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  1. I'm not an expert but a quick search showed: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colt_AR-15#History https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Colt_AR-15_%26_M16_rifle_variants#Colt_civilian_models
  2. MRSpivey

    Democrats in VA....Say Piss Off

    I appreciate sarcasm
  3. I've already been contacting my government officials for some time now. I hope it doesn't have to come down to a second revolutionary war within our own country. However, if it does I'll will fight for the Constitution and freedom.
  4. And they need to know this is a small fraction of the Country's 2A supporters.
  5. Pic taken a little after 9AM by a friend that's at the Rally
  6. Of course Gov. black face will spin either promoting himself.
  7. 40 years ago I was a Democrat. I saw the party going to hell in a hand basket and switched to Republican. The only reason I claim any party association at all is to vote in the primaries. I actually don’t see myself as any particular party and would be fine if the party system was abolished. I may be wrong but I don’t believe this party system was in place with our founding fathers.
  8. I'm building my first 9 mm PCC. It will have a 7.5 inch barrel, a 15.7 ounce direct blowback bolt, a standard carbine spring, and a SBA3 brace w/mil-spec tube. Utilizing a mil-spec AR lower with EndoMags. I have a 6.8 oz buffer and a H2 buffer. Which buffer should I start with? Should I also get a spacer for the back of the tube?
  9. Update: All parts received and gun built. The Bolt ended up weighing ~14.4 oz (advertised as 15.7 oz.). The H4 buffer was solid (it also was only 6.1 oz verses the advertised 6.8 oz) so I sent it back. I ended up going with a H3 buffer weighing ~5.7 oz. So combined weight was about 20 oz. I went with a JP flat buffer spring and used a custom built donut spacer at the back end of the buffer tube (~0.48" additional spring compression with allowing buffer travel into the spacer). It's initial Range Day went fantastically. Shot very flat, very soft recoil, no casing indications of premature extraction, and good ejection. LRBHO also worked flawlessly. Looking forward to getting more Range time in to see how it is with many more rounds sent down range.
  10. I think I may have found the "intelligence" Gov. black face was referencing: https://www.mediamatters.org/4chan/extremists-have-used-4chan-mobilize-and-threaten-violence-over-gun-safety-legislation
  11. I don’t see how he can violate existing VA law as well as the Constitution. I do see this ploy as an act on his part, to alleged “intelligence” (prove it Gov. black face), attempting to enlist the assistance of the Guard. This treasonous coward should be charged with sedition and ousted from office.
  12. MRSpivey

    67yrs young and i want one

    Welcome! I agree with the two previous posts. Personally, I opted to put my own together about this time last year. My first AR at 58 years old. I’ve now just finished my third! My first was an 18” barrel Special Purpose Rifle (with a 1-6x 24mm Scope), second was a 16” barrel “battle rifle”, and 3rd was a 9mm PCC with a 7.5” barrel utilizing EndoMag magazine conversion. Regardless of which route you decide, they are great fun.
  13. MRSpivey

    Michael Drejka Found Guilty of

    Observations from the video: A larger formidable man physically acted upon a lesser. Lesser, with gun drawn, did not try to defuse the situation. Man with gun acted after a bit of a delay. My takeaways: If you are in fear of your life you draw and shoot immediately. If you are in a situation like that, collect your wits and take cover. Let the offender have a chance to leave. If the offender makes additional threatening moves, eliminate the threat! But then again, I use to be a LEO.
  14. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    This is going to be a long term project since I only have $200 a month to put toward it, which includes buying the tools and ancillary products. I plan on having it completed by August 2019. I am going for a mid-range build since doing a high-end one would take at least two years. What I’m doing is somewhat of a Recce/DMR hybrid build (CQB to 600 yards abilities). Currently, once all is said and done, I will have a $2'675 investment in weapon, tools, and initial ammo. I’m a rookie so your input is more than appreciated! My first piece just arrived! A Bear Creek Arsenal .223 Wylde stainless steel 18” heavy profile barrel with 1:8 rifling (50 GR - 77 GR bullets, mainly 62 GR), mid-length gas port, vertical fluting, and M4 feed ($104.29). I will add all of my planned parts in the following post (and Pics as I go).
  15. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    He knows how to shoot. I took him to an indoor range about three months ago. Both last time and this time I started him out on a 22LR. He can hit the target... I think he just decided to waste ammo to hear the bang. Kinda like setting off big firecrackers. The part that really pissed me off was that without asking he loaded up an additional two Mags worth and just wasted them which left me without ammo to get my iron sights set on my 18" (he was shooting the 16" after I had got it sighted).
  16. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Yes indeed! Took son-in-law to the range with me. Dang boy was shooting at the ground at times. I had to keep reminding him that each bang was $0.30. He acted like he didn't care. Needless to say, that's going to be his last range visit on my money. He sent me a text last night about going again and my reply was "If you have $70 and four hours afterwards to clean guns, sure!" His response "[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]". Dick!
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    First Ever AR and Build

    Edited below.
  18. MRSpivey

    First Ever AR and Build

    Now I have two complete AR rifles! Went to the range and both now have 100 rounds shot each. Zeroed 18" scoped rifle at 100 yards and 16" red dot rifle at 50 yards. Adjusted buffer weight in both to achieve 3 o'clock ejection with American Eagle XM193. 18" accuracy was less than 1 MOA and 16" accuracy was less than 2 MOA. This is "as seen" on the one inch grid targets because the range was too busy to retrieve and measure their performance.
  19. MRSpivey

    Midway USA sucky Customer Service (Again)

    I've never tried that approach. I usually know what a really good price is for what I'm buying. I've only dealt with OP for a little over a year now. They've always been great to deal with (from my experience), even if it wasn't their fault.
  20. MRSpivey

    Midway USA sucky Customer Service (Again)

    Optics Planet has always treated me right! Just recently I received a Del-Ton Essential Parts Kit that was short an o-ring. I called them and asked if they could just put an o-ring with another item that's on order and waiting to be shipped. Their response, they have shipped me another Kit at no charge. That's customer service way above and beyond!
  21. MRSpivey

    Anderson Lower Parts Kit with Stainless FCG

    Yeah... I've got to get my CC payed off then buy another stripped lower to finish my second AR-15. For now the lower I have completed has to pull double duty.
  22. MRSpivey

    Anderson Lower Parts Kit with Stainless FCG

    Have any of you tried Gorilla Maching? http://www.gorillamachining.com/Gorilla-Machining-AR-15-223556-Complete-Lower-Parts-Assembly-kit-Gen-2-NiB-Coated_p_524.html I've had good results with them and when I did experience a problem they had phenomenal customer support.
  23. MRSpivey

    I'm a dummy. How do I tell an ALG trigger from OE?

    Couldn't you quickly tell by pivoting the upper open?