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  1. Recondo 101

    So you think you are bored at home

    Son is in Northern AZ right now, running training missions. His company is doing training contracts for the Army and the Air Force. He is gone from home a month at a time right now, so being alone is par for the course for a PJ/CRO. Pretty tough on his wife with six kidos, like him being deployed again..
  2. Recondo 101

    I started sneezing just watching this...

    We own a FL pine tree farm. Our pine pollen gets to look like yellow fog at times. It can be pretty bad in the early spring, coming through the trees in clouds on the wind. And covers the farm ponds with a yellow coating that gets on everything even the ducks.
  3. I got rid of my Android phone because it is a Google phone, in effect. Plus I had to alter my default search engine to go to gun subject sites. Now I am saved by using an iPad, yeah sure, at least it is better.
  4. Recondo 101

    Lockdown Treasure

    We retired and moved into a newly built house last Sept, after living in the old one since 1994. We have cardboard boxes in the barn, shop and in several rooms in the new house. We have empty shelves because we do not want to stop and start sorting, shelving and stacking the contents of the boxes. Half the time we can not find jack. But we are happy with our life, in the woods, on the farm.
  5. Recondo 101

    Wal-Mart Going Full Retard

    Just my opinion, but every grocery store should have quotas. We saw first had the insanity when our near by store did not have any quota and folks went in and raided single items by the cart full. Suspect it was all black market greed. That alll can be prevented by a two item cap. The manager of the store got fired, as he should have, and it all has stabilized by use of a two item limit. One good thing is you can tell what they should never have stocked in the first place, if it is still sitting on the shelf. The falsicy of allowing makers to stock your store shelf space with trash no one wants.
  6. Recondo 101

    Something ugly and dark seems to be going on

    Sounds like the cocktail may be a treatment for confirmed infected patients but could perhaps be deadly for those that are not infected or those that have an adverse reaction for whatever reason, thus it may be a treatment of last resort in a very controlled environment. It would be far from the first time a drug was used for a purpose it was not actually deigned for. A good example is trauma induced injury with a high pain level, causing high blood pressure, controlled by a blue pill.
  7. NewOrleans is known for its Mayors in Prison, its police acting as assassins for hire, it’s state Governors in Prision, it’s state troopers and deputies pulling people over on I-10 and extorting money from the drivers or “favors” from female drivers. It is no extraordinary happening to find out someone with access to items of value, was stealing from the public. Remember the Democrats raising hell about the Bush administration not wanting to just give the “Chocolate City” Mayor, billions in federal aid? That waste of oxygen is still in prison for, you guessed it, stealing that very same money. One thing is for certain and for true, a given, you hand that NO bunch anything of value and they will steal it.
  8. Recondo 101

    My Great Uncle in the Phillipines

    I think the book about the prisoner transport ships you referred to is Give Us This Day. The ships were freighters with no markings and came under attack by US planes and subs in route from the PI to Japan. When the US forces got too close, the Japanese military moved them. A multi year POW horror ended for many by being strafed and bombed by their own aircraft. You hear about the prisoners saved but you can bet you last dollar you will never see a movie by Sony about the ships or Wake Island where the Japanese burned the American prisoners alive.. Here in FL because of the warm climate, we have had, now not many left, prisoners of the Japanese. Generally they were left in poor health from starvation, malnutrition, maltreatment and severe injuries visited upon them by the Japanese Army. Navy and the Kemper Tai (Japanese equivalent of the Gestapo) extraordinarily brutal to the indigenous people of the PI and all prisoners. I have known 3 of their prisoners, not pleasant and not one forgave and forgot. They had to leave populated areas to break contact to keep from killing them on sight. They lived out in the woods in NW FL to make sure they had no contact. We have had quite a few people in the same woods where the Seminoles hid. Americans hiding in America to keep from killing Japanese. I have talked to some of these folks and their only release was their own death, sad to say. My son’s wife’s great grandfather was a Philippine Scout from NM, sent to the PI by the US Army. He was a well known hand to hand expert, had a wrestling pit built into the floor of his living room.
  9. Recondo 101

