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  1. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    The world has changed. When I was a kid we loaded 12ga in class, the school had several 22 bolts and three shotguns and we shot at the school forest. We brought our hunting rifles in class and took them to the SF to hunt deer on opening day. Today you would be in jail and if you carry open you are a target. If you wear a MEGA hat or have some signs in your car you are a target. If you live in some rural area like pinedale Wyo then sure go for it. If you live in purple or where there are liberals you are asking for a keyed car, flat tire or worse.
  2. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    Spot on. Its just not a smart move. Its done by people who want to be in someones face and want to have conflict. So sad.
  3. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    It depends on where you live. If you live in the Midwest then its most likely fine. If you live in Austin or Tampa you may find wearing a Mega hat could get crap thrown at your head. Confronting one libtard is fine but if you get your car or truck keyed for having a NRA sticker on it or if you get several snowflakes throwing crap at you then you will soon know its not worth the fight.
  4. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    I have an NRA sticker on my truck, and I have to watch where I wear my NRA hat. I have gotten some stink eye stares at the store in a collage town. Right after a shooting and gun control is in the head line its not a good idea. You are making yourself a target for no good reason.
  5. molineaux

    Brothers (& Sisters) I need a little help here!

    One thing being a minister in a cult like christian church has thought me is you can not convert anyone to anything. The conversion has to take place inside the individual. The harder you try to show where someone is wrong, or their ideas are wrong the harder they will cling to their beliefs. The Second Amendment means nothing to someone who does not believe in it. They will think it an anachronism. Statistics will not mean anything. All you can do is put out your thinking and seeds can take root. Statistics can be twisted either way. Facts mean nothing to the mind that has a different opinion. How many here will buy the idea that some countries that have tough gun laws have less mass shootings? Belief becomes the individuals Identity and telling someone to change their Identity is an impossible sell. The best thing to do is say we have to agree to disagree and I respect your opinion even though I don't agree and leave it alone, especially if you can not talk with this individual without getting into a heated conversation about it.
  6. Going over the effective banning without banning of some guns I wonder if a Dem prez would do to ARs and AKs what was done to the Streetsweeper and the Spas 12. I know they use the bore over .5 inch but when has that stopped them before.
  7. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    All choice by definition includes bad choice. It just goes without saying, but in your case I guess we have to say it.
  8. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    There is a complete difference between CCW and open carry. This would also be different in some areas. I lived for a while in Wyoming and in some rural towns many would carry a revolver or pistol open. That is different. Even then carrying an AR or AK is about as dumb as carrying a Remington 700 with a scope.. Why? No good reason. Its just trying to be the center of attention and stirring up bad juju.
  9. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    What you are then advocating is "bad choice"
  10. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    I am an Atheist I just thought I would put it in terms you understood
  11. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    Under the first amendment you can stand on a street corner and yell you hate blacks or gays, but its not a good idea to do so. It will only serve to make many hate you.
  12. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    1st Corinthians 10:23 All things are lawful [that is, morally legitimate, permissible], but not all things are beneficial or advantageous. All things are lawful, but not all things are constructive
  13. molineaux

    S.E. Cupp crying on tv LMAO

    I have never like S.E. Cupp. She is a huge loud mouth who is as grating or more than Skankles. She could say the sky was blue and I would be ticked off. She has one of those beotch faces that screams witch with a B.
  14. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    IMO I don't see a need to open carry. Someone could even clock you in the head with a ball bat from sporting goods and take your gun. I would not be an activist to stop it but I don't think there is any good reason to do it. Its an in your face act that can IMO only serve to provoke not change a mind on guns. Its like the universal BGC. Would it cause me some issues here and there? Sure its nice to able to sell and buy a gun in my state FTF, but you know some criminal is going to take advantage of this and get a gun. Can they get one anyway? Sure buy why make it easy for them?
  15. molineaux

    open carry is really stupid.

    I don't see a need or reason for open carry. If someone was going to do some shooting they would target you first if they saw your gun. It serves no purpose and only makes some uneasy. If someone feels the need to have an AR slung over their shoulder at the local wally world I would not be at ease with it. CCW is much more responsible.