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  1. Pulled the plug this morning and ordered a Dillon 550C, an easy change kit, cartridge conversions for 380ACP and 45Colt and the Dillon die sets for those as well. Just got the tracking info and it should be here middle of next week. I did not order the Dillon Strong Mount. I like the idea of the Inline Fabrication quick change mounts and will figure out the riser height I want and order after the press arrives. My little reloading/gun area will be coming together nicely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I apologize for the length. Decisions were made last week. My wife wanted to start organizing her craft stuff that has been stuffed into a spare bedroom since we moved a couple of years ago. That meant I needed to get some of my gun stuff out of there and into a new home. I found I had tools, cleaning supplies, parts, etc... in three places in the house along with out in my wood shop. I decided to clean out a little corner in the basement and make a space next to my gun cabinet (I don’t have a safe. I know. It’s on the short list). So I used some old cabinets and made a countertop approximately 6-7’ long (don’t recall off hand). I will put a picture up in the reloading bench thread when I’m done. I also made the decision last week while looking alternately at a pile of 380 brass (and a 5 gallon bucket of 9mm) and one of my single stage presses. A progressive is going to get purchased and mounted on my new work area. After research the front runner is a Dillon 550C. On Friday before we left for the lake my daughters (12 year old twins) told me they wanted to go shooting over the weekend so I packed a bunch of rimfires and a few 9mms in the truck and we headed north. Along the way it is my tradition that I stop and random stores to check in stock ammo and primers. I was out of luck in that department, but I picked up a Caldwell chronograph. I messed around with it a little while the girls were plinking and am pleased with it especially the app. I am excited to see numbers from my loads now. Lastly, a friend who always shoots with us was sweeping up the brass and pulled some out of the weeds for me. He didn’t have his reading glasses, but thought they were 380. Turns out I now have 25 pieces of 7.65mm. I also pulled some revolver brass out of the garbage can (5 pieces of .357 magnum and 32 pieces of .38 special). I’ve never seen revolver brass at this range before. I currently don’t have a use for any of it, but who knows what the future holds. As a rule I do not go into the brass buckets at this range. It’s a small place and is a true 501C3 non-profit. I know they sell brass as part of their revenue stream. I am a member and they know I keep my brass, but have asked that no one goes into the brass buckets. On the ground is fair game though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think when the time comes I too will look at ordering one. The biggest take away from your review for me was the lathe. I have a drill chuck for my mini-lathe I use for drilling pen blanks. I like the though of chucking the trimmer. One less plate to keep spinning... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Curious as well. I have several thousand once-fired .223 brass. I don’t have a need to do anything with it yet, but I plan to find a better solution than hand trimming it when I do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. in my primer search a week or so ago I was a little too excited and picked up three thousand small pistol magnum primers. I do not own a firearm that requires magnum primers. I looked up everything I could find on the differences between the two and the consensus I found was that magnum primers would be acceptable (say a 9mm round) as long as the load was worked up starting low and stopping less than max load. The pressure change was unknown, but the velocity change was slight. I don't want to mess with them in my .380 because I think I found a decent load and I have enough SPP to keep that fed for awhile. I do have a pile of 9mm brass with no real need to load it (I have a lot of factory ammo in 9mm). Since you all are more experienced than myself, would it be advisable to work a load up for 9mm to have a recipe on hand to use those primers? Use it as an excuse to purchase a .357? Try to sell them or trade them to recoup my investment? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I made the odd decision to pick up a new caliber during this mess. I couldn't find any commercial ammunition and I didn't have any small pistol primers. In my search for primers, most retail i came across was $45-$50 per one thousand. All were a good hour outside of the metro area (St. Paul/Mpls). On GunBroker or Armslist (I don't recall which one) I was seeing upwards of $250 per 1K for SPP and SRP. The somewhat local reloading store lists their in stock powder and primers on a "news" tab on their website. Pretty slim pickings.
