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  1. I can't find any Hagar barrels either.
  2. I've been gone for a while but coming back to ask a question. No search results here ,but anybody know who's selling 24 Nosler barrels? Have the 22 Nosler and ended up going the NosGar route,would like to do the same with a .243 cal. in an AR.
  3. You know what they say,once you go black... I'm partial to FDE myself.
  4. Gas port is .080 per BA. I guess when I run out of brass I'm gonna have to try a 6x6.8. I love the 6mm family.
  5. Another reason to use Aero Precision M4E1 uppers!
  6. Conewago in Etown. Covered rifle/pistol range to 50 yds,covered rifle range to 200 yds. Meetings the third wed. of every month. Check out the website.I shoot there a lot,been a member for years.
  7. ewallover,I see you're Lankister. Where do you shoot?
  8. I'm running 28.0 gs Varget. No AGB and have to run a 2.4 oz buffer or it won't cycle. Can't use any bullets under 45 gs either,not enough gas. I know it's under gassed but it's dropping brass with this load at 4 oclock at about 4 feet away. I can live with that.
  9. The Hornady Hagar brass doesn't get beat up as bad on the head and rim and is better that way than the Nosler but if I can get 3 loadings out of them I'm lucky. I'm using it for groundhogs so the faster the better with the Sierra 65SGK. I would definitely give Starline a try!
  10. Not sure I agree with you about case life. After 2 loadings in the NosGAr the Hornady brass won't hold a primer or blows them out during firing. I can't get good consistent accuracy out of it either despite what I consider a high end build and quality reloads.
  11. If the 6mm hagar is just the 6.8 necked to 6mm,why won't 6.8 brass work? Different shoulder angle?
  12. I'm currently running a 22 NosGar and wondering what I'll do when my supply of Hagar brass runs out. Can 6.8 brass be sized down to 22 in one step or will it have to go to 6mm first? I see Starline is making 6.8 brass now.
  13. OK,I'll bite. What's the difference between this and a 6mm Hagar? Shoulder angle?
  14. I just liked the profile of the SPR. Not sure about the ramps but it can't hurt.
  15. Bought one for my 22 Nosgar build,so far it works as good as any other bcg i've used.
  16. I have a BA 18" SPR Wylde barrel with rifle length gas and it is the best shooting AR I ever had. Shoots under 1" at 200 yds with 77 SMK's. Never a gas problem with this one.
  17. Seekins Precision has one that works well and isn't expensive.
  18. Can't figure out the picture thing and don't want to hijack this thread so I'll start another one. Thanx for the welcome!
  19. Photobucket doesn't work for me anymore and I don't have all the other options that are shown.??
  20. After not being impressed with the AR Stoner barrel and the one shot life of the Nosler brass I decided to sell it off and upgrade. Last year was the first year we could use semi's in Pa to hunt and I used my ar's for groundhogs and loved it.I liked the idea of the 22 Nosler but even with an adjustable gas block it was too hard on the brass. Then I heard about the Nosgar and couldn't resist. I ordered a premium 18"spr barrel from Ballistic Advantage and some Hagar brass. Got all brass converted and loaded up some rounds with different type/weight bullets to try out. Haven't fired it yet but hoping to get out tomorrow and do a barrel break in and then go for some groups. Loaded some 35gr up to 75gr to see what it prefers. I'm hoping it likes the lighter varmint bullets since it will be a groundhog rig. Should be fun!
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