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  1. So are the mullahs, and Chinese Reds.
  2. Just as bad as the CIA 'spook recruitment' video. Sickening!
  3. Too bad, that we couldn't have a real 'dumbazz shortage'.
  4. We wanted to let you know that the next products of Malco's Eagle Grip product line have been released! Today we are officially releasing our Eagle Grip Locking C-Clamps for you to purchase! The Eagle Grip Locking C-Clamps are made from the same DNA as our locking pliers, which means you can expect the same high quality when using these tools on the job! These tools are: 100% made in the USA. Backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. One of the best tools you will own! Our Eagle Grip Locking C-Clamps are available in two versions, swivel pad (LP11SP) and regular tips (LP11C). Hopefully, Malco will be releasing "Eagles" in a needled-nose pattern soon.
  5. Pets are a valued member of the family. Their loss can really be heartfelt. Sorry, you had to put your friend down.
  6. They also never bring-up the fact, that we are nearing the end of a 10,000 year warming-interstitial between ice ages. Of which, if my geology doesn't escape me; we have gone through four warming and cooling cycles in earth's climate. This 10,000 year interstitial allowed man to move from the cave, and from being a hunter-gatherer to a farming-agrarian. Which accounted for the rise in civilization, and progress.
  7. You can thank the azzholes, who are also pushing marxist 'critical race theory'.
  8. https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/crime/3-injured-in-idaho-middle-school-shooting-suspect-captured-rigby-middle/277-7dcdd7d1-a6b0-4add-bfe1-875735dcfe42 "The suspected shooter has been identified as a male student. His name and age have not been released. Two other students and a custodian were wounded in the shooting, officials say. Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson says the victims’ injuries aren't believed to be life-threatening. A 12-year-old student says she heard loud noises, then screaming. She says when her teacher went to check it out, he found blood." Police walk outside Rigby Middle School following a shooting there earlier Thursday, May 6, 2021, in Rigby, Idaho. Authorities said that two students and a custodian were injured, and a male student has been apprehended.
  9. The last concert I went to was a smaller venue, featuring flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook. It was outstanding, especially if your into latin music. This one is his newest release:
  10. The "Hulk" has dovetailed nicely into the collection:
  11. Yep, that's what my Dad taught me. Buy a good tool once, and it'll last you a lifetime. Keep your toolbox locked, and don't loan them out. Everybody wants to use good tools, but nobody ever wants to buy, or take care of someone else's. Seems like they always have plenty of money for the bar, and everything else. Go figure.
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