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  1. JosephT


    tomato juice is your fried to help clean it up
  2. JosephT

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    How will this effect the owners of the hellfire triggers from the late 80s and early 90s that came with an ATF approval letter
  3. JosephT

    New job

    The company I work for also cut our hours back to 40 that is I am going to miss all the OT til spring.
  4. That's pretty cool but I rather see the dude at Knob Creel with the Mini Gun
  5. I believe they have recommended insurance for that as well remember Corps. move their property and headquarters to other states for tax reason and the vehicle may not every come back to that state.
  6. Yes as in most states but in this case the legal owner of the car isn't a Florida residents it is the LLC which is in Montana. The state can't force you to tag and title a car you don't own
  7. Then check out this place where you register your car in Montana and never pay property tax again. Plus all vehicles over the age of 10 years receive a permanent plate. You pay a one-time registration fee and the plate is good for as long as you own the vehicle. You will never have to renew the plate. https://offers.mtvehicles.com
  8. JosephT

    3D Printing

    Where does the 9th circus court get the authority to stop a company in a state under a different circuit court? I would tell them tough luck and release it anyway.
  9. JosephT

    ....Waiting For My Ladies.....

    I do believe there is a country song about that very thing called waiting on a woman.
  10. man your wife sounds like a handful
  11. rent a machine and clean it out your self
  12. That sounds good until you get a ticket from a lying POS cop. For example the ticket I got for the brakes of a dump truck being 2 1/2 inches out of adjustment. For one there isn't that much adjustment in the brakes and they were adjusted up enough that the tandems would lock up and slide. Then there was the ticket I got from a cop for not wearing my seatbelt the funny part is he stood there and watch me take my seatbelt off so I could get my wallet out of my back pocket. And then there was the other seatbelt ticket I got even after the cop had just read my valid NC seatbelt medical wavier. Just because you get a ticket from a cop doesn't mean you broke the law.
  13. I would file and EEOC complaint or a labor board complaint. Here an article about Tyson workers having to wear diapers to work. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/poultry-workers-denied-bathroom-breaks-wear-diapers-oxfam-report-n572806
  14. JosephT

    Train Carrying 10M Pounds of Poop Stuck in Alabama Town

    The city Milwaukie processes their sludge and sells it as fertilizer called Milorganite I use it on my yard and its safe for gardens. https://www.milorganite.com/
  15. JosephT

    Getting old is hard.

    Tell me about it I had rotator cuff surgery on Jan. 4 and the pain is worst now than before and I still can't do crap with my arm