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  1. helle253

    To SBR or not to SBR... that is the question.

    I didn't know the 300BLK was designed around a 9". I've been meaning to learn everything there is to know about 300BLK for my SBR build but now I'm even more intrigued! Better get the research started.
  2. helle253

    Thanks PSA

    Looking good!
  3. helle253

    Quite possibly the deal of the year

    Purchased Thursday evening along with 1k rounds of ammo and got the shipping confirmation email Friday about noon. Good deal! Thanks for the heads up longie!!
  4. So probably a dumb question that's been dicussed 500x but I can't search yet so please bare with me. Is there any real advantage/disadvantage or specific reason that iron sights (especially fronts) have such distinguishable differences in shape or is it purely a looks/personal preference issue? e.g. Some have the A2 front shape, some have the more circular look, some triangular almost. Please enlighten me!
  5. helle253


    This bad boy looks like something a stormtrooper would carry! So cool!
  6. Just bought my first AR about a month ago and found this site through a google search while looking for a decent forum to learn as much as I can about it. Why did I want an AR to begin with? I've been into guns since long before I was old enough to actually use one as my dad is an avid hunter. I own quite a few shotguns and bolt action rifles and I've always been intrigued by AR's but could never seem to afford one. It was always on the "someday" list along with many other firearms. Now, at 40, I'm a FREAK for archery hunting whitetails but I decided it was time to get back to enjoying "just shooting" out behind the house like I did when I was a kid. I also have three daughters and the two oldest have expressed an interest in shooting, a fire which I intend to throw copious amounts of fuel at....Soooooo....I bought an AR thinking the adventure of such a ridiculously versatile platform would add to the fun and motivation to my own renewed interest in shooting. It worked!! I can already tell my first one won't be my last one! Can't wait to absorb a whole lot of info from a whole lot of folks that know a whole lot more than me about this weapon system! Be patient with this newbie! DH