank you for your help. Brickrider
  5. This weekend I purchased a Ruger AR-556 MPR. It has a free float barrel with a 15 inch hand guard. I purchased front and rear MBUS sights from a different gun store and mounted them yesterday. This evening I took it to the range to zero the sights and to put my first rounds through the gun. The windage was spot on from the very beginning. The elevation was an entirely different story. This is an indoor range and is only 25 yards long. I started at 10 yards and the bullets were hitting about six inches low. I ended up screwing the front post all the way down to the limit of its adjustment to get the bullet to hit the bulls eye. I do not believe this is normal? I expect the adjustment should be somewhere near the center of travel. I assume the problem could be the alignment of the free float hand guard or the front or rear sight. I am scratching my head over this one. I do not want to purchase another front sight or pair of sights just to test this. Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions? I thought it could be the hand guard was not seated properly, but it looks like it is properly seated with no gap between the handguard and receiver. I laid a straight edge length wise across the top and everything looks straight. Are Magpul sights normally that far off and require that much adjustment? I have sent a message to Magpul customer service and hopefully they will reply within the next day or two. I am posting this here to see if anyone has experienced this problem. Respectfully Brickrider
  6. So what's your story? I have owned a firearm of some sort most all of my life and I am now 60. When I was about 11 or 12 my grandfather bought me a lightly used 22lr rifle, a Winchester 290. A couple of years later my dad gave me a new Remington Wingmaster in 16 gauge for Christmas (screw that Red Rider BB gun crap). Other than small game hunting with both my dad and, grandfather and others, I rarely shot either gun. I still have both of those guns. I have had a couple of handguns along the way, but rarely shot either of them. About five or six years ago I decided to get a CCW (Florida) and a suitable gun to go with it. Now I have two of those. Then I decided I wanted to try an Appleseed shoot. Since I did not want to attach a sling to my little Winchester and it is a jam-o-matic I purchased a Marlin 795. I failed miserably at the Appleseed (I will try again someday), but learned a lot. Back story; I shot expert with a 1911 in the navy, but never received any formal rifle training. Anyway, a couple of years ago I got the AR-15 bug. I started researching trying to decide what I wanted. Everyone says purchase a budget gun first and go up from there or build your own. I decided that since this will probably be my only AR I would figure out what I wanted and buy it. I finally found what I wanted and bought it this past weekend at a local gun shop. It is a Ruger AR-556 MPR. Some consider it a budget gun, but it has everything I want or think I want and I still have money left over for ammo. Shooting a AR is a bit more costly than shooting a .22. What led you to this site, and what made you interested in the AR15 platform? I accidentally found this site while surfing the internet looking for AR forums. I found it a couple of months ago, but only joined today. I wanted an AR primarily for home defense. I had a Winchester 1200 Defender for that, but after a couple of shoulder surgeries I really did like shooting it. It was either a 20 gauge semi-auto or an AR. An AR seems more versatile. Plus the Bloombergs, Hillary, and other gun control nuts really hate this gun. What's not to like? Brickrider
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