  7. These were literally printer paper hanging in the air. This range has a lot of constraints, but it’s close by. The next time I go to the outdoor range up north I will use a backer. If I get a chronograph by then I will redo a few in each weight just to see what the numbers are. The Sportsman’s Warehouse by me has a Chrony for $100 and the Caldwell is $100 at Fleet Farm. Time to do some research. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I also could have added that the largest distance between shots (the two outliers) was approximately 2.25 inches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Last night I loaded a test for the .380. I used Berry’s 100 gr round nose flat bottom bullets and loaded CFE Pistol with 3.5gr to 3.9gr in .1gr intervals. I had read that this powder runs better at the high end of the spectrum (Max load is 4.0gr). I was able to go to an indoor range not far from me over lunch and try them out through my P238 Legion. I had some Sig 100gr flat tops and some 95gr Magtech round nose to use as comparisons. I do not have a chronograph not that it would have mattered as they don’t allow them at this range. I would like to get one and am curious to see the velocity numbers. I shot everything at my own paper targets and used the same aim point with supported wrists at 8 yards. I am not an accomplished shooter by any means, but I tried to limit my variables. All of the rounds cycled cleanly and there were no pressure signs I could find on any of them (cases were fine and primers slightly flattened at higher loads). The 3.8 and 3.9 loads were the better with the 3.9 giving me a ragged hole for 3 and to outliers. I will run a batch of 3.9 and see how they do on 25 yard steel the next time I can make it up north to shoot. I did notice that most of the shots were keyholes (factory and my reloads). I can only assume the short barrel does not stabilize the round well or the target did not have enough backing support. The range’s gun of the month is a Springfield 911 and they had free rentals. I had the same key holes with the Magtech through that pistol as well. I can say that after doing these with a beam scale and a Lee hand press (I do have two other single stage presses) that an electronic scale and a progressive press just made it onto my Christmas list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I knew some pretty good hockey players from Hastings/Red Wing area. I know a few Minnesotans that are now Arizonans. My uncle moved to the Congress/Wickenburg area almost 15 years ago. Beautiful area. We make it down every couple of years to visit. Was there with my parents and my family in April when the COVID stuff hit. Slowly watching everything close around us. Would up renting a van and driving home versus flying. As to the 380. I do not yet have a chronograph. I have been thinking of getting the basic Caldwell kit as it would be interesting to see and a good thing to have when I start loading .223. It’s cheap enough ($130) and for what I do would probably be fine. I haven’t really researched them though, it may be a POS. It would be very interesting on the pistol loads to see how velocities match up between what I figure out compared to the factory ammo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. This made me laugh. I figured it wouldn’t make a spit of difference, but It helps my OCD when I build up a load if all of my brass is the same. One of the holdovers from math and science in school. Reduce the number of variables. After I figure out a load, I probably won’t sort them (dirty I can barely read them). I am not the most proficient shooter by a long shot (I bought my first gun as a 40th birthday present to myself four years ago). My goal is to hit my steel plate at 25 yards every time. My first outing with the 380, my best mag was 6 out of 7. Even though I have large hands, for me the 238 is a comfortable little pistol. It’s nice to have a pocket gun in the rotation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I started processing my 380 brass this evening. I have seven of the nickel plated Speer that are range pick up. I am assuming the far left must be aluminum? This was after tumbling for a couple of hours. I sized all of the regular brass. I was going to sort the headstamps and start looking through load data. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. On Friday I was in a small town store that was selling Blazer 115gr for $25 per box of 50. They had 3 boxes left. You could’ve heard my eyes roll as I walked past that end cap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I’ve been absent for awhile. I have been plugging along loading my 45 Colt, but I haven’t attempted to load anything else yet. I haven’t had the need yet as I am well stocked on 9mm and .233 factory anmo. Last week I decided that during an ammo shortage, it was a great time to buy a new gun (3 actually), but I added a caliber that I previously did not have (380ACP, Sig P238). Sourcing ammo has been interesting. I had a little pile of range brass and kept the 100 Magtech I put through it on Saturday. Here is the funny part of the story. I have a die set, found some Berry’s 100 grain bullets at Cabela’s, and have two pounds of CFE Pistol to start a work up with. However, I only had large pistol primers. Locally in the Twin Cities, I got laughed at when I would call looking for primers. I found 1k Federal SPP an hour south at Ahlman’s (cool place worth a trip back). I decided to take the long way up to the lake last Friday and hit three shops. I picked up a couple of hundred WSP and another box of WLP at the second stop. The final stop was Boone’s Fine Guns and they had primers. In my excitement I bought them all. Last night when I went to put them away I realized I bought 2k Winchester small pistol magnum and 1k Gold Medal Match SP Magnum at small town mom & pop retail prices. Whoops. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That was my thought process. Instead of setting up a volumetric powder throw, a combo trickler scale that would automatically dispense the desired weight would be quicker than me trickling every charge onto a beam scale. I don’t have the volume to warrant a progressive. This past year I went through 2k 9mm, 2k .223, and about 10k .22lr. I don’t shoot as often as I would like to due to time constraints. Hopefully as the kids get older, I will make it out more. Winters are slow as I don’t care for indoor ranges that much. It also means the rifles don’t leave the safe. I am considering a local pistol league, but that will probably be rimfire (it’s not caliber specific), but at least it will get me out more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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