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  1. MRSpivey

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
  2. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Written update... Decided on a RA-140 SST Fire Control Group with anti-walk pins ($118 free shipping). Received today and installed with normal safety and Magpul grip. Functional necessities remaining to get are the BCG, sights (which I may pull from my 12GA, regular Magpul pop-up sights), and Mag. Out of curiosity I weighed it and right now it's at exactly seven (7) pounds.
  3. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Garage/Man Cave
  4. I wonder if it was Go/No Go tested.
  5. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Bit of an update: Upon cleaning and close inspection of the parts received (PSA Lower and Gorilla Upper and Handguard) I discovered some blemishes. First off, I have to say that Gorilla Machining has the best customer service I've ever experienced! My Gorilla replacements are due to arrive Saturday. Palmeto State Armory was a PITA. The service Rep, when I finally got a response, was somewhat like too bad for you since I accepted it from the FFL. He basically said let us know if you have a physical issue with the assembly. I was somewhat relentless, not that imperfections are major blemishes, since it's a matter of principal and how the PSA Warranty is written. I've seen Lower Blems sell for $10 less than I paid with customers saying they couldn't find any blemishes. The Rep finally relented and is supposed to be sending me a card good for $4 (10% off is supposedly the best he could do, yeah... right) on my next purchase. Coating came off on cotton rag with WD-40 cleaning: Imperfection on Mag housing above and slightly right of PA-15:
  6. MRSpivey

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all!
  7. MRSpivey

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
  8. MRSpivey

    Another Cool SR-71 story. Buzzing the tower.

    I've always loved the SR-71!
  9. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Just a little ahead of schedule. I ended up utilizing PayPal Credit for a $121 purchase which is interest free for six months (since it was greater than $100). That will get squared away in January. I also used it for a couple of other purchases totaling $98, which will be paid off when billed later this month. From what I can tell, VHT has very similar properties as Duracoat and Cerakote (spray-n-bake). Since I didn’t buy a top of the line barrel it doesn’t bother me to experiment. Also, if it doesn’t work out I can always get it sand blasted and redone or buy a better barrel (the latter being the most likely case). Proof will be time and range performance.
  10. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Thank you. Confirmed my reservations! Oh, wife comes outside “What are you doing with the grill?” Me “Baking a barrel.” Wife shake head and goes back inside. LOL
  11. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Getting closer... Ordered a PSA Magpul STR lower kit yesterday. Today I put the barrel nut on and Gas Block. Doing some prep work and high temperature coating which will be followed with heat cure. More pics later this week of barrel assembly. Question: Should I polish the upper feed ramps? I’m concerned a bit that if I were to do that, it may remove some of the coating. I don’t want to degrade the hardness provided by the coating if polishing the ramps would do that.
  12. MRSpivey

    Good Morning!

    Good morning! TGIF!!!