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  1. First thing Derk, I was not talking to you or about you. I frankly have no interest in you or what you have to say, about anything, at any time. I am the one waiting, since December, for a quadruple bypass in March, I am approved, I have 9 doctors on standby. My chosen hospital, one of the top 10 OH facilities in the world, has been designated as a Covid Center and since Feb all OH surgery stopped. So my experience is my experience, not your anything, I am not interested at all, in you, period. Got it?
  2. Looks like another day at the fuel docks in NW FL, during the tourist season. Let’s go to FL and buy a boat it will be fun.......
  3. I do not think HIV patients get a medical facility tens of thousands of dollars in federal grant funds for every patient on the cause of treatment or death list, like Covid does. It would certinly be one explination as to why a hospital would suddenly become a Covid Center VS a Heart Surgery Center. Insurance or Medicare pays X and Covid pays XXX. Plus it effectively denies preventative medical treatment even to those in jeopardy from the virus.
  4. This sounds an awful lot like an attempt to violently overthrow the US government.
  5. Interruption can be natural or accident caused but hackers, especially the Chinese and Russian military schools are constant. Their students use the worlds business networks and connections to practice on constantly.
  6. This country is covered up with odd traditions.
  7. Good thing he was wearing his vest.
  8. It ain’t big enough. That is what a friend told me. Why you say that? Because you planned it and regardless of what you think now, you will need more sq feet. So I thought on it and added 5 ft to one end of the 40x40 building, he was right, that 5’ added 200sq ft. Which we needed 2 years ago come Oct., to put half of my daughter’s house in, stacked and packed.
  9. No good deed goes unpunished, you must break a plate or cup if washing dishes and never, ever do a good job washing anything. I know, because........ So, that is the idea, but, washing windows is my job, do not know how this happened, it just did. Long story short, be careful with phosphoric, especially right around your house. It kills brush, any and all brush, better than Roundup. Do not ask......it was the hard way and it was ugly.
  10. I had to research this and it appears the shooting had nothing to do with the PD or FD. According to news reports, Anderson was shot by a person he might have had an ongoing feud with, over a year, and a clear film of the shooting exists. Access to the area was being denied by the rioters, so the actual facts of the matter appears to be, the rioter’s actions allowed a personal feud to be escalated to a shooting and no emergency care could be administered due to the rioter’s interferancee: “According to investigators, police identified Marcel Levon Long as the suspect within a day of the June 20 slaying, but they have not tracked him down. He is believed to have fled the state, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. “Extremely high quality” surveillance video of the scene near Cal Anderson Park, close to the Seattle Police Department’s temporarily abandoned East Precinct building, allegedly showsth Long pull a handgun after a conversation with 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson.“ In my opinion, the media is getting out of hand in their slanted reporting. If they can not report a direct lie, they fail to report, thus lying by omission. According to the quoted article, they have known the who, what and how since 6/21/20! Apparently the facts did not fit their nerrative.
  11. This guy was obviously ignorant, never read the classics. Reminds one of For Whom The Bell Tolls, you stand on a rock and yell shoot me or kill me, someone will oblige you............... as always, when combining stupid and ignorant, you get dead.
  12. That probably left a mark. No cure for stupid, it is terminal.
  13. If you want to read about Jennifer, here is a story about her false information postings and people whom are or may be suing her for defimation: https://reclaimthenet.org/jennifer-scheurle-false-accusations/
  14. Sounds like they may have been serving up cocktails of the Molotov variety. Bring your empty bottle for a free refill. All about evading the law and unrest supported by and funded by the DNC.
  15. It is great they were enjoined from facilitating the calls again, however it would be much better if they were taken from their homes and offices in handcuffs to jail.
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