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  1. I believe at 8.2in is the point where you get all the energy out of the powder charge without any energy going to waste. As far as accuracy goes, the 300AAC Blackout cartridge isn't meant to reach out all that far, so any accuracy difference would likely be negligible as long as you get a decent barrel. I was stuck on using an 8.2in barrel until I found this Faxon 9in barrel, MI 10in handguard, and VG6 Gamma 300BLK w/CAGE device. The barrel though has a beautiful nitride finish, NP3 barrel extension, and 1/8 twist with 5R rifiling, and it's WAY more accurate than I would've ever imagined. I wish I could say sub-MOA and such, but the fact is I've never actually measured, but I'll say at 200yds with a red dot and 3x magnifier, I can easily stay on the center of the target all day. Wish I could help with the SBR question, but I don't want to be wrong, best wait for some of the avid shooters who are already in to 'stamp collecting' for their SBR's and suppressors. Hope this helped, keep us updated, pics would be awesome as well. Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
  2. @Longhair, could you give me a model on any specific scope from that brand, possibly a link? I'm poor as well, so I'm all about quality for less coin. But this is just what I was looking for, thanks everyone. If there's anyone else with an experience or suggestion that they don't mind sharing, I'd be forever grateful. BTW, I don't mind the scope being around 12in, but anybody have any experience with optics such as the Firefield 2.5-10x40 rifle scope? Thanks again everyone, please keep the great advice and experiences Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
  3. Good Morning All!!! It's been a while since I have posted, which if anyone recalls I was having some AR pistol issues, well, my building has evolved since through a series of 6 other builds that went well, almost too well. I've got the AR pistol bug out of my system, and have since got the itch for something a little more precise and longer range than 7.5in - 11.5in barrels. My most recent build, an 18in SPR-type build has finally been completed. Of course though with me, no build is ever 'finished', as they're always changing, so my 'finished' referrs to it being built to the point of function, all necessary parts installed, but have reached a point I haven't really put much thought in to until now, optics. My AR pistols intended range hasn't called for anything fancy or with much magnification beyond a 3x or 5x magnifier. So I'm reaching out to those here who have likely been through more optics than I have even thought about for their suggestions, advice, and general guidance. What I'm looking for has to be budget-friendly, meaning around but not more than the $300 range. Intended use will be to reach out to the 300yrd range, possibly up to 600yds, largely just target shooting, for the time being. I've not yet had the need, urge, or won the lottery to feel a Nightforce, Leupold, or or other top teir optics. My thinking is around the 4x-14x and 1x-16x range, possibly a Primary Arms optic, Sig Sauer Whiskey 3, Bushnell, Nikon, or possibly a lower-end Vortex. So what I need from y'all is your culminated experience and advice to suggest a good, solid, well-balanced optic that I won't regret purchasing. As there are countless optics manufacturers out there which I don't have any experience with, some never even heard of. What are some good rifle scooes y'all have used fitting my criteria and have good experiences with, and whats your reasoning? I.E. Holds zero well, durable, good glass, great warranty, and so on. Lastly, I'm not really set on either a FFP or SFP, so both will be considered. Thank you everyone ahead of time, I'm really looking forward to your answers and suggestions to help me reach a decision that I'll be satisfied and proud to mount on my AR. P.S. I'll add more pics in a little bit when its a little brighter outside, and feel free to ask any questions about the build or anything else you'd like to know about the build. Ignore the optic currently mounted on it as it is off my 10/22 and really just for show. Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
  4. Be nice if we all lived in Candyland and could simply 'walk' to fix a simple mistake, but our government sits here with us on Terra Firma, where one strike and you're OUT, of luck that is when your life is threatened, so you get to die because of a mistake, seems the gov't is favoring the criminals now. Of course crime flourishes, so do all the uniforms in proximity to them. Gov't doesn't give a shat unless they can make a profit, and a murder trial draws much more capital than a self-defense trial, silly me...
  5. Ya, the path that only the wealthy and connected can walk. Your average citizen does not have the means of restoring his rights, be real. Have you looked in to that 'Path' at all in reality?
  6. Ok, how about if an 18yr old doing what most 18yr old's do, gets caught up making a stupid mistake, which I'm sure we've all done in some form or another, and is now charged with a felony drug possession charge on his record for stupid shat he did when he was still a child, basically. Now he's grown up and moved on in life, is oh, 30-something now with a growing family, but wait, he can't have a firearm to protect himself and his family, for an action he grew out of before he even knew what he was doing. Now he has to be defenseless in this crazy-ass 'Active Shooter' society and be preyed on by criminals who don't care what law says what? bullshat I say... One size fits all punishments are crap, and telling someone who's only real crime was curiosity that he can't defend his family from the intruders who can easily kill him and his family with firearms they likely aren't supposed to possess either. Taking away rights shouldn't happen, except on individual judgments. I love this country with all that I am, but our judicial system is sad and outdated, like the politicians that run it. There's my 2 cents, let the firestorm commence...
  7. I feel your pain more than I care to share, just know that you're still sitting slightly cozier than I, at least your crap-fest has a light at the end if the tunnel. I've yet to find any way out of my 'hole', in fact, I'd probably fit in my figurative hole physically, too bad IDK where it's at, that'd be the life after death problem solved at least. Just laugh, being all bummed and down doesn't help at all, and it'll make you feel better, especially when you overcome the BS that is LIFE!!!
