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  1. i know some may say unethical, but how would this do for a deer round? i'm sure low, but how is recoil? thinking of a new build for my daughter
  2. nice job. i'm glad you got it figured out. i can't wait to get out and shoot mine.
  3. i agree with greg, shouldn't really be needed. all i've ever done with my designated am30 cases was to neck up, check length, load and go shoot( kill deer) next time bump the shoulder and go
  4. lol. i live in pa and it is sill showing that im waiting for a package from christmas. funny thing is that it was delivered a day before i got the notice
  5. thanks Greg looks like time to buy more tools
  6. yes american 30 looks like i should be ok going to the cannalure on these
  7. would like to use some speer 110 gr hp's for a plinker round (1835) any suggestions on powder and starting point? tia
  8. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/713881/frankford-arsenal-platinum-series-rotary-case-tumbler-110-volt cheapest i've seen them, stuff always on sale when i'm broke lol
  9. i just need to find the time to really dial mine in
  10. i've been looking at the same one, just don't want to spend the money atm. so i have using the kids small rock tumbler for now. can't do large batches but it is doing a great job. i dry them in an old dehydrater.
  11. hello peeps, i'm new to this forum but have been on 6.8 for a long time. i have spoken with greg on a few occasions. just wondering if anything new for the am30 has popped up? did the factory ammo ever materialize? i was fortunate to have won a barrel a couple years ago, took me awhile to get it put together i was able to kill a doe last year with it. when i get a chance, i will post up some pics of it i'll keep watching and check out the rest of the forum
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