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    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    Red....you might also want to keep your eye on the sales areas on larger gun forums like Sniper's Hide, ARfcom and M4 carbine ..guys are forever selling and trading up, etc. You can snag some awesome deals that way.

    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    While for reasons of OPSEC I can not divulge more than I already have posted on my "About Me" on my Profile (which is easy enough to find and read - yes, I am kidding about OPSEC)....but all you need to know about me has already been openly posted....please read it. But, I can share a brief video of what we are training for:

    Good Morning!

    Happy Tyr's Day, named for the Nordic God of War.

    BCM's New HQ - Video

    He really has, it has been a real struggle for him and he has wanted to for quite some time. I'll be taking some more classes with him next Fall and I'm looking forward to hearing what he did (assuming he keeps it off until then). The Battle of the Bulge when you hit 50+ is a tough one.

    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    Here's another vote for the VORTEX line of red dots. They are reasonably priced, solid quality, and of course have VORTEX's world-class warranted support. Coming down from there, you might want to take a look at Primary Arms offerings. PA is a great company to deal with and I think he would be very happy and this would be a great place to start. I saw some problems with HOLOSUN in the very early days of the company, but in the past number of years, they seem as solid as any other. The folks coming through the facility where I train a lot run them routinely on their ARs and they hold up as well as anything else. I think a guy just starting out won't be ready to even appreciate a higher quality red dot optic system, and will be happy as a clam with VORTEX or HOLOSUN RDS products. Since you mentioned Academy, they do carry the Bushnell RDS in an AR mount. It is cheap, in every sense of the word, the optical clarity is not the best, but ... if he is just starting out and $$ is the key issue here, it is a good place to start. While you can buy just the optic for $50 sometimes on super-sales, you will need a mount for it so that is going to nudge the price up...I'm referring to this model.

    New rules

    Is it a timed drill? And when you say, all in the black, anywhere in the black, or in a particular ring area?

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    OK then...

    43 Full Auto Firearms in Ten Minutes

    I was pretty curious about that too. Those weapons represents a boatload of firearms, and perhaps they had folks offer them their personal weapons to include in the video. the Vector's cyclic rate never ceases to amaze me.

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    Glad you were able to recover the Gat. What's with the "1oz silver coin go into my ball cap"?
  10. Enjoy! He about knocked himself over with the Kris Vector.

    The Langdon Elite LTT Beretta 92

    If you ever get to shoot a Beretta 92 that has Langdon's trigger work on it, I think you will be mightily impressed. I know what you mean about the stock trigger on a COTS 92.

    EMP report : Im going to live with the Amish!

    Can we all agree that the finest documentary ever made concerning Area 51 is this one?

    Is the site loading slow for anyone else??

    At home now, and it's zooming along with my 100 mgb connection in my house. No issues.

    Trijicon RMR / ACOG Mount

    Vickers is a huge advocate for this very same thing. He loves to say, "Speed is fine, accuracy is final." Totally agree with you. You push yourself as fast as you can until your accuracy becomes unacceptable, or if you are getting combat effective groups, speed it up until the groups open up again. It's a balance. I see guys straining to put each round into the same hole on the paper, because they are used to static, slow, take-your-time, Fudd stuff at the local range (which has its place and is fun), but then they have to get themselves challenged to push faster while maintaining acceptable accuracy.