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  1. Yep. 2021R-8 is now open for comments. Flood ‘em.
  2. ATF has not yet posted anything for comment.
  3. No treatment for mine... too many gunshots with no hearing protection, and loud music.
  4. How much downtime between shots?
  5. jpg366


    I had prk (lasik for older people) about 10 years ago, and I am still happy with it.
  6. I recall clamping a roll in a vise, then using a large hammer to set it off. Probably caused some of today’s tinnitus. Then there were the circular plastic strips of 8 or 10, like little percussion caps, loaded like a speedloader. Wow, they were loud!
  7. While they wait for full Ignorance to kick in (for Strength), they plan for the downhill slide, only admitting to the next common-sense step. A fine example of Doublespeak.
  8. Yeager had amazing eye control.
  9. I saw those at 22mods4all. I’ve ordered a dedicated 9mm lower. Still might see about designing an adapter. Thanks for your ideas.
  10. Leno was funny until he chose to get crude. Those following are terrible.
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