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  1. JosephT

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    You may have the same problem I had which was just a fitting with a rusted hole in it but my pump was fine. Replaced bad fitting and reinstalled the pump with know more problems. If your down the well pipe is metal have it replaced with 160psi black poly water line that way you can pull it your self next time.
  2. This is really sad and my thoughts and prayers go out to the rest of their family. Also while I didn't read every post in this thread has there been any clue as to how and where they became infected with Hept. A? Also like some one else said its kind of strange they both died on the same day. And what did his bother die from?
  3. JosephT

    Vehicular accident, recoverable damages

    I don't know what state you are in but in NC you most certainly CANNOT suspend his DL and I would be very surprised if any state allowed that. You can ask the Court to do it but that doesn't mean it will happen. I'm not sure how the OP's state works but in NC if you sue the person and win their insurance has to pay if they have any.
  4. JosephT

    Conceal Carry Insurance

    I don't have any since its not needed in NC because a person who use's legal deadly force is immune from both civil and criminal lawsuit/prosecution
  5. JosephT

    Don't let yer mouth write checks you cannot cash

    Sissy boy needs to keep his mouth shut and stop riding like a dick. I would like to know what happen to the old guy as far as the cops go.
  6. JosephT

    Gun overboard!

    So he throws it out before coming into port where does he get one after leaving port?
  7. JosephT

    Thinning out my collection

    The grandparents decided who got what and did it one person/family at a time . When my wife and I got our stuff there were no other family members around just like we weren't around when others got theirs. We had no idea this was going on until we went to visit and they started giving us stuff. There were things I would have like to have had like a water cooled two cyl Onan generator but it was gone when I got there and that's the way it was and not once did I hear of any arguing about anything.
  8. JosephT

    Thinning out my collection

    I watched my wife's grandparents disposed of all their property without a will and we decided we would do it the same way. What they would do is have a child or grandchild come over to visit and then proceed to give them what they wanted them to have. My wife got her great grandfathers photo equipment and other stuff her grandmother wanted her to have. Meanwhile her grandfather took me out to the shop and began to give my all his 3/4" Snap-On stuff along with a bunch of other tools including an air compressor. They did this with 3 children 4 grandchildren and their spouses when her grandfather died at 95 there was very little left to divide up. What I like about it is it took the arguing about who gets what away because it was al ready gone.
  9. JosephT

    Surgery take 2!

    Good luck man I just had my second surgery on my rotator cuff on the same shoulder and the doc said it could take a year before I am back to normal. Two surgeries this year out of work 3 months for each and then got laid off 4 weeks after going back to work.
  10. JosephT

    Gofund me page for Border wall

    Its now up to $1,538,708
  11. currently at 1,149,00 and change https://www.gofundme.com/TheTrumpWall
  12. JosephT


    tomato juice is your fried to help clean it up
  13. JosephT

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    How will this effect the owners of the hellfire triggers from the late 80s and early 90s that came with an ATF approval letter
  14. JosephT

    New job

    The company I work for also cut our hours back to 40 that is I am going to miss all the OT til spring.
  15. That's pretty cool but I rather see the dude at Knob Creel with the Mini Gun