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  1. Oh. Ok . Cool. That is a lot better. I would get that info from the manufacturer after purchasing. Thanks for the input. A lot is new to me and this is a great group of knowledge.
  2. Am wanting to make a pistol build using a 80% lower. Wanting a suppressor on it. Now the form asks for a maker, model and serial number. How does this happen?? I would be manufacturer. AR15 model. Mods. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  3. Ok another question, gas blocks. Set screw on clap style??
  4. Thanks Steel. I guess they were more statements, then questions
  5. Grats and welcome. I have the same, nice rifle.
  6. And a question, does having a suppressor effect cycling?
  7. I'm still new to the forums and can't get the search, so a some of this might have been covered. 1. There is no difference in a ar15 upper upper for 5.56 and .300blk. 2. For a 7 or 10.5 barrel. It still uses gas tube not piston. 3. You can still use a carbine buffer system. 4. You can have a angled for grip, not a forward handle grip.
  8. I figured as much,but a thought I would get another opinion from people who do this a lot. Thanks.
  9. Ok,I decided to replace the hand guard on my SW MP15. Got the parts,got the tools,watched the videos. No problem. Disassembled everything, no problem. Put back together, no problem. Did notice I forgot to install gas tube. Ok ,kicked myself for a stupid mistake and re-Disassembled and installed gas tube. Re-assembled everything else except muzzelbrake. Now when I put this back on for second time, when it get tight, it is 90 degrees off. And the washer looks squished(??) And is really tight but i back it ofc til position is correct it's just barely finger tight. Question is, do I need a new washer? How tight is correct. Oh and yes I put it back the way it came off. Seen those warnings in the videos. It was very simple and enjoyed working on it. I could probably enjoy smithing!
  10. Located in East Central Iowa and am looking for some good long range and tactical classes in the area. it's hard for me to go tofar out of state and spend a weekend out. Google searches don't seem to come up with much.
  11. Hello all! Came here via Google, with a wanting for knowledge, to do my first build. I currently own a stock S&W MP15, But want to get rid of the A2 post and go with a free floating hand guard. Ultimately building a SBR .300blk w/ suppressor. I am prior service USMC 86'-90'. Am a Navy brat and have been around military most of my life. Now just on my sunset job (hopefully) and love going to the range with my wife and Daughter.
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