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  1. Here is a good article about training scars and how to overcome them. How do you help folks overcome them and how do you overcome them in yourself?
  2. What are your favorite AR drills? I like to begin a range session with a thorough review of the fundamentals: safety manipulation, reloads, malfunction drills, etc. then work on accuracy drills, and increase the temp to the point that my groups open up and then slow it back down. I begin close, on paper, at 7 yards, and step it back to 25, or actually, move back until I hit that "failure" point again, etc. I ran this drill today at the gun club and it kicked my butt, no lie, the "Triple 5" ... really a great drill, fun, and really forces you to focus on accuracy, and gets you out of a comfort zone, where you just get used to static range shooting, etc.
  3. The cool thing about this demonstration video is that he is shooting a 1:8 chrome lined barrel from a Stag rifle, non-free floated rail, with an 8x scope and a mil-spec AR trigger. Check out the groups he is getting, particularly with the one load. Cloverleafed it at 100 yards. So, the next time you hear somebody trying to claim that a chrome-lined barrel is inherently less accurate....just show them this. One of the really dumb moves HK has made is not chrome-lining the HKMR556. Enjoy.
  4. My LGS buys collections of firearms so whenever I'm there I take a look in their used gun cabinet. He prefers to buy out collections, etc. Apparently a 90+ year old dentist died last year and was a gun collector. He liked to buy them and not shoot them but just enjoyed having them. His son sold his entire collection to the gun store and when I went in yesterday to pick up some things that had come in for FFL transfer I found this interesting revolver in the display case, in the original box, with paperwork and inspection papers. I got it for $300 out the door, and he waved the transfer fee on one of the long guns I was picking up ($35), so score! It is a Harrington & Richardson Defender 38 Double Action-Model 25. It is chambered for 38 S&W and holds five rounds. It is a top-break revolver, which has always kind of intrigued me. The price was very good and I did some research on it in the store while waiting for my transfers to go through, comparing selling prices on Gunbroker. It appears to be in nearly 100% condition with none of the tell tale signs of being fired much, if at all, in fact, it has the original packing grease on the cylinder, the bore is mirror bright. I could not pass it up. Apparently H&R made these for a number of years and ramped up production quite a bit during WWII and they were purchased and used by security guards and other non-essential military personnel in foreign militaries. It's just a real cool, funky revolver. The double action trigger weight feels like it is around 15 pounds, seriously, it is a beast in DA, SA is not bad, probably around 6-7 pounds. The sights are completely adjustable, front for elevation and rear for windage. I found great information on the HR Defender 38 here. Based on my research so far, apparently H&R top break revolvers are regarded as some of the finest, if not the finest, top breaks ever made in the USA. What pushed me over the edge was the date it was made: December 7, 1942. I just thought that was kind of cool. Here are a few pics below and here is the link to the whole IMGUR photo album I just made for it. Now I have to find some 38 SW and get it out to the gun club.
  5. This is genius! Pure genius. https://i.imgur.com/1lN8PcQ.mp4
  6. Enjoy! He about knocked himself over with the Kris Vector.
  7. I watched Mr. GunsNGear's review of the latest version of the EOTech XPS series, the EXPS-3, and picked up a little "detail" I had missed elsewhere. After the kerfuffle with L3 and the US government, the $25 million dollar settlement, the rework on the optic, etc. SOCOM put it through another optic trial where they put it up against other major optic options out there (like Aimpoint) and which optic came out on top....yup EOTech. I've been an Aimpoint guy for a long time, but I'm really warming up quickly to the EOTech. I had tried it several times before and just didn't like it as much as my single red of the Aimpoint, but ... the green reticle now available is a whole new ball game for me.

    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    Red....you might also want to keep your eye on the sales areas on larger gun forums like Sniper's Hide, ARfcom and M4 carbine ..guys are forever selling and trading up, etc. You can snag some awesome deals that way.

    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    While for reasons of OPSEC I can not divulge more than I already have posted on my "About Me" on my Profile (which is easy enough to find and read - yes, I am kidding about OPSEC)....but all you need to know about me has already been openly posted....please read it. But, I can share a brief video of what we are training for:

    Good Morning!

    Happy Tyr's Day, named for the Nordic God of War.

    BCM's New HQ - Video

    This came across my YouTube subscriptions ... I found it interesting, particularly the "100% inspection" on their critical parts and components. I wonder how many AR "manufacturers" out there do this? I use "manufacturer" in quotes because we all know that most AR "makers" are sourcing their parts from various vendors. Anyway...you might find this interesting.

