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  1. molineaux

    80 percent handgun

    Well the Glock slide barrel and spring OEM came in. It works like butter. Accurate and ran 40 round of 115 lead hand loads with 5g of bullseye. Not one hiccup.
  2. molineaux

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    FW that is true. A 1860 colt has no real season. Except in the crash of 08 guns went down in price for the first time in a long time. I bought some good deals on armslist in the crash. But the ARs AKs mags and the like I would wait.
  3. molineaux

    Thinking of selling a bunch of guns....advice needed.

    Unless you need to its not a good time right now. I would wait till there is a panic.
  4. So anyone hunt for artifacts in creek beds and the like? I have been looking for about two months on and off and have found one stone knife blade and thumb scraper. No arrow heads. I did find this cave I am going to explore. If you are from southern MO or NWA and know a place you don't mind sharing with me I would appreciate it. PM me.
  5. Lets release the illegals that can not be housed to Hawaii. They can not run and hide and let that stupid beotch Horono deal with it when its on her door step.
  6. Camera Hogg said to that skeleton Andria Mitchell that an AR15 shoots over 1500 meeters so it has no business in the hands of non military. That its not used in self defense because of its range. Well a 22lr has a range of a mile says so on my box of ammo. It also shows a complete lack of understanding of how guns work and that guns have different uses. Like a hammer. Not all hammers are the same. I have a 12oz for finish work and a 20 oz for framing. I have a 2 pound for demolition. It also proves they will use any argument they think will stick to the wall to get a ban. So Camera Hogg where does this leave hunting rifles that are even more tuned to long range shooting? I thought that you idiots said that hunting rifles were fine? I have seen others call them [hunting rifles] sniper rifles and you don't need them for self defense. LOL I think they really have eaten their own crap sandwich. https://freebeacon.com/issues/david-hogg-claims-ar-15-owners-are-hunting-human-beings/
  7. molineaux

    Left pushes in Florida to ban assault weapons.

    If I lived in Fla and this passed I would not give them my guns. I may take them out of state or bury them but not give them.
  8. I don't think they can get the 750k signatures to get it on the ballot but who knows. With hollyweirds help these little asshats my do it. I don't think it would pass. https://www.local10.com/news/florida/broward/gun-control-activists-in-broward-county-seek-to-get-assault-weapon-ban-on-2020-ballot
  9. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    OK what is the line where you point your rifle at the government? How do you not become just one individual who will be painted as a crazy gun nut how just boarded them self up in their home and is holding the block hostage? You get killed or arrested and after the news cycle you sit in jail or a box and life goes on and exactly what was accomplished?
  10. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    Sorry but I am not going to take up arms against the gov. If we can not hold the line in the congress, executive and courts than for me it may be lost. I highly doubt that there will be a repeat of the 1861 firing on Fort Sumpter. The lines are not so clear. Both sides are distributed all over the county not north and south east and west.
  11. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    I will root for you from the sidelines.
  12. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    I agree but they are law in several states including my old what I thought was a very gun friendly state of Florida. They also banned BFS with no provision for someone to be reimbursed for owning one legally before the law. These laws are seen as they now put it Common sense. People who are not gun friendly and even some who are will see this as just good law.
  13. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    Ya and don't pay your taxes and the Gov takes your home. You are posturing. I get it, I even agree but in the end if its the law you standing with an AR15 telling the police who out number you that you have rights will not stop bullets.
  14. molineaux

    Red Flag laws

    My thoughts from the beginning was there is a high potential for abuse. I see how it could be good in that I see someone saying they are going to shoot up a school while polishing their AR. But then your ex wife wants revenge or some co worker who is uber liberal. ect. There would need to be strict language on it not costing the gun owner to get them back time limits for the state and heavy penalty's for frivolous turn ins.
  15. molineaux

    80 percent handgun

    I do believe the gun control side will make gains. 2020 will tell a lot. If Ginsberg dies and Trump gets another court justice it may hold the line on outright bans on semi autos. Eventually I do see a time when guns will be limited. Its just the way society is going. If someone would have told someone in the 1950s that gays would be given special status and some guy who identify s as a woman can go to the bathroom with a little girl, or that Americans would look at their own country as the problem they would call you insane.