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  1. Bing is the Microsoft search engine. Not much privacy there. Try Startpage as an alternative to Duckduckgo.
  2. I appreciate what you guys are saying but are you saying that only nice people and not so called scum deserve to own AR-15s? You could be classified as such in a certain political climate. If you observe your neighbor doing something harmless and it annoys you because you can't do it or another reason that harms no one then you are anti-freedom. Trying to protect others against their own bad decisions is not freedom, it is parenting. Do you think we should all be treated as children? I don't think so.
  3. The progessives say that you owning an AR-15 is a risk to the health and safety of others. Freedom is freedom. Having it infringed by arbitrary government dictates does not make it right. It sounds as if you are against freedom. Sad.
  4. YOU could say that about everything. Those who like Ar-15s, want AR-15s to be legal.
  5. The ones who like alcohol, want alcohol legal. The ones who like maijuana, want marijuana legal. The ones who like freedom, want both to be legal.
  6. Semiautos aren't legal for whitetails in PA. Do you know something?
  7. Like this. This may be the first application of finger gun control I remember seeing many years ago. Now kids are suspended from school for showing their finger gun.
  8. https://reason.com/archives/2019/03/04/defiance-will-kneecap-new-mexico-gun-law
  9. I was told in work I should use my whole hand to point to a direction in the store for customers. Maybe they are concerned my finger might have an AD? I can't stop using my finger but I always keep it unloaded at work. Sometimes after a tough shift I go home and get slightly loaded.
  10. It seems that years ago actions were punished. Now possession is punished even without action. I wonder how long it will be till thoughts are punished?
  11. Yes. I am sure everyone here has seen many failures of manual safeties over the years.
  12. Wow. A Hi-Point with a manual safety and a trigger pull heavier than sh**. That sure is user error.
  13. I figured out how to uncock it without shooting.
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