    BCM's New HQ - Video

    He really has, it has been a real struggle for him and he has wanted to for quite some time. I'll be taking some more classes with him next Fall and I'm looking forward to hearing what he did (assuming he keeps it off until then). The Battle of the Bulge when you hit 50+ is a tough one.

    Looking to buy inexpensive red dot

    Here's another vote for the VORTEX line of red dots. They are reasonably priced, solid quality, and of course have VORTEX's world-class warranted support. Coming down from there, you might want to take a look at Primary Arms offerings. PA is a great company to deal with and I think he would be very happy and this would be a great place to start. I saw some problems with HOLOSUN in the very early days of the company, but in the past number of years, they seem as solid as any other. The folks coming through the facility where I train a lot run them routinely on their ARs and they hold up as well as anything else. I think a guy just starting out won't be ready to even appreciate a higher quality red dot optic system, and will be happy as a clam with VORTEX or HOLOSUN RDS products. Since you mentioned Academy, they do carry the Bushnell RDS in an AR mount. It is cheap, in every sense of the word, the optical clarity is not the best, but ... if he is just starting out and $$ is the key issue here, it is a good place to start. While you can buy just the optic for $50 sometimes on super-sales, you will need a mount for it so that is going to nudge the price up...I'm referring to this model.

    New rules

    Is it a timed drill? And when you say, all in the black, anywhere in the black, or in a particular ring area?

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    OK then...

    43 Full Auto Firearms in Ten Minutes

    I was pretty curious about that too. Those weapons represents a boatload of firearms, and perhaps they had folks offer them their personal weapons to include in the video. the Vector's cyclic rate never ceases to amaze me.

    It’s monday & Springfields don’t float.

    Glad you were able to recover the Gat. What's with the "1oz silver coin go into my ball cap"?
  18. I've become a big fan of the Langdon LTT Elite series of Beretta M9 handguns, and have two of them and enjoy shooting them a lot and I do better with them than any other type of handgun. Here's a great video on the Langdon LTT Elite Beretta 92, he gives the ins/outs of the handgun with Langdon's fantastic mods. The trigger in both DA/SA is amazing. Mr. Guns 'N Gear has a great video on the perception that Beretta M9 sucks...really spot-on. I've really enjoyed putting now about 2500 rounds through my Langdon LTT Elite and it is has performed flawlessly, all I've done to it is relubricate at this point. Here are my two Langdon LTT Elites: My best group at 25 yards, that red dot is a 1" dot. I was shooting it from a rest with a bean bag for support to get as much of "me" out of the shot.

    My New Colt M4A1 SOCOM

    I found these available from Charlie's Custom Clones and picked up a couple of them. They are *almost* identical in everywhere to what the issue M4A1 Carbine, with the one notable exception being no pew-pew-pew switch. Apparently COLT cranks out small batches of these every so often. Comes with complete KAC rail sytstem, KAC VFG and shorter rail section for it, etc. (Not shown). Several interesting things about it. The FSB does not have the F mark on it, and the BCG has no C mark on it. I was surprised that it has an ambi safety. As you will see below the roll mark is nice and crisp. The upper has the "square" mark on it for Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises. I put one of the latest generation EOTECHs on it, the Green Retical model and it is fantastic. I much prefer the green over the red, for me, it is far easier to pick up. The 1 MOA center dot really allows for precise shooting. I zeroed it at 30 yards and put the last string of zeroing shots (five rounds in a .75" group, which is good enough, particularly considering the typically horrible mil spec trigger). I thought I had forgot lube for it so shot it only with the factory oil on it until I found some grease.

    The Langdon Elite LTT Beretta 92

    If you ever get to shoot a Beretta 92 that has Langdon's trigger work on it, I think you will be mightily impressed. I know what you mean about the stock trigger on a COTS 92.

    EMP report : Im going to live with the Amish!

    Can we all agree that the finest documentary ever made concerning Area 51 is this one?

    Is the site loading slow for anyone else??

    At home now, and it's zooming along with my 100 mgb connection in my house. No issues.

    Trijicon RMR / ACOG Mount

    Vickers is a huge advocate for this very same thing. He loves to say, "Speed is fine, accuracy is final." Totally agree with you. You push yourself as fast as you can until your accuracy becomes unacceptable, or if you are getting combat effective groups, speed it up until the groups open up again. It's a balance. I see guys straining to put each round into the same hole on the paper, because they are used to static, slow, take-your-time, Fudd stuff at the local range (which has its place and is fun), but then they have to get themselves challenged to push faster while maintaining acceptable accuracy.

    Special Air Mission 41

    AF1 is an impressive sight. My home town was visited after we got blasted by a hurricane. We went out to see the President at the Navy Base and it was a wonderful feeling of care and concern. The media makes light of such things, but they matter.