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  1. DarkHorse85

    300 Blackout Build - Pricing & Pictures of Gun/Hunting

    Added weight of rifle to first post with picture on scale
  2. DarkHorse85

    300 Blackout Build - Pricing & Pictures of Gun/Hunting

    Thank you John and everyone else! I definitely shopped around for parts. The handrail was one of the parts I did a lot of internet reading on. Martix Arms rails seem to be great quality.... Color is a nice black, fitment to the upper rail was almost perfectly flush up top, and it is fairly light weight. A lot of people are using Matrix Arms these days and I have yet to find a bad review of them. The only issue is that they require a REALLY small gas block, I had to do some light sanding to get my low profile block to fit without making contact with the rail. I think there are people who have identified a gas block that fits without sanding on various forums. The ATN is something I was super excited about and decided to buy a used one. However the guy I bought it from did not inform me of all the issues... scope charging port is broke, the IR light was broke, and it does not focus very well. So I am $350 out and a little bummed, since 3 weeks after I bought it ATN came out and reduce the price to $450 brand new. I still am going to use it, but I don't expect tot be in love with it. I plan on buying a thermal scope in the future. I do love hunting and try to go as much as I can (limited by $ and time). I just got married and had my first child, so we are fairly busy. I do go about 4-5 times a year though. Before the AR I used only bolt actions... I either would steal one of my old man's arsenal or use my 270. When I go Mule deer hunting, I use a 7 MM Mag. As far as hog meat is concerned, my wife and I really do not like pork. So I donate my hogs to food shelters. I shoot them behind the blade or head. Both result is no meat loss other than ribs if shot in body. It is getting to the point where I am making contacts with people who just want them eradicated. This year I have a hunt where we are going just to clear them out... the 300 blackout will be my weapon of choice for the hunt. My Ruger MPR 556 took out a 280lb boar last March (55gr IMI) and a whitetail doe in November (75gr Steel Match). I don't hesitate to use a 223/556 on hogs. I received a lot of the lower parts today (all but trigger and grip), and installed everything besides the safety selector. I did take a few pictures and will work on a write up. I got frustrated that I scratched my lower putting in the bolt catch pin, but I bought the Casey's touch up paint to fix it. See fist post for update for how it looks so far... I am not liking the TI-7 stock the more I look at it... too heavy looking.
  3. A while back I had decided to build a 300 Blackout upper to be used on my lower from my new Ruger 556 MPR. The plan was to use the Ruger lower till I could convince the wife to let me build a lower. I had some great success hunting hogs and dropped this 275lb beast in his tracks (literally did not move an inch). Bullet used was a 125gr Hornady SST and my buddy loaned me his EOTech. Here are a few pictures of the upper build and finished product (now with my ATN X Sight II mounted and recently purchased BCG - see parts/pricing list below). After convincing the wife to let me build the lower, I set off to complete what I started a 9 months ago. So basically this is like a baby. I wanted to continue my theme of red on the upper/lower receivers, so you will notice that the majority of the small parts are all red. I am currently waiting for the remainder of the lower parts to come in to finish the build, but I will post pictures when completed. The Larue Trigger is apparently on back order so it may be a few weeks out still. All prices are what I paid and although I missed some deals, I hit others (I rocked it on free shipping). Weights are estimates from what I found posted online and will post final weight when done. Key Highlights/Comments: Faxon Barrel - I really liked what I read on Faxon and have been really impressed with its quality BCG - Bought the Titanium Nitride BCG from Brownells and it looks to be great quality Matrix Arms Handrail - I really love the quality and the thin size Trigger - Went with the Larue MBT-2S due to price and it seems like people really love it Stock - I'm not sure yet what I think of the TI-7 stock, it is a little bulky for my tastes but feels good against the cheek This is my first build and will be my second AR-15. A year ago I never would have dreamed of doing this, but it peaked my interest and it actually has been fairly simple thus far. I hope you all enjoy the read and pictures! UPDATE: Got all parts for lower minus trigger and grip (so couldn't install safety selector). I am not a big fan of the TI-7 stock... thinking I will try to find someone who wants to trade. WEIGHTS: Rifle without ATN Scope (No trigger, grip or safety selector): 5 lb 11.2 oz So if we add my projected weights of trigger (.153 lb), grip (.263 lb), and safety selector (.035 lb).... Final weight should be around = 6 lb 2.4oz (original guess was 6 lb 2.75 oz based from online) Picture below with ATN scope... ATN weights 2 lb 6.9 oz. I am working on dropping hints to the wife that I "need" a light weight thermal haha. Wish me luck.
  4. DarkHorse85

