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  1. The founding fathers were very concerned about what might be done in the name of protection. Protection is one of the simple sells and much mischief can be done in the name of protection, to an ignorant public.
  2. Today the CDC issued a warning that the C-19 Vaccine contains a poly component, those allergic to poly compounds could suffer anaphylaxis from the vaccination. 11 people have stuffed the adverse effect so far. It is a rare reaction, but very real to those that are alergic. I am all to familiar with this, as I am one of those allergic to the common dissolving stitch, a polly glycolic acid compound. .03 of 1% of the population is allergic to poly glycolic acid. My body encapsulates the stitch and it does not dissolve, turns septic and must be removed by a surgeon, one stitch at a time. The discovery was the hard way, after the fact. Luckily it was a surgery to remove a precancerous lei-son on my rt hand, from repetitive 1911 hammer bites. I can not imagine receiving an injection of a liquid poly. So my wait for the vaccine comes to an unceremonious end. I am very glad this was announced on the radio today and my wife heard it on her way to pick up our tax filing papers. Sort of a mixed blessing.....I may just live another day to pay more taxes.
  3. Most folks do not figure miles and years, the very same punks that spit on you in 65, 66, 67, 68, etc., are the very same punks, they are now senior elected officials, just old and stupid. Based on the celebrity ( by any definition) backing of these crudz, I do not care if they get scattered all over the highways, Sin Loi or Xin Loi if you prefer. It ain’t no apology either. I will visit your grave when I feel the urge.....
  4. I use direct thread and muzzle device mounted suppressor cans both. I do not use anything but washers and torque. Been doing this for a while now, since 64. You as the owner/shooter are responsible for insuring your weapon is in order every time, before you pull the trigger, every time.
  5. If you do not reload, no use for an adjustable block. No need for a suppressor in the factory loaded 223, it is going to be loud. If you want a flash suppressor, just use a can style flash suppressor. A blind pin is all you need, without the weld for an extension. If the exterior of the extension is less than .750 and the gas trunnion is .750 you can change gas blocks with the extension in place.
  6. I do not think PTG has go/no gos in stock, they make them to order right now. I am going to make a 240 Baby Laser and needed a 6mm Rem Go to setup the chamber. It took some time to get, but was expected. However, PTG has a statement on their web site and on most following pages that all items not in stock must be made to order. They build custom, so in their case, especially today, listed, is just something they make. You really should call or email to confirm in stock. Every shop has different policies and different software. Brownells is a retail company, selling products of others, they make nothing, a Brownells product, is simply something they have made for them, in quantity, with their name on it.
  7. If you assembled it before coating and it worked, then it is the thickness of the coating. I you did not assemble it before coating, to insure function, well then, it could be most anything, holes, cuts, parts, coating, etc. I would start by re-mounting the jig and trying to insert the drill bits, backwards, with no resistance. Then go to the cuts. If all is as it should be, I would go to the parts, you could switch parts from the working lower to the non functional lower and see if they work in both lowers. Looking at that coating, it appears to be a heavy textured coating, you might need to scrape that down a bit.
  8. It is actually about what not to do when you are questioned by an investigator and specifically the ATF or the IRS badge and gun people. They can cuff you and haul you off to jail on the spot. You better have your attorney present and with the IRS, your CPA present with a power of attorney from you. When you determine that they are not going to arrest you immediately, you might be better off to asK your rep if they have all they need, then get up and leave. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  9. Before this is over it will be necessary for a lot of folks to be counted on or counted out.
  10. This guy babbles on and on. They already had the letter printed up before they even called him. The ATF is quite interesting, they make their own rules and their rules are law literally. A retired senior agent shot with our group twice a week. Even retired, they very rarely leave the badge or attitude at home. If you listened to a normal conversation, you get that they are all about catching you in a mistake, so the least you say the better off you are. This vid guy needed an attorney present, from the very get go. If the attorney nods, you answer, if not, you sit mute. When and if any investigator asks you questions, put a sock in it, they are not your buddy.
  11. You best get tuned up on the little known laws that make a lot of difference to your well being, because Biden will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
  12. Well, the 7 are already marked for elimination and KY is looking at getting rid of their favorite Senator. Might be a good time to get elected Senator, coming up, if you can stand the garbage and the company of low life scoundrels.
  13. The tractor FEL is back in order and the XRV has been returned from her 400 hour full up warranty checkup, adjustments and fluids, filters, change. All of this was done while it was in our rainy season. So, couple days of sunshine with dry and I will be back to making burn piles. Our surface burn of debris is restricted by the Forestry Dept to, no trash, no land clearing, no stumps. The piles may be no larger than 8’x8’x8’. With the root rake/grapple, I make 3 piles at a time, light off the middle pile, push it up from both sides as it is burning, when it burns down, I push the other two piles into the first pile’s burning coals, in succession. I consider that one pile in my count. When I start back, this week, I will be on pile 49. The loss of trees on 4/28/20 from the tornado, was much worse than I first thought. The grapple, as expensive as it was, has been a miracle tool. I fought getting one for 10 years. When the hydraulics went down, the cylinders were repaired quickly. Thanks for the help TT.
  14. Unless you are trying to match a previous finish, I would go with a more modern finish, like a ceramic coating. Probably the more popular ceramic finish is Cerakote, available in multiple colors and application possibilities.
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