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  1. I know they bought back and destroyed semi autos in 96. Does anyone know if they made any excption for vintage or collectable guns like Luger's, 1911s ect? At the very min, if the owner did not hide them from the gov, could they put them in a Museum ect? Or was it nope they all get the ax?
  2. molineaux

    Where are we on Bump stocks?

    Spot on. I have argued with old timers who dumped the NRA back in the 90s because they supported the AR15. They would say damn black guns, no one needs that thing. Its a military gun. Leave our wingmasters and bolt actions alone but go ahead and ban those AKs and ARs Just because its not their cup of tea the lower thinking among us let the left divide and conquer.
  3. The new younger gens are not that into motorcycles. Its causing the bike crowd to age. Do you think the same thing will happen to guns?
  4. molineaux

    Where are we on Bump stocks?

    So I see the SC has not taken it up but is it working its way through the lower courts or did they just uphold a lower court ruling by not taking it up. Is it the law of the land now?
  5. molineaux

    I thought I was seeing a rush on mags.

    There is no ban as of right now. Adds popping up and sales increase. https://abc30.com/society/sales-soar-after-ban-on-ammunition-magazines-ruled-unconstitutional-/5231610/ https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190403/nra-and-crpa-oppose-california-s-request-to-immediately-halt-large-capacity-magazine-ruling
  6. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/04/companies-hit-with-heavy-demand-for-magazines-from-california/#axzz5k9cnbGli
  7. molineaux

    I am getting my AR engraved

    My wife saves her Chiquita Banana stickers and glues them on to the mags. http://tinypic.com/r/2hnluo4/9
  8. molineaux

    I am getting my AR engraved

    I don't have any guns but my wife has many many guns.
  9. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    Now you are just gas lighting or making a lame attempt at it and doing a circle jerk of one. LMAO Only an idiot would think they could diagnose some one for anything over a thread. But I doubt you really know much about which you try to type. Cut and paste is a hell of a thing son, so if we are going to play Jr. Psych. you h ave obvious control issues with OCD in that you can not let anything go. You have to have the last word or you feel upset and agitated. But I am guessing you have meds for that.
  10. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    With all your big talk and that is all it is you still don't have any facts or argument. You are the king of the mockery, ab absurdo but nothing of substance. Which sums you up
  11. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    He is touching me.
  12. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    The CDC puts deaths due to Opioids at 15000 a year. Marijuana from OD none. 0 a big fat goose egg. Pot is not a gateway drug. Is it healthy, no but neither is that beer and steak the fat ass antis will eat and think nothing of it. Water can be poison if you drink too much at one time. People have died from water poisoning.https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318619.php Listening to Country Music id defiantly dangerous to your mental health as is going to church and believing in talking snakes and virgin births. How many over weight fat asses will sit in their easy chair with a scotch or beer talking about how bad pot is. Would they have the brain cells to want to ban Alcohol? Its been tried and the uber christian nuts lost. They also lost the Marijuana argument. States like Oklahoma and Arkansas have fallen how long before the rest do? Do you really think the Federal Gov has the budget or time to waste on going after a Marijuana user in states? Its a waste of time. Those who see to want to stick their nose in to what others do in the privacy of their own home need to keep their nose out of others business. Maybe if you tried to learn whey there never was a world wide flood or talking snakes or the earth is not 6k years old you would do better.
  13. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    Talk about comparing apples and freight trains you are the king of the non sequitur . You ramble on for three paragraphs and say nothing of any use. Are you sure you are not smoking dope? LOL
  14. molineaux

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    The war on Marijuana is over. You antis have lost. The train has left the station.
  15. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20190329/breaking-federal-court-finds-california-magazine-ban-violates-the-second-amendment