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  1. jpg366

    Another huge double standard of the left: Suicide

    While they wait for full Ignorance to kick in (for Strength), they plan for the downhill slide, only admitting to the next common-sense step. A fine example of Doublespeak.
  2. jpg366

    Funny memes not about Trump

    OK. Aloha Snackbar.
  3. jpg366

    Great photo of the day.

    Yeager had amazing eye control.
  4. jpg366

    9mm AR Magwell Block

    I saw those at 22mods4all. I’ve ordered a dedicated 9mm lower. Still might see about designing an adapter. Thanks for your ideas.
  5. jpg366

    Funny memes not about Trump

    Leno was funny until he chose to get crude. Those following are terrible.
  6. jpg366

    No more youtube?

    Full30.com looks like it might be an alternative, if they can keep it going.
  7. jpg366

    You kill'um, we grill'um?

    My dad, a saved Christian, always joked about just renting one.
  8. jpg366

    Hoover Gun Show

    Maybe, but the show is a good one.
  9. jpg366

    Hoover Gun Show

    Show is next weekend at the Hoover Met. Free parking.
  10. jpg366

    Scout rifles, looking for some input.

    7mm08 has better long range drop than .308, but with lighter bullets. I had a Rem 788 that shot .5 inch groups at 100 yds with reloads. OP seems to have shorter ranges in mind, so might be better off with .308 and it’s wider selection of factory ammo.
  11. jpg366


    I put a triangle folder on mine.
  12. jpg366

    cordless electric lawnmowers

    40v, 20 inch Ryobi is great.
  13. jpg366

    Mag block design

    Are any dimensional drawings available for an adaptor to allow a standard AR lower to use a glock 9mm magazine? The ones for sale seem pricey. Thanks.
  14. jpg366

    Mag block design

    Anyone know where I can get a look at dimensional drawings for the glock version of these? Thanks.