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  1. And more people climbed on board the stupid train.
  2. MRSpivey

    A shot in the junk

    Oof. If charges are pressed, talk about adding insult to injury...
  3. I will say the following: + The person was justified in shooting the intruders. + The grandfather was more than likely speaking while grief riddled and may very likely feel differently. +The press was involved... need not say more. So sad that the lives of so many were adversely impacted by stupidity and lack of respect. Hopefully the publicizing of this event will cause others to be deterred from similar criminal activity in the future! If not, perhaps through natural selection things will improve.
  4. I would have emptied my 12 GA with 00 Buck on them. Let's see 9 x 8 = 72 projectiles. Guess that would be more unfair than three shots. Yet another person trying to demonize a citizen for protecting himself and his property (and perhaps the lives of others). Yeah... unfair... three masked Intruders against one. Pft.
  5. MRSpivey

    Another hate crime hoax

    Smollett, at a minimum, should be brought up on charges of filing a false police report, pay restitution to the police for every man hour spent, fired, and be ostracized.
  6. MRSpivey

    Another hate crime hoax

    And the media went for it hook, line, and sinker!
  7. MRSpivey

    Another hate crime hoax

    Figures... Pft.
  8. MRSpivey

    replacing cotter pin

    The best luck I've had is putting it in with the split being verticle. I do it with needle nose pliers and give it a little wiggle (rotationally) while pushing it in while simultaneously depressing the firing pin. Even then I've had some put up some resistance.
  9. MRSpivey

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    FYI - here is a link on pining a muzzle device.
  10. MRSpivey

    A brief history of the last 10 years of NRA

    With that reasoning/rationale, then we can’t count on them unless they see it as “winnable”. What about taking a hard stand for what is right regardless of how they “read the tea leaves”? I would rather them live and die like sharks than jellyfishes.
  11. MRSpivey

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    To be legal you need to have it welded. So, yes it was welded into place. One thing you may need to pay attention to is that the pin position on the new muzzle device is very likely to not line up with the other device position. Given that, you may need to drill a seat for the new pin location.
  12. MRSpivey

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    I'm not an expert gunsmith. In all of the pined muzzle devices I've encountered they have been welded. I've ground down the welding, located the center of the pin, used a punch to create a starter divot, and carefully drilled out the pin.
  13. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Well... several problems. First is it’s totally wet and saturated from rain here and it’s still raining. Second is it’s going to take a temperature plunge to around 20 degrees. Third is I don’t have any Ammo or money to buy any right now.
  14. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Finally finished with the build! Now the sad wait to shoot it...
  15. MRSpivey

    Gillett razor

    They lost me as a customer!