  8. Ya, ordered 2 MBT-2S about a week ago, its anyones guess when they'll arrive, but they've yet to even have a home, but I'm sure they'll come in to their own over time, like the SPR I'm barely starting thats currently a stripped upper, charging handle, BCG, and SOLGW 16.45in M-LOK handguard, LoL. Anyways... Trashcan, what websites have you been looking at for prices, if you don't mind me asking? I, and others as well, could probably recommend a few sites that will likely save you some $$. Funds may not be an issue, but if you spend less on a handguard, thats more $ for a barrel, for example.
  9. The upper itself doesn't matter a whole lot, as long as its made from 7075-T6 and it has M4 feed ramps, you're G2G. Unless you want a spider logo, Spikes, or are particular about the T-Marks on the top-rail being there, or even whitened, any mil-spec upper will due ya. Hell, you don't even need the forward assist, although good to have, I guess. I like my flatside upper, personally. To each their own though, what I like or works for me, may not for you. Same goes for everything else out there, we're all different, stuff like T-Marks I couldn't care less about, some wouldn't have an AR without it.
  10. Thats freaking hilarious, LMAO. Wonder if was a joke or he's for real? If it's for real, I either doubt he's married, or has 2 diswashers. I mean I technically do the same, except my 'dishwasher' is my 2 hands, dishwasher is a luxury, I'd rather build another upper, I'm no stranger to manual labor, LoL
  11. I seen that as well, but haven't read the Oak Ridge testings yet. But all that is lab-setting I believe, we live in the real world, where shat happens and who-knows WTF could happen. That's why I'll stick with my Magpul K2+ grip with the lube bottle core. Hell, Anderson could be right, IDK, everything I've learned up to this point says to 'oil your gun', and that hasn't done me wrong, and I see no reason to change that. Nor do I want to spend an exponential amount of extra $$ on something I'd likely oil anyways? I'd LOVE to hear from someone with experience with Anderson's RF85 to laugh at me and say 'oil is out', but until then, just about every forum I've read/been involved in, everyone will tell you not to run your gun dry.
  12. I firmly agree on building it yourself part. Of course, when all is put together correctly and you have cycling issues or something, the man in the mirror is your customer service dept. I also am skeptical about Anderson's RF85 coating. Regardless, I still oil my DLC BCG, and my WMD NiB-X BCG, so there's no 'miracle coating' that mitigates friction, keep that in mind too. Adams Arms has a carrier with and integrated gas key, I have the reduced weight one, which means no worrying about your gas key coming loose ever, and easier to clean as well, love them as well. Check out this trigger as well. I've only recently ordered 2, have yet to use it myself, but I've read a couple hundred great reviews on many sites, even talked to people who stand by it, and at less than half the cost of Geiselle, or most any aftermarket trigger, it couldn't hurt to try. https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tactical-mbt-2s-trigger/
  13. Very true, but read all you can, I've read countless articles on PewPew and like sites and still do. General rule of thumb is stick with the well-known manufacturers, BCM being one of the best, and you generally can't go wrong. Heck, Anderson has done as well as any other brand IMO, and they're considered standard or basic. Main reason I mentioned CrypticCoatings is their ease of cleaning, its wipe, wipe, DONE. No solvents, no tools, no scrubbing, just SWEET BCG's. Some say they even cycle smoother, but I've yet to invest in a JP Silent Capture Spring to really notice the difference between carriers, I hate spending forever cleaning, due to shooting frequently and having multiple guns to clean, haven't even had to SCRAPE the carbon off the bolt tail yet, after roughly 1k rounds, but with regular cleaning. What REALLY is gonna kill the budget is your optic, they go well past $1,000 pretty easily, while that isn't necessary for a good, quality optic. Even Magpul BUIS are almost $100, unless ypu catch them on PSA for $49.99, if so, order 3 pair or more because they'll be of use. But just so we understand correctly, this will be mainly a range toy, so to speak?
  14. Amen, I was the same way, fair warning, its addicting, like LEGOs for grown-ups, LoL. But the 6.5 Creedmoor, is what I'm guessing you're referring to, will be on an AR10 platform, while the Grendel will work on an AR15. For longer ranges, you'll definitely want a decent 2-stage trigger, IDK if the Timney you mentioned was 1 or 2 stage. May also consider a ambidextrous charging handle, you won't regret it. As for BCG, 8620 carrier is the normal, and mil-spec I believe, the bolt though look for C-158 or 9310. The coating is what its all about though, IMO, after the materials mentioned are there. Personal opinion, a DLC is the way to go, check out www.CrypticCoatings.com, expensive, yes, but again, IMO, worth every penny. And for your barrel, check out Ballistic Advantage barrels, not much more usually, if purchased from the right place, and come with a sub-MOA guarantee. Sorry, have a habit of skimmimg, my apologies, should've just asked if I'm sure I can read...
  15. Not a bad idea. You say this will be your first build? Do you have any previous AR15, or any firearm experience? Doesn't matter too much, just try to get an idea of all the different parts out there before you start, and it helps knowing what you want too. It'll save you $$ in the end, which can be used on another build, LoL. Also, you building to build, or will this AR have a specific purpose? I.E. Home defense, hunting, 3-gun tournaments
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