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  1. The Democratic mayor of Houston just cancelled the Republican Convention in Texas due to Corona Virus. He stated the convention would be a public health risk (demonstrations are ok tho). It will be interesting to see if this holds up!
  2. The media is reporting over 100,000 deaths from the covid-19 flu. I haven't seen any reports on the deaths from the seasonal flu which normally runs about 60,000. I guess no people died as a result of the regular flu this year.
  3. Yes it helps me. I have Osteo and it is supposed to only help Rheumatoid, but it does help my hips and back are much better since I started HCO about 3 months ago. Have your doctor give you sample of a cream called Pensaid. It is a miracle cream! I couldn't hold a glass with the pain in my thumb joint, but the Pensaid stopped all pain. It seems to be expensive. My Medicaid drug part D wanted a $1200 copay. So I keep asking my dr for samples.
  4. I take Hydroxychlorquine for my arthritis. Last month my prescription from Walmart was $37 I just filled the Rx again from Walmart for this month and the price has increased to $45. Go figure!
  5. Quick question Rampy, what chamber reamer do you suggest? The only one I am aware of costs $240 (more than a new barrel). If the op is only doing one rifle it wouldn't seem to me it would be feasible to purchase a chamber reamer. http://m-guns.com/tools.php
  6. Sorry if this is a repeat. I am having trouble with my computer today. It looks like they are trying it again this year. https://thenationalsentinel.com/2020/02/25/if-at-first-you-dont-succeed-virginia-senate-set-to-pass-seven-new-gun-control-bills/
  7. Since the OP is going to use a freefloating handguard that will presumably cover the gas block, it would be my suggestion to grind down the FSB to a low profile gas block size and re-install the "new" low pro gas block with the old pins then slide the handguard over it and go to town. The OP would end up with an extremely secure almost bomb proof gas block that way plus saving the cost of a new low pro. There are numerous videos on youtube showing how to grind it down.
  8. I am using the Streamlight Protac HL-X rail mount lights on three of my AR's and it works quite well. They also make one with a built in laser if that's your thing. These lights are compatible with scout type mounts such as the Arisaka for a perfect installation. https://www.streamlight.com/en/products/detail/index/protac-rail-mount-hl-x
  9. I think the Hiperfire Hypertouch 24C is what you seek. Check out the way it works here: https://www.hiperfire.com/product/hipertouch-competition/
  10. Would a faux suppressor that screws on to the end of the barrel work as a flash can? To throw the flash and muzzle flash from a short barrel downrange somewhat?
  11. About 6 months ago I received an ad from Primary Arms offering a lower from Matrix for about $35 with a free upper thrown in. I have built a 300 BO pistol with this set and the fit and finish is quite good. The roll mark says built by Matrix Aerospace Corp., Claremont, NH USA. I haven't seen any issues using this brand. Rick
  12. How would a Frangible style ammo work for HD? It seems it would be very effective, and destruct into a powder when it hits a barrier (like a wall). Please let me know your thoughts on this as I ordered some for my 9mm handgun today. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/575081/hevi-shot-hevi-duty-defense-ammunition-9mm-luger-100-grain-frangible-non-toxic-lead-free-box-of-50
  13. I have the Strikefire II red and green dot mounted on my dedicated 22lr AR and it works very well. I do understand the Strikefire is also available in red dot only which has a much brighter dot. I didn't find out about this until after I bought my red/green. On my home defense AR, I have the Primary Arms MD-ADS Red Dot sight. I absolutely love this red dot as it has a 50,000 hour battery life. I leave it turned on to medium all the time (one less thing to worry about). It has so far been turned on for about 2 years and no problems. I believe I paid about $160 for it. Check it out on Google and You Tube. All of the Primary Arms scopes have an excellent reputation. I believe their newer version of the MD-ADS even comes with a lifetime warranty.
  14. May I ask you what lower that is with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor rollmark? Would love to have one! Thanks Rick
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