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  1. Not surprising and not unbelievable. If the Chinease had anything to do with the hardware, software or programming, you are screwed to the wall. I did battle with them for decades and they are relentless. Anyone that drops their guard against the Chinese, for an instant, is dead meat.
  2. There is rarely a bad day when you can take your son out and both shoot birds.
  3. A board needs new and old members, great to have an old member back.
  4. He can just read about NY’s solution to dwindling revenue due to exodus and increasing taxes to “make up the difference.” Seems like a great plan to me, like setting fire to yourself to save you from a fire.
  5. Poor puppy, gets blamed for everything. His aides probably broke his foot while trying to extract it from his big mouth.
  6. Good morning from soggy NW FL. Our annual Merganser visitors arrived yesterday.
  7. Of course, you know a hivac mulching mower will just turn those dry leaves into powder if you mow them before they become a wet soggy mess. If you remove the discharge block and run the bagger attachment you can still compost them with a green grass mix.
  8. One singer-song writer I discovered that has passed, same day as Eddie Van Halen, is Johnny Nash (I Can See Clearly Now). Actually Clapton has been a protest writer and singer for decades. Plus he is more Blues than Rock and that is what caused his split from the Yardbirds.
  9. Perhaps now the sheeple of CA will start to wake up and see what they have created. Do I expect action, no. I do expect this is another straw, of many. Most tyrannical overseers never understand that there will be a last straw.
  10. Alpo, you have a lot on your plate right now plus the appetite may be impared. Hope your last chemo went well and is truly the last.
  11. Best wishes on the Diabetic regiment, just keep at it. Been in the grip over 40 years, am still on pills. Holidays are tough.
  12. Alas, my surgeon friend has a different opinion about the condition my condition is in....
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