    Swedish M96 6.5x55 Mauser

    When I post, I keep forgetting that I do not have my pictures on the IPhone or IPad, we changed to wireless communication with the new house at the farm. My pictures are still on my PCs. This is a rifle I lost. It was on the bench when my wife walked by, coming back from the grocery store in 1996. Oh, I like that rifle, you building that for me? Yes dear, I am no fool, rifle gone. But I can clean it for her if she uses it. :-) It is a 96 Swede, with a quilted maple stock, has a bent bolt, teardrop knob, thinned trigger guard, Timney trigger, scope safety, cut down firing pin, original barrel cut to 24 inches. I was getting the gun out to take a picture, “you taking my rifle out, no dear, just taking a picture. Geez, like a hawk. Top is my Dad’s rifle with mesquite stock, reduced size and weight. 6.5x55 reduced length and diameter barrel. Middle is an early build 96 custom. Bottom is my go to deer rifle. It shoots Hornady 140 gr Interlocs with 4831 like a house a fire. These are, top, a custom 45-70 express rifle based on the Siamese Mauser action. Bottom, the original M-99 Arasaka 7.7 mm military rifle with the 1940s plastic spring loaded twist off dust cover for the muzzle. It still shoots very well. It was surrendered at the end of the war from an armory and has a ground mum. This is one of the lesser number manafactured carbines, the Juke Box, or Rockola, of course Rockola made carbines and also the old Juke Boxes. The serial numbers were assigned to the makers in lots. According to the Rockola # lot this is a 3 digest serial number gun made on the cusp of the change from flip sight to the adjustable rear sight. This rifle has an adjustable rear sight and is as issued during the war. Per the cartouche on the left side of the stock. Do not ask about my actual Rockola Juke Box. Went on a 10 day trip, came back and my dear wife had cleaned out the garage, I mean, seriously.
  10. Glad I am no longer a public official in FL. DeSantis went on TV this morning to tell the population that now that they have all of these rules and regs in place, regards resident travel and meetings, the dadgum tourists continue to come to FL because they have “reservations.” I mean, really, Everything is Closed, including the beaches, bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc., and you have Reservations??.. To Do What? Now we also are getting plane loads of foreign travelers, from South America, Central America, etc. this is just stupid stacked upon stupid. We need to start doing exactly what the Saudis do, put their butt on a leaving airplane to anywhere. No ticket, no passport, just sit in a seat to anywhere outta here. Perhaps a few aircraft refused landing privileges will deliver the we be closed message..... Perhaps a call to a property owner here in FL might get this aircraft loaded with tourist business straightened out.
  11. Recondo 101

    Swedish M96 6.5x55 Mauser

    The history of the Swede is pretty interesting. One of the most recalled historical facts is the claim by Sweden that their Mausers are made of a special steel. The steel is known to stretch rather than fracture. When the Swedes contracted with German arms makers to make some of their Mauser rifles, the Swedes refused German steel, and instead sent their own steel for their rifles to be made from. So even though you may have one of the German made guns, it is still made from Swedish steel. PO Ackley rated the Swede as the best of the 95 style actions to make a custom rifle of, this he wrote in his books. My go to deer rifle is my custom, M-96 in 6.5x55 with a dual grip Claro stock. The thumb hole makes the stock very comfortable to carry or shoot.. I built a smaller, lighter version of the 96 for my Dad before he died. My very first centerfire hunting rifle, when I was in HS was a M-99 Arisaka 7.7 barreled action that I pad $5 for. I put a Fajen standard grade stock on it for $15, after bending the bolt. It would take coke cans all day long with Norma 7.7 cartridges at 100. The next rifle I bought was $7 and was a 30-06 conversion, of the M-99 (common conversion at the time) someone just re-cambered it. During this time you could buy Timney triggers with a slide thumb safety for the Japanese rifles. I never had one, just saw pictures of the triggers. I got pretty adept at putting the original safety on and off with my right thumb. Today I still have an as issued military M-99 in 7.7 with two boxes of fire formed 30-06 based reloaded brass, also a common practice of the post war time. The 06 reloads are very much on purpose. I have two Siamese Mauser based custom 45-70 rifles and several M-96 based custom guns. The Siamese were built by Arasaka of Japan for the Siamese government in a Siamese rimmed cartridge. This is the last iteration of the 98 Mauser, not the first. Being the last of the 98 models or modifications and made in Japan in 1905 they are very stout actions when in good condition. I do have a US WWII issue, a Juke Box, a 3 digit serial number Rockola M-1 Carbine. The grandkids get a kick out of shooting it.
  12. Recondo 101

    Amazing images of the war dump

    I talked to several vets of the war in the pacific about equipment on the islands. The films only show troops leaving. A common practice was to use big dozers and dig a long and deep trench, drive loaded vehicles into the trench then bury them with the dozers, keeping the last dozer to bury the others. Drive the last dozer onto a landing craft, back it out then run the dozer off the ramp into the ocean. Asked why, they said it was too expensive to return the equipment or store it, plus introducing tens of thousands of pieces of war gear would destroy the economy for years to come. The US did sell hundreds of pieces of equipment that were already in the US, after the war. My Grandfather bought a Jeep in a wood crate for our use on the ranch. I learned to drive at 5 on the ranch with that Jeep. The guy that owned the crop duster airport up the road bought two surplus Stearman biplane trainers. So it all did not go to waste. I ran across a 1942 Dodge 3/4 ton truck/ambulance still in use in Argentina about 10 years ago. It was being used to transport shooters to the field and was great in the rain as a real 4x4 on the wet clay based roads. Ed
  13. Recondo 101

    My Great Uncle in the Phillipines

    One needs to be prepared for more than you asked for when inquiring about family. To the point, I inquired on a family name web site about my father and his twin brother, both in the US Navy, it took five years to get a response. When I got a response, I, raised as an only child, found that I had nine brothers and sisters.
  14. Recondo 101

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    This is an AR-10 Armalite in 308 with its 2nd upper in 6.5-08 (pre 260) that I built to replace my old AR-10T that was a heavy beast with the same setup 308/6.5-08 but with 20” heavy barrels, the new version goes with 18” light barrels.
  15. Recondo 101

    Shotgun picture thread

    This is my short barrel 391 Beretta Sporting Gold silver side 3” 20ga with its mag light with an IC extended choke.. With #3 buck it is quite the fox and yote eliminator. Carried in one hand at the pistol grip it does not touch the grass or dirt.