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  1. bj139

    Nobody is coming for...

    Like this. This may be the first application of finger gun control I remember seeing many years ago. Now kids are suspended from school for showing their finger gun.
  2. https://reason.com/archives/2019/03/04/defiance-will-kneecap-new-mexico-gun-law
  3. bj139

    Nobody is coming for...

    I was told in work I should use my whole hand to point to a direction in the store for customers. Maybe they are concerned my finger might have an AD? I can't stop using my finger but I always keep it unloaded at work. Sometimes after a tough shift I go home and get slightly loaded.
  4. bj139

    Crime and punishment

    It seems that years ago actions were punished. Now possession is punished even without action. I wonder how long it will be till thoughts are punished?
  5. bj139

    A shot in the junk

    Yes. I am sure everyone here has seen many failures of manual safeties over the years.
  6. bj139

    A shot in the junk

    Wow. A Hi-Point with a manual safety and a trigger pull heavier than sh**. That sure is user error.
  7. bj139

    I ran in to a woke person today

    He was a guard, I believe.
  8. bj139

    I ran in to a woke person today

    Jes some kids havin fun.
  9. bj139

    Crossbow Safety

    I figured out how to uncock it without shooting.
  10. A comment from Youtube about the vdeo. Food for thought. DarkSide Blues 2 days ago (edited) I have an issue with felons not being able to own fire arms. Why? They are increasing the amount of laws that if broken turn you into a felon. If you have a magazine that is a standard capacity in New Jersey, it’s a felony, yet it’s not a felony in most other states. It’s legal. How can a person become a felon when only one state has that law and they lose their right. Imagine getting pulled over passing through New Jersey and you had a 30 round magazine, now you are a felon and can’t own a gun in a state where that magazine was legal. Felon no longer means what you think it means.
  11. bj139

    The Truth About Gun Sales And HR 8

    I don't think Trump would lose a thing by vetoing it. The haters already hate and the admirers already admire. It should die in the Senate anyway.
  12. bj139

    I ran in to a woke person today

    I bought my MAGA hat from Wallyworld.com so they supplied the goods.
  13. bj139

    Crossbow Safety

    I am trying to figure a safe way to uncock it with the rope cocker since it has an anti dryfire mechanism. I have seen some videos and read about it. I think I will try it with a drinking straw in place of the arrow to defeat the anti dryfire mechanism. If I shoot a drinking straw through my foot I might report here or I might be too embarassed. I don't feel safe shooting a bolt in the back yard and breaking it or having it deflect into a neighbors yard. I feel I should address all known safety issues before I try anything new instead of "just do it".
  14. bj139

    Crossbow Safety

    I put a little of the Barnett chapstick lube on the string and rail. I didn't fully cock it since I would have to shoot it to decock it. It seems easy enough to cock with the rope. On the xbow forum someone said to get unscented Chapstick. I have some beeswax which I will try. The cables don't seem to be steel as on my compound bow. I should try a magnet. If they are not, should I should lube the cable portion of the string as well? I am planning on trying deer archery hunting again this fall after about 30 years of no archery hunting. I tried to pull my compound bow back a few days ago and could not do it. I guess it is the right time for me to get a crossbow.
  15. bj139

    I ran in to a woke person today

    I bought one here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Donald-Trump-Hat-Cap-Make-America-Great-Again-USA-Red-Black-White/445469899 I received 2 compliments from 2 old hetero couples and many dirty looks from others. I wear it when I am shopping where I work just to annoy some of the Progressives who work there. I am hesitant to wear it while I am working for fear of firing. I am more aware of watching my back for fear of getting a shiv in it. I don't know if that is the proper terminolgy in a Progressive hellhole.