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  1. Recondo 101

    I scored some .308 ammo today!

    Well, I ordered some processed once fired military brass 6 months ago and yesterday broke out the Dillion 550. Then said to hell with it and went to the left Rock Chucker and started finishing up 100 rounds of 150gr loads just for the new Armalite AR-10 gun. So now I am waiting for more mags. Did not take long to run out of AR-10 mags. Had to order some more, the Armalite is a great gun, but is picky about mags. So now we wait.
  2. When China said they were going to allow Hong Kong to continue as it was, I thought, liar, liar, pants on fire. The only thing you will do is change slowly, but surely. Like a frog in a pot of cold water with a flame under it, Hong Kong is being brought to a boil slowly. The smile on Chinese official’s faces, like Ping Pong, remind me of the Lady from Niger. They have 65 capital offenses in their legal system, including writing a rubber check and a 95% conviction rate. China executes more people per year than the next 10 capital punishment countries combined. So we allow you to live this year because it is convenient, next year it is no longer convenient. Every cop on the street is required to be an executioner. We smile a lot because you may be next.
  3. Recondo 101

    OUCH ; Meat Prices have Skyrocketed as of late

    They figured it out in FL, closed the bars, then reopened them but no whiskey or beer. Must figure virus lives in Whiskey. Perhaps I missed something, we open Dizzy World, elbow to elbow people but no drinks served in a bar which is open for social interaction...... WTF over.
  4. Aw, shucks, the Democraps are stabbing each other in the back, can’t hardly believe it.......👍 wrong finger....
  5. Recondo 101


    Bush, you were in the 2/501 huh, I was in the 2/319th Recondo, FO, Demo and the Bt sniper. Typical airborne, you do everything including milking the commander’s goat. 👍 Got out in 67. But several of my buddies were still in, in 69 when the guys took Dong Bai Mt some came off that mountain the hard way. I talked to several after they got out. From a jungle start to plowed earth at the end. On Christmas Eve 1984 I was having a drink with a guy in a lounge in Ft Walton Beach, he was a 501st member of the Battalions or Brigades, depending how you called them. He says to me, you know where I was tonight 40 years ago? Yep, you were in Bastogne...entertaining 16 German Divisions. Some nights he had to walk until daylight. Take it easy.
  6. Recondo 101

    Moving to the DFW area!

    Hope all works out for you in the DFW area.
  7. Recondo 101

    Trump Voting Poll, Where the Armory is at...

    We need to work together..... actually means, trust me, and everything you can think of, that goes with that, and spells Bald Faced Liar. My old granny had a couple of things to say about such: “If you lay down with dogs you will get fleas!” “Never try to pet a dog you do not know and you will not get bit.”
  8. Hum, interesting. Going outside the crap holes they call cities, huh. Well, we shall see how this ends for them.
  9. Recondo 101


    The real problem in all of this is referring to the DPMS design as an AR-10. The AR-10 is an Armalite, only an Armalite, period. The DPMS is not and never has been an AR-10. Now New Frontier refers to their 308 model as an AR-10 which it is not, it is a DPMS design. There is no milspec 308AR or AR-10 because neither design was adopted by the US Military. A couple of countries ordered a small number of AR-10 Armalite in its early form, the trigger looking charging handle, inside the carry handle. Where the real problem come is to buy a replacement barrel from a barrel maker. You must make very sure which barrel you are ordering, they are different and a mixup will give you fits.
  10. Recondo 101

    They Latest Tree Frog Story (Adult content)

    I think the FL Green Tree Frogs have suffered from a loss of habitat. When the peoples move in by the tens of thousands per day, something looses its ground to them. Before we moved up to the farm, had several new arrivals ask me what in the world was making all the noise outside their house. I would just tell them to take a broom and sweep them off the window and the noise will stop. Same response every time, that can not be where the barking sound comes from, yep. But just about every meat eater likes them as a munchie and they come to the light to eat bugs.
  11. I noticed that Saban started acting strange last year, like maybe he had the idea he was beyond the NCAA. Then that debacle with FSU and their coach just made them look like morons or 5 year olds negotiated his contract. I would guess that without a season in 2020 the College football of years ago might be gone like a puff of smoke. I see Clemson has 37 players that tested positive for the virus. However, like you, I am not going to watch a JV version of the NFL where the inmates are in charge of the asylum.😐
  12. Recondo 101

    They Latest Tree Frog Story (Adult content)

    Yep, interesting camo job. Our green tree frogs are endangered. The university kids come around and count them. They are a bright green, have suction cup feet, love to come to our windows at night with the lights on in the house. The just walk around on the glass. They are about the size of the tip to first joint of your thumb. People visiting ask upon hearing one, what is that, it is that little green frog on the window. Long about daylight they head back to the trees, get in the greenery and disappear. If it rains they can start calling across the woods, sounds like a small dog barking. If you look up Florida Green tree frog, picture with no stripe, and that is the little bugger with the big voice.
  13. Recondo 101

    Hey Stetsonguy

    Joel, how many years young are you today? Happy birthday, best wishes for many more.
  14. I personally do not care what the NFL or any adz bag player or coach does, I stopped watching or supporting them several years ago and am looking just to see how long it takes for the lack of support and lack of ratings to put them all back on the streets as the punks they are. See you all in the bread lines.
  15. Recondo 101

    Ozzie is a good sherriff

    Been to Spokane several times for visits when the son was the xo at the SEAR school. It is a bit different than Seattle for sure, but still has a group that would love to be a small version of Seattle.