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  1. Stj

    Locking up your guns.

    oopsAlthough I have my own beliefs(and thats what they are) you are spot on. its parenting...
  2. Stj

    Royal Wedding

  3. Stj

    Beowulf ar15

    7.5" tops. Sorry g I had to throw my hat in. ;)
  4. Stj

    windsheild scuff

    By the look of it,I dont know, It looks like dirt or something was inbeded in the rubber and numnuts (dont know who) didnt clean it off and kept runnin the wipers anyway. I can feel it with my thumbnail. I saw the polishing videos but am hesitant to commit to that without fear of making the rest of the glass distorted. Its a company truck so I cant risk that without more knowledge. Thanks for your nput i'll check with safelight tomorrow My gut feeling is that they'll try to sell me a windshield. Maybe not. I'll see if this POS tablet will use Bing;)
  5. Stj

    windsheild scuff

    I need to get some fairly deep "scuffs" made by the wiperblade, out of my windsheild. Googled and you tubed it. Does anyone here have real life experience getting rid of them without screwin up the rest of the glass? Any help is appreciated
  6. Stj

    AR15 Paint masking kit

    Thats a common sense approach . Never saw that before. cool
  7. Stj

    PA vehicle gun law.

    You are right. "pennsylvania laws relating to firearms" distributed by the67th legilative district states (refering to 6106.1) "The provisions of this section shall not apply to persons excepted "BY" the requirement of a liscence to carry firearms. Should have said Excepted "FROM" the requirement of a LTC. It was a misprint and was revised 3/03/17. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Glad I didnt get bit in the arse.
  8. I married the skinney one, divorced 2 crazy ones. Still havnt found the rich fat one but IMO they are all Batsh#t crazy. Proof? 3 of them married me!
  9. Stj

    PA vehicle gun law.

    It IS up to the employer.Georgia Pacific has a company wide policy of no firearms on company property. Your car can be searched.Employees WILL be terminate. Visitors will be escorted off the property. Long guns can be loaded in a vehicle with a licence to carry firearms.( pa's ccw)
  10. Stj

    Good Morning!

    Morning from nw pa
  11. I read an artical,maybe here, about the fluctuation of caliber popularity. IIRC the point was popularity fluctuated as ammo performance changed. My .40 has worked for me for several years. I'll keep it.
  12. Stj

    Big Island getting hit!

    You misunderstood what I was getting at. I didnt fully explain.Their are risks everywhere. I mixed a news clip and this thread in my mind. In the news clip they interviewed a resident who couldnt believe it happened. Thats where I was going. Was tired and shold have previewed my post.
  13. Stj

    Suppressor help

    I know its too early to ask but i'm curious to see how long this takes.