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  1. Recce 5.56, MCMR 15” free floating hand guard. Like I said I can only see one screw. I want to take it off to put a picatinny rail on it.
  2. Hello all, i just bought my first BCM complete rifle. I haven’t fired it yet as I’d like to clean it first, but I’m having some problems removing the hand guard. It’s a 15” M lock, and it will not budge. I took off the only retaining screw I could find, but maybe there’s something else? I’m not familiar with BCM’s. Does anyone know an easy way to remove it? Or am I just missing a screw or pin somewhere? I’d hate to start banging on it with a plastic mallet if there’s still something holding it in place. I’ve “heard” that they can be a bear to get off when they’re new. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks guys. I purchased this as a complete rifle from PSA. The cost between the 18 inch and 20 inch was very little... I sent the rifle back to PSA with targets and a detailed explanation of what was happening. I just got it back with a new barrel and so far as Im breaking it in its shooting much better. Its a bit early to tell for sure as Im only 20 rounds in and Im cleaning the barrel between each shot, but I think the problem may be solved... Thanks for the help!!
  4. Hello all, I have a PSA PA10 gen 2 20 barrel and I was wondering what I can do to make it more accurate? Im a bit of a noobie to the AR platform, so Im still learning a lot of the basics. I dont reload anymore but have thought about getting back into it. I know load is a huge accuracy factor, but for now Ive found the federal 175gr BTHP shoot the best. Still Im only getting 3.5 at 100yards AFTER the barrel warms up. When the barrel is cold the first 2 shots will be random 8-14 off center usually high left (The rifle is benched on a lead sled so I dont think Im pulling) I know cold/clean bore shots are always a bit different, but does this seem a little much? The only thing I did was put an adjustable gas block on it because of over gas issues... Any accuracy ideas would appreciated. Also does anyone know if BCM makes 308 barrels? This is for a different project and Im looking for barrel recommendations in this caliber. Thanks!!!!!!
  5. I will make sure theres no oil on the barrel nut and handguard. Yes, theres a shim, but maybe Ill try adding a couple washers too? To make it thicker, thus grip tighter? Ive painted witness marks on the screw heads and am sure nothings coming loose. I really think its just the shock of each shot bouncing it loose. Its a nice handguard and Id hate to replace it if I dont have to. Of course m lock would be nicer than the keymod it has.
  6. Hey guys, PSA ar15 (sku 516445152 in case you want to see it). Ive been having an issue with the free float handguard moving forward off the barrel nut. Originally it was thought it was because the locking screws were coming loose, but turns out theyre staying tight. I think its just the vibration from each shot thats some how causing it to move forward. Any thoughts on how I could make it more secure? I thought about maybe a different shim? Or wrapping the barrel nut with something so the handguard fits tighter? I saw a guy with a BCM at the range the other day. The handguard on that screwed to the barrel nut. Is an aftermarket one like that available? Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys, I have a connection at work to have engraving done, and I just had an AR dust cover custom engraved. Unfortunately because of the matte finish the machine was unable to color in the letters so theyre not showing up very well. Does anyone have any suggestions for easily painting each letter? I thought about taping off each one, but theyre so small its almost impossible to get the tape perfect. My art skills are about third grade, so the easier the better! Thanks!
  8. All screws have painted witness marks, as well as the scope tube in relation to its location on the mounts. Im pretty sure nothings moving there, but its possible. Ill try painting more marks and see if it is moving. Also Ill try what you suggested towtruck. Thanks guys!
  9. Hey guys, I have a PSA ar 10 with a Nikon P308 scope. Its zeroed with Federal 168gr BTHP. Recently I just put a box of Hornady 168gr A max through it. I expected the point of impact to be slightly different, but it was off 6. I thought this was a bit much, but I set the turrets and got it shooting on target. When I switched back to the federal and reset the turrets back to zero it wasnt even on the paper. Im thinking this is a defective scope? I was able to re sight in with the federals but why wouldn't it hold the zero originally set? Isnt the point of target turrets so you can move them when needed but bring them back to zero and be where you started? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  10. This super is a prime example of why drugs are bad.... Im sure CNN will pick the story up- the country faces a new lethal threat..... Assault rocks. Only Don Lemon-Head could say that with a straight face.
  11. And the psa is not consistent in distance or direction even with the same ammo. Some brass will almost just fall out, others will get thrown into the next county.
  12. Im currently using the buffer and spring that came with the ar10 lower. But I thought I would be ok with just the adjustable gas block. If the barrel is 12 oclock, both the dpms and psa are throwing brass at about 2 oclock, Im not sure if thats ok or not? The ar 10 was ejecting it around 1 oclock before I installed the adjustable block.
  13. Hello all, I have a PSA ar15 mid-length 16 barrel with collapsible stock, and a dpms ar15 16 heavy barrel mid-length with a standard stock. And a PSA ar10 20 mid-length with a collapsible stock. I was wondering if I should put a H buffer in any of them? Im relatively new to ARs and have heard its a good idea to upgrade the buffer. I had a pretty bad overgas problem with the AR10, so I put an adjustable gas block in it and tuned it per the gunsmiths instructions. Any other suggestions for general maintenance upgrades would be appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Yes, there's a shimmy between 2 screws. That's the only thing holding it on. I'm a bit of a torque freak, but I could never find a set number on how many inlbs they should be. So I tighten them as tight as i can get them with a straight handle driver, a few times I thought I was going to strip a screw. I always tighten them like heck because it's just those 2 screws holding everything in place. Like I said the witness marks never moved so they were tight the whole time. I also got to thinking I'm pulling the vertical grip into my shoulder so you would think that would also help in keeping it from creeping forward.
  15. Hello, I'm new so I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct place. I have a PSA AR-15 with a free floated hand guard, with a vertical grip on it. I noticed the other day when I was shooting it freehand the hand guard had walked forward 1/2-3/4". The 2 screws holding it on were still tight, with the witness marks still in-line. Any ideas why this happened and how to stop it? Thanks!
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