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  1. My level is lower than basic guys Anyway last Sunday was a lot of fun, so fun I forgot to take pictures . I was quite satisfied, after the first few shots, slightly outside the target, I succeeded in setting the optics and bullets started to flow where they're supposed to We were acting quite serious till the moving target was switched on, then was all boar templates exploding . Anyway I'm showing you my first target of the day. Please be comprehensive, it's my third time with a carbine
  2. Thank you for the kind words guys! Sorry for answering with a guilty delay... The next expense will be a good strap, my gunsmith is waiting a shipping from U.S. (hoping that the price won't be too high, here 30$ stuff can cost 100€... :no, no: ) This Sunday I hope to show you some good groupings from 50m and 100m , then I'll put the rifle in the safe till July (University exams... ). Stay safe guys!!!
  3. Ok, I've been to the range. To avoid shooting too much I took with me only 70 cartridges, not a goo idea but ok Anyway after the first 10 I realized that the optic was not enough tight so I had to fix it and start again (not my fault, it was mounted by my gunsmith). I was starting to set up the optic but after another 10 shots my rifle felt to the ground, this probably granted me 2/300 years of purgatory. Anyway some things have to happen at least once in life and all ended with a couple of little scratches but everything perfectly operative, it could go worse. Then some people arrived and as you can imagine started the "try mine, let me try your" stuff, so another 20 shots flied like this. With the last magazine I started to be serious, shooting group of 3. With only a sand cushion and without a laser. The grouping was quite good, usually 5 cm diameter circle, not perfect but enough for me. I had some issues centering the optic but with the last group I went very near, matter of centimeters. As you said the ghost effect was not an issue, and once focused, the optic at the lower magnification is centered with the front sight. I found it quite useful. At the beginning I felt the optic too "low", but once found the right length for the stock I started to feel it natural. So I think that I'm ok for now. Despite the scarce results today I had fun, and I met some good people, next Sunday I'll go shooting with a guy of my age (much more expert than me) that I met today, I hope we'll succeed having an optic perfectly centered! Feel free to let me know your thoughts! (Even the insults, I probably deserve them )
  4. Thank you guys!! Tomorrow I'll try to the range and I'll give the measurements you've asked. Actually when I rest my cheek in my natural way I've to lower a bit my head, so I'm more and more convinced that a riser is needed. Anyway I'll give you a report tomorrow so we'll decide the right spacer for me!
  5. Thank you everybody for the answers!! My cheek seems to rest fine, anyway let's give the final word to the range... I'm more convinced about a riser now (despite my gunsmith won't help me mounting it and probably won't sell me that nice Carl Gustaf m/96... ) , can you show me a couple of suitable models? Let's see what I can find here...
  6. Hi guys! I've bought an optic for my Colt (16" barrel), I wanted a simple red-dot but being more interested in stationary shooting I ended buying something slightly different , a Konus AS34 2X-6X28, don't know if it's good but it's certainly cool . We aligned the optic with the laser and this sunday I'll go to the range to adjust it, but the issue it's that the front sight (the triangle? we call it that way...) gives me a bit of ghost effect at 2X-3X. That effect disappear at bigger magnifications. How to solve it? I don't want to remove the triangle, the idea was a spacer but my trusted gunsmith (a quite old school guy ) is firmly against it... What do you think? My AR Do those guy cope with the ghost effect?
  7. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and new to black rifles, I bought a Colt Magpul M4 last week, and the reason why I bought one is easy: Direttiva 91/477/CEE, also know as "Eu gun ban", which will affect mainly "military type rifles". In theory is going to become an operative law in October/November. I would have preferred another type of firearm to be the first gun owned, but considering the situation is better to put in the cabinet what they are going to ban, hoping in a miracle to stop that law.
  8. Thank you guys! Next Sunday my gunsmith will give me a lesson about the M4 and will teach me the basic stuff, so let's start having fun with it! Anyway prepare yourself, because there are more stupid questions on the road
  9. So it's a LE6920! Considering that I paid 1400€ for it, I can be really satisfied
  10. Chromed, or not chromed, that is the question: [semi-cit.]
  11. ehmm, how do I recognize a Chrome lined barrel from a standard one? (sorry guys, I'm a newbie in black rifles world, I've only experienced relatives' hunting rifles and my father's Beretta and I have never gone through technical stuff, I study chemical engineering so I know what chrome lining is, how is done and why is done, but I don't know where to check if a barrel is chrome lined or not )
  12. Hi guys, I'm new to AR15s (and firearms in general XD), so sorry in advance for the silliness of my question XD Any Colt M4 experts here? I have some problems identifing mine. CE2000’s have a straight barrel, while LE6920’s have the predisposition for the M203 laucher, I’m right or wrong? Sorry our importers always make confusion... The gun’s serial is LE518xxx if it can be useful to somebody... Basically I bought a Colt Magpul M4 and nor the italian importer nor the gunsmith know if it's a CE2000 MPS-B or a LE6920 MPS-B being virtually the same... Except (maybe) for the barrel, and that's when you, American experts, enter the game
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