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  1. Yep, it is summer time, the annual air show at Oshkosh. Lot of war birds.
  2. Mandatory education has been turned onto its head in FL, by repetitive school closings. It has turned schools into prisons where the inmates do not want to be and teachers are not qualified to guard the inmates incarcerated therein. The School Boards have tried to mitigate the stench of a 78% failure rate by giving a 16 (sixteen) day summer school that all that attended passed, amazing success rate, that 100%.
  3. Rest in peace Al. That was not expected. Best wishes for his family.
  4. I live out in the woods, literally, and own a tree farm. The property we bought has an old water meter on the place, about 30-40 years old. It served an old frame house that burned, years ago. It was attached to an old 2” PVC water main that ran 5 miles, connected multiple roads, had at best, questionable water pressure and very little sustainable volume. So we put in a 170’ deep 4” well with a 2 hp submersible pump, single phase. The well works perfectly and has since 2004 when installed. We use the well and pressure tank for multiple purposes, ponds, irrigation and potable water. A couple years ago the well started putting out quite a bit of iron in the water, red and yellow iron both. So I was faced with whole house filtration or a substitute. Problem was the connection to the house a 1” line off of a 1 1/2” main line, was in the middle of the front brick wall, between two close windows, pipes connected to an interior wall separating a bathroom and utility room. There was no place to locate a whole house filtration system in or outside the connect area. Long about the time all this came up, the “City Water Co” decided to run a loop down our 1/2 mile road to connect two new legs their 8” water main. Real water. They wanted to place a new fire hydrant, so I volunteered my front yard. Being a help and all, I requested they relpace the old, unused 3/4” water meter with a new 1” meter, to match the 500’ run from my house from the road. Of course they agreed and went off, installing the hydrant, I figure they installed the meter as agreed, did not check, as it was not hooked up. I was going to run the line down my clay driveway, but decided to pave the driveway and instead to run the water line through/between the planted pines trees instead. I have a rolling measurer, striping roller marking sprayer, so ran the best line I could see, walking the line, to miss the largest visible tree roots, Drew it all out on paper, figured the fittings, schedule 40 1” PVC pipe, gate valves, etc. Rented a new, small, powerful trencher that cut a 4” wide trench. Hired two helpers for the mid 90 at 98% humidity. The trencher cut the 25 year old planted pine tree roots like Roscoe. Like most plumbing projects, connecting two existing points, nothing goes exactly as planned. The 2 year old house had a PEX lead out and was connected to a 1” PVC pipe coming from the 1 1/2” main pipe running from the well to a pond, shop, barn, etc., alteration of fittings needed. When the meter connection was dug up, behold, the 3/4” meter was still in the box, another run to the hardware store for three fittings. This is all standard stuff, unless you have a full up hardware store in storage. I really should have dug up the two connections before I started and before I bought the fittings, but it was raining every day, the area near the house had two roof valleys running water, so I skipped a step, waiting for a two day break in the weather. Example of this, the night the line was installed, trench filled, it rained solid, in sheets, for three hours. I had to break out the tractor and the FEL bucket to re-fill the entire length. Turned the water on and a totally unexpected water pressure, blasting. The system new repair guys came out to see about the 1” meter install, old guy now retired, they informed me that they just run raw pressure at the tank, 91 pounds, WOW. Guy says; We just tell people to put a pressure regulator on their house….a rural water system with normal long runs to houses. I now have a 1” meter coming, that will pretty much be unnecessary. Another lesson about living out in the boonies.
  5. Interesting is whom the reporters are now saying her running buddy is, sharing, houses, planes and boats. None other than Chelsea. Quite Cozy ain’t it.
  6. I note the driver came out the back door, looks like by force, but the driver side window is broken out, upper right broken glass, and the windshield has five holes, that look an awful lot like bullet holes. The red shirts with kaki pants are obviously organized and probably gang members. Armed robbery, by definition, violence or threat of violence. The LEOs, have plenty of face pictures, license plates, the taking of and loading of stolen merchandise, etc., etc., for IDs so, this is far from an unsolvable. The fat witch with a B would be twiggy by the time she got out, unless she turned. I figure these are all well known street thugs and Amazon can bring a lot of weight to bear if they wish. That is an Amazon fleet truck.
  7. The Commander in Chief recommends and the Senate advises and consents to every single star. The higher ranks in the military are all political, regardless, where climbing the ladder is an art, that many times involves climbing over the dead bodies of “friends” that did not make the cut in the climb.
  8. Toledo needs to be saved from that lead pipe poison. I can tell. I think two D-9s and a ship anchor chain would save them a lot of agony. Do a Texas land clearing and raise cows on the spot, price of beef is up.