    300 Blackout Upper Build - Help

    Very good ideas! Is there another barrel manufacturer you would recommend? I will look into the BCGs a little more... for the most part I see they run around $80-$100 for the standard ones.
  5. DarkHorse85

    300 Blackout Upper Build - Help

    A little background: Bought my first AR15 on January 24th, 2018 - Ruger 556 MPR (a thread is in the beginners forum) Fell in love with the platform and want to own a 300 Blackout (will use the 300 Blackout upper on my Ruger 556 MPR lower) Wife (the REAL Commander and Chief haha) will not let me get another gun, but is open to letting me build an upper I started to do hours of research and hated all the cheap 300 uppers I found (price is a factor) Decided I want to build my own and then went down a rabbit hole of hours of videos and searching parts Below I have created a build list for the 300 Blackout upper, but I need a few things: Opinions (be kind though, I'm still learning) Did I cover all the parts I need? (other than tools) Inform me if I am wasting my money on any items and/or if I should get something else. Let me know where I can find a parts cheaper than prices listed. FYI the red forward assist is my visual indicator for letting me know I have my 300 upper on my lower and not my 556 upper Will the Odin Works Gas Block (or any other you recommend) fit in the Matrix Arms Rail?
  6. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    Thanks guys... I'll probably hang on to her for the time being, but I'll keep you in mind gshayd haha I'm starting to look at building one, but I'm trying to outline how I want to go about doing it. When I build my spread sheet of parts I'll post it for scrutiny and cost sourcing.
  7. DarkHorse85

    AR15 Cleaning Recommendations

    My simple procedure Bore snake down barrel three times Remove upper Remove BCG and CH Remove firing pin and bolt Use Hoppes solvent to wipe down all components, upper and mag receiver Really clean feed ramp area Oil BCG and upper according to the video above Reassemble One day I might go further but for now that's it.
  8. DarkHorse85

    Hello from FTW TX

    Welcome! I'm jealous of where you live... I have been consumed by the soul destroyer job market of Houston. Sounds like you have quite a fun collection!
  9. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    I appreciate all the comments! I am really impressed with the rifle... I told my wife it has become my favorite gun I own. It was purchased at the right time where I feel I can fully enjoy it.
  10. DarkHorse85

    Potential upper/barrel issue

    Did the new barrel nut come in to see if it fixed everything? Unless I missed the answer.... looking forward to seeing the solution!
  11. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    Thank you! Its crazy, every device in the house, laptops, phones, ipads, and surface pros were all unable to get on the site. It was completely isolated to AR15armory.com too.
  12. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    Thank you for all the information!! I have been to only about half of them, so it looks like you filled my schedule up for the night lol Pictures are uploaded Please see above
  13. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    Ohhh and the Red Rock Signworks reloader is completely awesome.... I have played with a few versions now of quick reloaders and its style is by far my favorite.
  14. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    Looking forward to the review... I am on the fence about a red dot... partly because I love the Leupold scope too much at long distances. I am thinking about getting a 300 BLK upper to swap out from time to time and putting the red dot on that.
  15. DarkHorse85

    MY FIRST AR-15 PURCHASE! (prices included)

    FINALLY GOT MY INTERNET FIXED!!! I wasn't able to get on the forum as it kept timing out the search.... still don't know how it fixed itself, but I have been resetting my connection daily. Sooo.... with that said, here are the photos!! Here is the Ruger: I actually ended up changing the location of the front strap QD mount to be as far back as it can. I will be moving it forward a few spots though. Just been fine tuning where I like it. RANGE DAY 1: The first shot I did at 25 yards, the gun was about 1" left/4" low so I dialed it in. I then dialed it in at 50 yards and then moved to 100 yards. As I was dialing it in at 100 yards, my wife called a little upset (because I was supposed to be home to go out with the family... oops). So I literally took 3 shots at 100 yards and here are the results: 100 yards: Still a little to the left and not as tight as I wanted. RANGE DAY 2: Revenge DAY! I had time this time to shoot. I took the rifle out of the bag and shot these three rounds!!! I almost packed it up and left haha. These were literally my first 3 shots!! 100 yards: Dime size! I decided to continue to play with it a little more. I shot a few more dime groups at 100 yards, but only have pictures of 4 sets of dime groups. The remaining target I couldn't wait for the range to run out and get me (they do a target swap on the hour)... I had to go, so my final shots were left behind, however they were on par with this group. My goal for my next outing is to shoot 3 with all holes completely touching. But all in all not bad for a 9X scope at 100 yards. My current grouping at 100 yards: Brought it in a touch, but not as close as I would like them. Let me know what you think!!