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  1. xSmokey

    Annealing Accident

    Yep especially need to remember if just sitting down to anneal and not to hand prime which is usually when people put their glasses on. I can't remember if I was wearing glasses but it definitely made me remember to make sure I put them on when annealing.
  2. xSmokey

    Missed me! Ronald Reagan humor

    You know how everyone calls the .45 acp the "Lords caliber" and the 1911 shoots the 45acp and both were made in 1911 which is the same year that Reagan was born. I don't think its a very popular term it's something I kinda just made up
  3. xSmokey

    Trump memes

  4. xSmokey

    Trump memes

    The "wait a minute whats going on?" got me
  5. xSmokey

    Trump memes

    The hell is a womean?
  6. xSmokey

    Trump memes

    Why do they get our hopes up?
  7. xSmokey

    Armory Challenge coins, get one while you can

    Last one?!?!?!?!
  8. xSmokey

    Missed me! Ronald Reagan humor

    I wish I coulda seen him as president, I understand Trump might be close but seeing him as pres woulda been awesome. Plus he was born in the "Lords Year" so what's not to like about him?
  9. xSmokey

    Just gonna leave this here.

    On the podcast that I posted about we like shooting one of the hosts made a mount for a dildo as a foregrip on his AR and called it the tactidong. But sadly he had to throw it away so his mother in law wouldn't see it while she was helping them move.
  10. xSmokey

    This forum and M4Carbine.net

    He articulated it the best.
  11. xSmokey

    50,000 posts

    Yall over here with 50k and I'm like I got 50.
  12. xSmokey

    Having A hard time Choosing

    Looks like the first deer's probably gonna get killed by the 7x57
  13. xSmokey

    Having A hard time Choosing

    well at this rate that'll be what I'm going with
  14. xSmokey

    brass trading

    I also have small quantities of rifle brass that I'll trade for 357 mag brass. 17: .270 win 33: .243 win 17: 300 blk 46: 7.62x39 17: 300 Win Mag