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  1. Alright, so I've seen a lot of confusion on why Glocks are numbered the way they are. Specifically, the new g45 which is a 9mm. Its actually pretty simple, all their model numbers are their patent numbers and they started adding the Xs to guns that were crossovers. I know short and simple but I'm just trying to clear up some confusion.
  2. Damn lot of officers and lot of suspects
  3. Now now boys lets not whip em out and have a measuring contest now
  4. I'd love to just dont have time for the 15hr round trip right now
  5. Mamma said dont play with your food so I dont draw
  6. I enjoy forged in fire too. Im very interested in metallurgy as it is.
  7. Damn not only do you have to live there you also have to deal with the freezing weathers. I'm not too far but the lowest its gonna get looks like -5
  8. Is there any brass you'd be willing to take for the 160s and 162s?
  9. Yep especially need to remember if just sitting down to anneal and not to hand prime which is usually when people put their glasses on. I can't remember if I was wearing glasses but it definitely made me remember to make sure I put them on when annealing.
  10. You know how everyone calls the .45 acp the "Lords caliber" and the 1911 shoots the 45acp and both were made in 1911 which is the same year that Reagan was born. I don't think its a very popular term it's something I kinda just made up
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