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  1. Well, when I got my Kimber Stainless Custom II in 2015, I also looked at a Colt ($1,600), a Springfield ($600), a Rock Island ($480). My budget was under $1,000....I wanted the Springfield until the salesman offered me the Kimber ($680 on Black Friday special)...in my opinion, the fit and finish as I handled the gun was closer to the Colt (maybe better) than any of the others....it felt, and still feels made of one solid piece of steel... I love it, shoots straight and true...looks good too!!!! even after just firing 200 rounds !!!! And after cleaning
  2. Got about 1,200 rounds through a Kimber Custom II Stainless.....no problems so far.....
  3. So, how do we go about buying one of these? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. All I know, now I’m looking and it seems most of the indoor ranges don’t allow steel case ammo.... Guess I’ll have to wait for good weather and the outdoor ranges to use that 1,000 rounds....oh, well, got a decent deal on 500 rounds of brass cased ammo so that’ll do for now...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. What about all the other categories, appellations (alphabet soup of letters!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Looks look me it will ship today or tomorrow....either way I’m down for Saturday or Sunday!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for saving me the trouble!!!!!!! I ordered it last Saturday!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yesterday I shot about 100 rounds....left side was great, but I will need to practice my shooting with both eyes open... Thanks for the vids bj139!!!..I will be practicing this next week....
  9. Barrel twist is 1:8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Newbie here, turns out not all ranges allow all ammo loads...so, which, are the most generally accepted loads.... Example, I just bought 1,000 rounds of Tula (steel case)....turns out the range I go to, won't allow it (damages back stop, so only allow brass)...woulda been nice to know before I got it!!!!! Is 55gr FMJ brass case the standard? What would I use the other loads for? .50gr to .77gr? XTAC, Soft Point, Steel Case, Zinc plated steel case, HP, JHP, JSP, Total Metal Jacket....seems endless!!!!!..what are the various uses and what is generally NOT accepted at indoor or outdoor ranges..... BTW, shooting these guns is an addiction!!!!.....seems the range is the only way I can now manage it!!!LLOL!!!!!
  11. Both FMJ, 55gr, Brass cased... Remington $169.50 Federal $149.75 Which to buy???
  12. THANKS!!!!...well, its simple!!!!.....I'm left eye dominant!!!....since I can't close my left eye anyway!!!
  13. Well, this might be a foolish question, but here goes!!! I'm a righty, but it is far easier for me to aim down my red dot optics on my left side!..... I can't close my right eye (so I aim with both eyes open on the right side)....but on the left side I can close my right eye and aim using my left eye, no problem!!!! Does this mean I'm a righty with left eye dominance???...is this normal???
  14. Well, today I picked up my New/Used AR15 (S &W MP15).....got to this forum thanks to a buddy (LONGIE). I bought my first handgun back in.....1994....had to sell it when I moved from PR to Chicago and there it went.....3 years ago I had finally moved to a suburb (wife, kid and dog!!!!) and Heller had come about, making my gun ownership, easier....Bought a 1911 (which I LOVE!!!!), later on a shotgun (home defense)......but in all truthfulness I still consider myself a newb...... Like others, I bought an AR because everyone said not to!!!!! ...(and I have a nasty feeling our hobby might someday become ....more than that....) Right now, I really want to concentrate on training !!!...oh, and I really want to learn to HUNT!!!!..... I'm on a couple of other forums (mostly lurking), but the whole mall ninja (all the TACTICAL talk!!!) thing turns me off, which is why I'm here....my buddy LONGIE says you guys are like family and no question is considered beneath the forum!!!!! Well, here I am...hope to learn and maybe, if lucky, might get to meet some of you all!!!!!
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