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  1. Charles1955

    Do you have black friends?

    While I'm in the mood to be honest, I am all the terrible things that people that don't look like me have called people (I won't list them all) for years. I am the one that pulling all the cards on fits. There are two things I am not. I am not a liar nor a hypocrite. It probably isn't really their fault but I think the current social climate has pushed people into trying to prove that they are on the side of everyone else that it has made most what I am not. I probably need to stop this or no one here will talk to be anymore either.
  2. Charles1955

    Do you have black friends?

  3. Charles1955

    Do you have black friends?

  4. Charles1955

    Do you have black friends?

    I don't even have any white friends and my family doesn't speak to me any more. I used to have friends of all kinds. Then I got crippled, had to quit working and had very little money compared to before and One by one, they fell to the wayside. I get along just fine with most people and do have acquaintances. I've come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people. Me and the rest of you guys. Before you say, "he's joking" I'm not.
  5. Charles1955

    .45 ACP dies

  6. Charles1955

    Hey Charles1955

    Was today my birthday? Aww shucks. Thanks guys!!! I owe everyone a range report on my and my wife's 2 ARs but I've been feeling slack for awhile.
  7. Charles1955

    Update on my wife's and my ARs

    I coulda used a Valium afterward............Or maybe before.
  8. Charles1955

    Update on my wife's and my ARs

    I have a bad habit of falling in the shower so that's out. Not a bad idea though. Have used the plastic bag thing at times with a handgun but I haven't seen a clear one big enough for a long gun. Maybe I need to look around some more.
  9. Charles1955

    Update on my wife's and my ARs

    If I don't find things quickly, the cats will play cat hockey with them. No telling where they end up when the hockey matches start.
  10. Charles1955


    If she ever decides to leave me, I'm just going to go too.
  11. Charles1955

    Update on my wife's and my ARs

    Now you tell me.
  12. Charles1955


    My wife is the one that got us started with this AR stuff.
  13. I just joined a week or so ago after I bought my wife a S&W15 Sport II and then she purchased me a Ruger AR556. She got the gunk cleaned from hers but mine just sat there. You see, I was peeved at mine for having an 8lb trigger while hers had a nice crisp 5lb or slightly less trigger. I debated what to do and finally after MUCH research I decided to get a Velocity 3lb drop-in. It came in Wednesday and Today I finally got the stuff out and cleaned and oiled mine up good. Checked the trigger with the gauge after that and yep, it was slightly over 8lb and creepy. Put things away for a bit to rest my old tired eyes and shaky hands. An hour or so later drug out a different set of things and went back to work. For someone that can see and doesn't shake, this is a 15 minute MAX job. For me not so much. about an hour later and dropping and losing darn near every part at least once, I got 'er done! That darned spring and detente in the upper grip are HARD to find. Now I have an oiled up, cleaned and shiny AR556 with a 3lb trigger no creap and a crisp break and a short take-up. WOOT WOOT!!! Weather still sucks here every day she's off and calling for a wintry mix tomorrow so looks like we'll have to wait some more. Thanks for reading.
  14. Mine work pretty good at times but other times they drive me crazy. I got my driver's license without glasses and read with only a 1.5 reading glasses. Most of my problem is a slight shake when trying to do tedious work and I am bad to drop things. Bad back has made me resort to shooting while sitting in a chair but I'm still busting caps. One day at a time.
  15. I'm still wandering around. I'll probably mosey by before long.