  9. Imagine a fire and the living floor falling into the basement, fire department arrives, puts fire out, fills basement with water in process. What do you need. Consider storing your long guns muzzle down. Prevents crawling bugs from crawling over the top of the muzzle and falling down onto the bolt face. A friend lost 18 Super Posed Brownings that way. Plus, you do not want to store long guns on the recoil pads as it will cause the pads to collapse. You can use 7/16” dowels for separators at 3.5 to 4” apart for bolt handle clearance. The muzzle down storage racks are built in two parts, top is a 1x4 with the separator dowels, tap conned to the concrete wall, level, at a height above the bottom to catch the butt stock against the 1x4 wood. The bottom is a three sided box 1x8 glued and screwed to a 1x12 then a 1x4 glued and screwed to the 1x12 to catch the muzzles, forming a U shape with a low front keeper. The 1x8 is tap conned to the concrete wall. When the box is placed 18” off the floor, you have starage under it. Support for the weight on the bottom is 1 1/4” Schedule 40 PVC pipe with flat bushings on both ends cut to the vertical length from the floor to bottom of the shelf. For your short carbines, put a 2x4 on edge, glued behind the 1x4, drilled with 1” holes along the top to actually hold the carbine muzzles higher, if need be use a 2x6 or 8 for SBRs With a high ceiling, you can stack the racks by placing a support pipe directly over the bottom support. or you can put peg board over and hang handguns on steel pegs covered with plastic tubing or liquid plastic tool dip, if it does not bleed corrosive chemicals. Do not forget the rust and molld inhibitors, golden rods, etc.
  10. Lets see, the SWC is less than 100 years old. Thompson and of course Keith developed it to a fine art for pistol shooting. The truncated cone was designed by the USAF computers at Eglin’s Reserch and Development Center for the USAF 9mm tests in 1986, the design was given to Hornady in exchange for Hornady making the bullets for the USAF 9mm handgun tests. The 115g tea cup FMJ RN bullet design would not even meet the Minimum accuracy requirements, to be tested. So the USAF designed their own bullet and Hornady was the only company that agreed to make the bullets and load the ammo (1.8 million rounds) for the tests, in exchange for the patent rights on the new bullet design. This data came directly from the Deputy Director of Rockets and Guns for the USAF R&D Center, whom was in charge of the 9mm tests. The 200g flat point 357 Silhouette bullet is a new 1980s design by RCBS. It rides the wind over the trajectory arc and breaks the air evenly, across the point, delivering fine accuracy at 200 meters. I have worn out 3 RCBS moulds shooting this bullet for 40 years in IHMSA competition. The 180g 357 RCBS revolver bullet is also a 1980s design. So much for that, back to flat points, my bowling pin load is the Lyman 236g SWC 45 Auto Rim bullet, long discontinued mould, that casts at 252g I use in my 45 ACP Long Slide with 1 pound SS grip panels for pins, the big flat nose bullets hit like a shot brick. My Para Ordinance LDA sports 9 of these at the moment. Been thinking of loading the fairly new .452 Speer 230g JHP with a thin copper coat over the tea cup HP to make a FP bullet. I figure with WST as a replacement for 452-AA, it will make a nice flat nose, accurate, 45 bullet for quick recovery, social purposes.
  11. Absolutely, just ask a college or HS student about minor things like the how things like the US Constitution or American Government are supposed to work or who is this Che’ guy and listen carefully, do not say a word just listen.
  12. 99% of the school boards in this country, every person including the superintendent, are elected public officials. The secret, were it ever a secret, is to quit electing the people whom allow this garbage into classrooms. Also, with very few exception, every elected official can be recalled. Get busy cleaning your house, yourself.
  13. We here live and work in heat and high humidity, virtually every day, the combination can easily kill you. It is sneaky, one minute ou are good, the next you are on your posterior, trying to figure out what happened. Understanding the physicality of heat transfer in the body is very important. In cold water, by US Navy tests, you loose 70-80% of your body heat through your neck and head. What does that have to do with hot, everything. If you start feeling woozy in heat, immediately go to the water hose, run water until it gets cool, then run it from the top of your head, down your body, do not worry about you clothes. No ice water, ever, only tap water. This is an emergency cool down. Do not drink a diuretic like coffee or tea, drink water or an electrolyte replacement like sugar free Gator Aide. if you need sugar, drink natural squeezed orange juice, after, it gives you natural sugar, not processed sugar or corn syrup and gives you the natural sugar fast, like an IV. I have had two of my young men, that did not listen, end up in the hospital from heat stroke. Delivering building materials, is very hot and hard work in our heat. Lifting or digging is a survival school exercise to keep you from freezing to death in extreme cold without a heat source, for survival. So done in heat, the exercise that can save you, builds body heat very fast and can kill you. The older you get, the more susceptible you become, due to circulation problems associated with aging. Your circulatory system is your cooling system. With a tree farm and the continual logging, I must watch the heat constantly. If you feel poorly at the end of a day, try a small glass of dill pickle juice, it helps at times for folks that work outside.
  14. Yep PSA is advertising ammo every day now. Perhaps it will not be too long before stupid is a thing of the past, one can only hope.
  15. Recondo 101


    Nice, just a bit too much bling.
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