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  1. My great uncle Gerald Foster passed a few months ago at 99 years of age, bottom row 2nd from right. He was an officer and planes navigator. His bomber was shot down somewhere over Germany and the big plane came down on some villagers farm land. The crew survived the crash landing but I believe it was one of the machine gunners who was then unceremoniously killed, shot point blank by one of the farmers as the angry locals got to the downed plane just before the German soldiers arrived likely stopping them from killing the rest of the crew as well. My uncle then spent a few years eating wormy bread in an officers POW camp someplace inside Germany before one day when they woke to find the camp had been deserted by their guards who had all left sometime in the night. Listening to all the stories you could tell He never held any contempt or anger towards the farmers or the soldiers for their actions. He said it was just war and we were after all flying over dropping bombs on them.
  2. If we’re looking at the what if’s, then with an access hole drilled in the back plate you run the risk of the set screw backing out during firing and some possible lost parts up to and including the take down pin itself. So Is the convenience of quick access to what is normally install and forget parts worth the risk of loosing the take down pin which is a far more important part. You’ll have to judge for yourself.
  3. I’m pretty sure you need a few more cabinets in there though [emoji15]
  4. Sorry for your trouble. Could be the perfect incentive doing a custom camo via rattle can perhaps. Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black is good for touching up spots like you have on the trigger guard ear as it leaves a finish through chemical reaction with the metal, so there isn’t just a painted coating that will wipe off with a cleaner. Unfortunately it sounds like PSA touched it up with something like a sharpie paint pen before just shipping it out and that didn’t hold up to the petrochemical product you cleaned it with. I look forward to seeing the build progress.
  5. I was tempted to pick one of those up from PSA the other day but ended up going with the HS515C from Primary Arms for $40 more. Waiting for Black Friday to see what the MRO’s run. I’ve had a fde TRS 25 for some years now, it’s seen use on quite a few rifles, a vepr shotgun and a bunch of handguns and is still going strong. Just put it back on it’s 3rd Ruger .22 but I often just use it to get rounds on target with any new gun before deciding on more permanent optics.
  6. gbus

    New 556 pistol

    My Godsons first AR pistol, and he’s pretty excited. He’s already got an SBA3 and strike industries hand stop to add to it along with a red dot & back up irons. There was really no building/assembly involved in this though [emoji847] The complete pistol lower is from a PSA sale and was $99 shipped. The Aero Precision 556 complete 10.5” upper was $260 after an 18% off promo. I had the BCG & charging handle left over after upgrades to my S&W and had the KVP comp on hand as well so figured why not.
  7. gbus

    New 556 pistol

    The cheap red dot came off and a set of fixed “same plane” Troy battle sights went on the M&P 15 as they fit the gas block on the Sport 2 nicely and being alloy they shouldn’t melt. Also added a weapon light I had on hand & swapped out the original back plate for the same QD back plate I have on the AR pistol and torqued the factories “only hand tight” castle nut so now the stock shouldn’t fall off on me. Also installed an Arisaka finger stop on my pistol. So just a couple of minor mods as I’m really trying to save for new optics. Updated pics,
  8. Perhaps for the 1% of sport bike riders at the dragon who are actually better than just competent riders. Most of those guys still fall into the same camp as the cruiser riders. Over their heads or slowing someone else down. Most of the sport bike guys I saw didn’t seem to understand that keeping your head and shoulders on your side of the center line is as important as keeping your bike/car on your side of the center line. The fastest bikes I personally saw that would actually pass or we’d pull over for and would continue to pull on us were the Super Motards. Most of the sport bike riders were still parking it in the corners and using sport bike acceleration on the short straights for any gains. The dragon is fun before the crowds arrive and after they have left but there are tons of other good roads down there for whatever type of riding/driving you want to do that I found way more enjoyable. Saw this cloud on the way to the Dragon, it seemed fitting.
  9. Too bad a huge percentage of the Harley riders on the Dragon etc... won’t use the pull overs to let faster cars go by either. They all think they are riding so fast lol, we call em rolling speed bumps and good Christ the three wheeled ones are mobility scooters and don’t, can’t stay in their own lanes. They should just make it all one way only and sell tickets.
  10. gbus

    New 556 pistol

    Thanks, I enjoyed researching and putting it together and can definitely see where it could get addictive. Here are a few more pics to keep me from getting tossed for all the non AR pics I posted above [emoji6]
  11. gbus

    New 556 pistol

    My TRS is pretty old and has been passed around a good bit over the years. I still had the short riser in the parts box from the Scorpions so just threw it on the Sport 2 so I could shoot it. The TRS has seen use on 5 handguns, 4 rifles and even a shotgun and surprisingly hasn’t self destructed, though had it stayed on the shotgun I’m certain it would have. 3 of the handguns have been Ruger 22/45’s and where it was used the most. Here are a few pics I found.
  12. gbus

    New 556 pistol

    Thanks for the welcome folks. I’ve owned a few AR15’s over the years but I’d been away from the platform for some time now. My last semiautomatic rifle in 5.56 was a Sig556 I owned about 10 years ago. I actually jumped back into the AR game due to VT politics and what our tyrants in the state house did this past summer with their new anti gun laws. So I first bought a mid tier AR off the shelf and added a magnified optic as my “finger in the air” to the man and because I have a 300 yrd range at my friends place up the road. But since I’d added the scope, I of course again needed a light patrol rifle. That’s why when I happened across an M&P Sport 2 optics ready @ $449 on sale I grabbed it. And since it shot well enough, I started replacing some of the cheaper bits and pieces and just kind of got hooked on it. Then shortly after I started modding the Sport I decided I wanted to put this pistol build together. Albeit I really only did the research, picked out the parts, assembled the lower and bought a complete upper to slap on it. But I’m certainly happy it works as well as it does. The down side to the pistol build is that I stole the Sport 2’s optic fund to build it, so now instead of a Trijicon MRO or Aimpoint PRO the poor S&W sport is wearing a cheap TRS-25 I stole off one of my .22 pistols and no BUIS either. Thanks again for the welcome.
  13. So finished up my first AR pistol and have to say it’s a lot of fun to shoot. YHM lower, ALG-ACT trigger and LPK, 2A titanium TD pins, SBA3 brace, Magpul K2+ grip, PWS H2 buffer & DS spring. Aero Precision 10.5” Atlas S-One upper with Toolcraft NiBo BCG, BCM CH, DD fixed iron sights, KVP linear comp. The gun shoots great and piles brass at 4:00 about 5’ away. Much quieter than I thought it was going to be which is nice. Cheers
  14. If you need an edc, the PCR is a great choice, but it could definitely use better sights out of the gate. They ship em in batches so it’s just a matter of waiting for a shipment to show up and searching online to get what you’re after. I personally like the CZC PCR custom compared to the standard version and would wait for one of those if it were me. As much as I like CZ’s and I really do, they aren’t making anymore 3rd gen S&W handguns......
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