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  1. Venture

    EMP report : Im going to live with the Amish!

    It would be interesting to see what a EMP would do to cell phone towers. I would think that any that were nearby would be toast. Would taking out a handful impact the cell tower grid as a whole or just isolate a small area? A comms black out on civilians would probably have a huge impact on daily life. People are too connected and without the instant messaging capability I would be interested to see how people react. Black out comms were/are a big thing in Ukraine and I have heard that Russians train for it to a good extent. I do know from experience that a few cell towers being taken down can isolate a whole region. Wasn't in America so infrastructure wasn't near as redundant but with most cell phone carriers piggy backing off each others towers here, who knows.
  2. Venture

    M855A1 - Defeats Russian Level IV Armor?

    I remember getting this ammo on all my deployments to some degree. The worst part about it for us was we never got enough to be able to carry an actual combat load with it. Too little was brought down to us and we couldn't even use it. The ammo requires it own zero obviously so we couldn't mix it in even. As for effectiveness I never go to see it actually used because of that. The US Army SF guys recently adopted the new URGI uppers to deal with the issues it gives. Barrels are supposed to be able to withstand the increased wear from the round. Even with regular component Soldiers having no where near the round counts of SF I would like to see what that does to barrels, especially since a lot of guys are carrying crusty rifles that have seen way to much wear to begin with.
  3. Venture

    Pick a state to live in

    North East Georgia is where my roots are, the foothills and the woods. I'd live there again if I move out of Colorado. Colorado is where I am now and can't convince myself to leave. The mountains offer an escape that the south east doesn't quite have in my opinion. If I could have the dream, Montana or similar. Wide open and could be away from everything, wouldn't even mind the weather at this point. If I ever found myself sort of money and didn't care, brick farm in Afghanistan. Instant money and it's essentially the wild west out there anyways.
  4. Venture

    SBA3 Pistol Brace / Tucked

    Thanks for the info. I'll be smart about it.
  5. Venture

    SBA3 Pistol Brace / Tucked

    Is there a certain length that pistol braces can not exceed? Reason for asking is if I had a folding stock adapter (Law Tactical) combined with this brace, would I then be exceeding some regulation or restriction in place? I feel like I have seen something about a length of pull restriction on pistols but wording of law doesn't always click in my head.
  6. Venture

    CAT Tourniquet

    You make a great point and I wouldn't want to use it unless it was literally life or death and I was the only person around. Being a good samaritan only gets you so far now and days.
  7. Venture

    CAT Tourniquet

    I look forward to it! A lot of stuff in whatever kit you build are items what you hope to never have to use, on yourself or another. Always better to be a prepared first responder than not tho!
  8. Venture

    CAT Tourniquet

    A NPA is a Nasopharyngeal Airway. It is placed through the nose of whoever needs it to open up the airway. Its fun in training because the giuny pig usually ends up with a gnarly nose bleed. The NCD is a Needle Chest Decompression. It's like a 16+ gauge hollow needle to help collapsed lungs.
  9. Venture

    CAT Tourniquet

    I have 3 TQ's in my vehicle at all times. One stays in the front door pocket and the other two in my go bag. My first aid kit in there is strictly trauma and nothing for anything you can just walk off. In my bag: 2 x TQ's 3 x Israeli bandages 3 x different clotting agent bandages (2 x quikclot and a larger one i cant remeber the name of) 2 x chest seals 1 x roll of medical tape 1 x NPA 1 x NCD 1x sterile gloves I got a lot of trauma training in the Army so some of the stuff isn't really beginner level, not trying to sound to high speed. Training is so important, if you don't know how to use it don't worry about carrying it. TQ's alone need training, you should set a time standard for getting high and tight with it and practice, practice, practice. If you can just carry a TQ and a quikclot, it'll keep you or someone else alive long enough to get the professionals there. I think everyone who carries regularly should have some sort of aid kit around. Just because you know how to make holes doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to plug a hole. Training is again so important and if you can get the training at some point don't hesitate. If you are looking for supplies hit me up, I work at a shop that carries a lot of good gear and would be glad to help anyone who needs stuff.
  10. Venture

    36 Yard Zero

    Thanks for the advice and the diagrams.
  11. Venture

    36 Yard Zero

    Thanks for the video, I'm probably just gonna give it a shot next time at the range to see how it feels.
  12. Venture

    36 Yard Zero

    I've been trying to figure out the best zero I should use for my red dot. I have been using a 25 yard zero for a while but wanted something that was a little less complicated as far as hold overs go at longer ranges. Has any one had experience with the 36 yard zero? I've found a company that offers a 25 yard zero target that will put you at a 36 yard zero. Should I just go with a 50 yard zero since it is a a tighter hold at ranges? With the 36 yard zero being fairly non standard should I just avoid it due to most ranges not offering that particular known distance? As for why I would want a different zero for my red dot I would just like to be a little more confident when shooting at ranges beyond 100 yards. The AR I have the red dot on is mostly just for home defense and a truck gun. The only reason I would like to have less complicated hold over math is for when I'm out shooting for practice and up in the mountains roaming around. Red dot sight I am using is the Holosun HS503GU which has been rock solid so far.
  13. Venture

    Trijicon RMR / ACOG Mount

    Does any body know anything about the old gen issued RMR for the ACOG? Found one yesterday and while there are no markings I'm still pretty sure it's the right reflex. It has the mount with protective "wings" on the sides.
  14. Venture

    Mystery Holster

    Thanks for the responses! The manufacturer website fitment spreadsheet shows everything from SIG, HK and Glock so I might just have to go to a shop and try some different pistols out if they'll let me
  15. Don't sell them! I've got a M44 carbine and a 30-30 that was bought from Sears when they still sold guns. My 30-30 has seen two generations of taking down food for the family and it'll last until who knows when. The little bit of rust pot marking just adds accuracy!