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  1. Obozo the last did so much damage to the military it is unbelievable.
  2. Recondo 101

    Historic Bombers in Pictures

    A lot of these WWII bombers were developed at the very end of the Bi-plane era. For anyone interested in history, it is necessary to keep the sequence of development into perspective. The Hudson was actually a Lockheed Super Electra that held the world speed record when developed, it flew around the world in under 4 days, with an average speed of 206 mph. The designer, none other than Kelly Johnson. It was the first aircraft to actually sink a sub. Most reported sub sinking’s during the war were actually a submerging submarine. The Hudson was first designed for Europe and saw a lot of service delivering supplies to resistance fighters, by parachute, at night.
  3. Recondo 101

    So who's planning a romantic night @... McDonalds?!?!

    Well, all you need is three months in CT where everything is boiled potatoes and meat with little seasoning. After a while it is like. Morton ‘ Cafeteria, everything tastes the same. You ouould do what we of the South did, go ask an instructor at the school where a Golden Arches Supper Club was located. We just wanted something that tasted like we could eat at home. We were totally wore out with Yankee food. We had 18 stuffed into 3 cars when we left for Mackey Dees. Ed
  4. Recondo 101

    Case Trimmers

    This is one of the reasons I prefer a 3 way carbide cutter, it helps with keeping a sharp case mouth without rolling case mouth brass to the inside or outside. I have several trimmers, including a chamber style trimmer that uses a bolt head to adjust the trim length, made by CH. For initial match brass setup, it does a great job of squaring the base before I use the RCBS Trim Pro, 3 way motorized trimmer. The insert type trimmer spindle usually benefits from just a touch of case lube before you start trimming. I have over a dozen cats that require shortening in the conversion process. A good trimmer is a must for my process. Ed
  5. Recondo 101

    Microsoft workers protest $479M military deal

    The history of Microsoft and Billy Gates speaks for itself and the employees now want to lay claim to some form of moral high ground as employees. The idiots actually have deluded themselves into believing their signature on employment documents at MS gives them, by some Voodoo, a high moral standing in the real world. Ed
  6. Recondo 101

    Fixed magnification scope on 22LR rifle?

    When I started out I had a Lyman 6x, I liked it better than the 4x and there was 4 ft difference in focus distance if I recall correctly. Then when I started shooting SB Silhouette, I went to centerfire rifle scopes with repeatable adjustments. I used mostly USA made Burris. Ed
  7. Recondo 101

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Glad you found a machine you like. Oh, you might see if you can find a catch pan for under the bed since you have the lathe apart. Ed
  8. Recondo 101


    This is the modified steel 10 round 6.8 mag, front is one layer, back is doubled, spot welded. These were cut with a mill by Mike of MGP Custom, they can be cut with a motor tool and a cut off wheel. Right now the mag is loaded with 30 Herrett cases loaded with 150 gr Rem bullets at 2.24 OAL. They were originally modified to take 358 MGP rounds with 200 gr bullets. Ed
  9. Recondo 101


    Thought Mike might be able to help you. He had to remove the mag’s two front ribs down to the mag lock to allow the 6.8 cases with necks expanded to 358 to feed in the 6.8 mags. The 6.8 & 223 mags are formed, two front ribs, to feed smaller diameter necks and bullets I can send you pictures of the mag mods if you want to try them on the 223 mags. Ed
  10. Recondo 101

    Your top 2 recipes.

    Forgot my 2nd grilled item; grilled center cut pork chops. Have your chops cut 1 1/2 inches thick. Wash them thoroughly to get the bone chips from the saw off each chop. Drain them and dust them good with onion powder and black pepper on both sides. Grill them on both sides until done, medium heat, turning with tongs in opposite directions. As you turn them spray the grilled pork surface with liquid smoke mixed with water to keep them from drying out. I cook by feel, the chop should be firm to a finger but not hard. Veggies to go with, baked potato, fresh asparagus steamed or an Vidalia onion grilled in foil and butter. Peel the onion, cut top and bottom, sit on foil bring foil up, pad of butter on onion, twits foil closed, sit on back of grill 1 hour before chops go on. If you get the chop right, it gives a steak a run for best on the grill. Ed
  11. Recondo 101

    Smoking ribs today

    Looks like white bone ribs to me. I cook mine without sauce but with dry rub. Sauce on the side. I have had a Cook Shack smoker for over 30 years. You have a very good grill/smoker setup. Ed
  12. Recondo 101

    It has arrived

    Wife has my great grandmother’s cast pans and a Dutch oven that makes a mean pot roast. Wife says she wants to be buried with the Dutch oven. Ed
  13. Recondo 101

    Grilling time

    Well, did the winter get you or did you get busy grilling? Ed
  14. Recondo 101

    Browning Buckmark

    The old Browning Buckmark Silhouette model does not really reqiire any other barrel other than the factory barrel. Shot one for about 10 years in a 10 inch (wood forearm) in competition. Then I happened to find a 5 inch Silhouette, Target model, same gun, same barrel just 5 inches VS 10, at a decent price, under $500. I bought it and put a Gilmore 2 MOA red dot on it. Right now, it has shot 10 turtles on my farm ponds. It is as accurate as my Anchutz, Not to long ago I found a new old parts 5 inch barrel for it wrapped in paper at a parts warehouse. I am going to turn down and thread the muzzle, when I get to it, on my list of things I want to do, VS what I need to do next. Ed
  15. Recondo 101

    300 Blackout Build - Pricing & Pictures of Gun/Hunting

    Very nice build. You might consider getting an extra ejection port cover and have it engraved 300 BO for this build. As you get more uppers you can tell them apart at a glance by the port cover markings. Ed