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  1. https://www.dailywire.com/news/france-accuses-biden-admin-australia-of-lying-duplicity-in-what-is-now-a-serious-crisis "Benjamin Haddad, the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center director, said that the move had set U.S.-French relations back nearly two decades. “A stunning stab in the back of a key European ally involved in the Indo-Pacific. Everyone in Paris is shell shocked,” Haddad said. “The lowest point in US-France relations since 2003 (with probably deeper consequences), and a major setback to a transatlantic strategy on China.” Everything the Biden Regime touches turns to manure.
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/09/18/watch-hundreds-arrested-as-anti-lockdown-protesters-break-police-lines-trample-officers/ You push people too far, they will rise-up and kill you! That's a fact.
  3. Bunch of stupid bums! Real hypocrites. They leave people behind to get-killed, and then pull-the-trigger on innocent people, then unvet thousands in our country. Total fugg-ups!
  4. "Texas Law Enforcement Storm Border With Scores Of Vehicles, Secure Area After Biden Failed" https://www.dailywire.com/news/texas-law-enforcement-storm-border-with-scores-of-vehicles-secure-area-after-biden-failed "Law enforcement officials with the state of Texas appear to have taken control of the situation in Del Rio, Texas, after the Biden administration repeatedly failed to stop tens of thousands of migrants from illegally entering the United States. “The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area,” Governor Greg Abbott said in a tweet that featured a picture showing scores of law enforcement vehicles that had descended on the area. “They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers. The National Guard is working with them to secure the border.”
  5. "Biden administration to expel Haitian migrants via removal flights: DHS" https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/biden-expel-haitian-migrants-sunday-report "The Biden administration will expel some of the thousands of Haitian migrants who have been crossing the U.S. border illegally in Del Rio, Texas, placing them on planes heading back to Haiti, the Department of Homeland Security announced Saturday. The DHS is "implementing a new, comprehensive strategy" to address the 12,000 people who have crossed the border this past week, roughly half of whom are believed to be Haitians, the department said. The six-pronged approach includes surging 400 Customs and Border Protection agents and officers to Del Rio, coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard to relocate migrants to other processing centers, increasing the capacity of removal flights, working with nearby countries to repatriate their citizens and lawful residents, increasing humanitarian aid to prevent crowding, and coordinating with officials to ensure returnees receive support." I'll believe it, when I see it happen.
  6. It's already being swept-under-the-rug. Yesterday's news, as far as the Biden Regime is concerned.
  7. Most of these Haitians were already living-in Central, and South America. They were just waiting for Joe's "open sesame" to come pouring-in.
  8. https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/09/18/tucker-carlson-eviscerates-joe-biden-for-droning-kids-and-raises-some-important-points-n444749 "Carlson begins with the most obvious fact: that this strike was done to make Biden look good. The Pentagon went all out in playing it up in the aftermath, claiming — with no equivocation — that “multiple suicide bombers” were killed. They also claimed to have seen multiple secondary explosions, something that we now know never happened. Also, in what may have been a veiled swipe at Fox News’ Pentagon stenographer extraordinaire, Jennifer Griffin, Carlson put up one of the claims she had regurgitated. In the end, every detail she reported without question was completely false. At another point, Carlson played a montage of media analysts on networks like CNN and MSNBC lauding Biden for the strike, asserting that it was evidence that America’s ability to conduct counter-terrorism operations was strong. Of course, that “ability” ended up murdering children, in a strike that was meant to cover for the president’s asinine handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan."
  9. "The Media's Promised, Violent Uprising in DC Today Dispelled by Press Outnumbering 'Rioters' " https://redstate.com/bradslager/2021/09/18/the-medias-promised-violent-uprising-in-dc-today-dispelled-by-press-outnumbering-rioters-n444870 "What if they held a violent riot, and no one showed up? A few weeks ago, I covered how the press was assuring us that we were on the cusp of another serving of Trump-inspired mayhem. One of these days, the press’ guarantees of MAGA violence will come true." "But, as predicted, their guarantees have fizzled out like a bottle rocket in a shower stall. Today is the highly touted Justice For January 6 Rally, the gathering meant to show support for those people being held after arrests were made in the wake of the Capitol riot. Highly touted — but sparsely attended. Today’s protest is proving to be a rather lightly regarded affair, and yet another example of a media-fueled hysteria leading to very little in the form of promised pandemonium. As I said in August, this would be of little consequence."
  10. https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/09/18/people-play-spot-the-fed-at-todays-insurrection-as-embarrassing-spectacle-unfolds-n444951 "Despite it being obvious that this wouldn’t be a big event, the USCP laughably put up fencing around the Capitol like they were protecting from an onslaught of fully-armed revolutionaries. But perhaps cosplaying revolution is the point for our government? Gotta really make it seem like the threat is real to justify the overbearing police state. Hilariously, onlookers spent most of the day playing “spot the fed.”
  11. I heard that the town of Del Rio is running-out of food, since it's being snapped-up by the gate-crashers.
  12. "DC getting zero Afghan refugees in first wave of resettlement, as many states get 1,000+" https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dc-zero-afghan-refugees-first-wave-resettlement "Some of the loudest voices calling for the resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the United States have come from Washington, D.C. – and yet the nation's capital won’t be receiving any of the initial wave of refugees. State Department data shows where the initial group of 37,000 Afghans are heading after being processed into the United States." D. C. is already overloaded with grifters, and bums.
  13. "Bidensanity — Unvaccinated Illegal Aliens Shipped to Dozens of States as Coronavirus Fear Rages" https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/17/18-shot-thursday-16-shot-wednesday-across-mayor-lori-lightfoots-chicago/ "His Fraudulency Joe Biden is flooding the country with unvaccinated illegal aliens, many of them infected with the same coronavirus that has already killed some 650,000 Americans, and he does not require them to be vaccinated — even as he forces fascist vaccine mandates on legal citizens. Why? His Fraudulency Joe Biden is inviting and welcoming unvaccinated illegal aliens — even as he vilifies unvaccinated Americans."
  14. https://redstate.com/jeffc/2021/09/17/a-new-poll-finds-bidens-approval-rating-is-even-lower-than-last-week-n444484 "These findings come during the same week that Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified in front of the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Despite the Democrats’ efforts to pin the debacle on former President Donald Trump, it appears the American public still saw that the SNAFU was Biden’s fault. But it gets worse. Americans aren’t exactly fans of how the administration is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. From Reuters: The weekly poll showed the number of Americans who approved of Biden’s response to the pandemic dropped below 50% for the first time: About 48% approved of the president’s COVID-19 policies, while 46% disapproved. Another poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group showed that a majority of Americans do not support the president’s vaccine mandate requiring companies to force their employees to take the jab or do weekly COVID testing."
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