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  1. bj139


    I shot Bullseye and IPSC back in the day. If you want to get better at something, compete. IPSC frequently had a weak hand only target at 25 yards. Any hit on the paper was good.
  2. bj139


    I carried a Charter Arms undercover 38SPL in my back jeans pocket for a while and it fit fine with extra small grips. The Shield feels the same. I only have carried for self defense for up close and personal not for 20 yard shots so poor accuracy was not a problem. I carried the undercover for about 6 months and realized where I was, I was never going to need it so I stopped.
  3. bj139


    I never felt a Smith 2.0 trigger. The Shield is the small pocket size 9mm. The only other S&W auto I have is a DA 5906 that was purchased from a Nevada police department on Gunbroker.
  4. bj139


    The S&W Shield has a heavy trigger pull, the only complaint I was able to find but is safer because of it, IMHO.
  5. bj139


    I bought a S&W 629 years ago instead of the Redhawk because it fit my hand better. I haven't seen the new Redhawk 8 shot. Sounds very nice.
  6. Wow. The shortest, most insightful post I have read in a long time. Well done.
  7. bj139


    Yes. I have smaller hands so it fits me OK. Super Redhawk not so good.
  8. bj139


    Wheat is the trigger for me regarding gut pain and joint pain. It makes sense since grass allergy is the number one allergy and wheat is a grass.
  9. bj139


    I bought a 9mm S&W Shield last year and thought the same as you before I tried it. It is comfortable to shoot and the thumb safety is right there near the first joint of the thumb. The recoil is easily controllable considering the small size. I was shooting 4" groups from 10 yards. The accuracy surprised me. S&W has gotten it right with this model. Other users agree from what I have seen in reviews.
  10. Nice table. Sometimes just starting a project is the key to success.
  11. That Glock still needs a safety. Oops, wrong thread.
  12. bj139

    Senior Citizenitis strikes again

    After a year and a half I am still looking for my favorite retractable dog leash. Before that, I used it for a year. Before that it was missing for a year. At that time, I blamed my wife for losing my favorite leash. Then, when I was going to a funeral and put on my dress full length coat and reached into the pocket, there it was. I better check there now. Nope, not there. It was small and unobtrusive so it is fulfilling it's function somewhere.
  13. I rode a motorcycle for 20 years back and forth to work about 200 days a year. Making eye contact with drivers about to turn into your roadway can keep you alive. Making excessive noise may help as well, I don't know. Annoying others may keep them away from you.
  14. Many Harley owners do this to annoy others. No real point in it if you are secure in your manhood.
  15. bj139

    Recoil Gunworks Glock 26 LEO Trade-In

    I am finding it hard to justify buying a Glock since I bought a 9mm S&W shield last year. Perfect for pocket carry and I did get the model with a thumb safety.