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  1. Recondo 101

    Browning Buckmark

    The old Browning Buckmark Silhouette model does not really reqiire any other barrel other than the factory barrel. Shot one for about 10 years in a 10 inch (wood forearm) in competition. Then I happened to find a 5 inch Silhouette, Target model, same gun, same barrel just 5 inches VS 10, at a decent price, under $500. I bought it and put a Gilmore 2 MOA red dot on it. Right now, it has shot 10 turtles on my farm ponds. It is as accurate as my Anchutz, Not to long ago I found a new old parts 5 inch barrel for it wrapped in paper at a parts warehouse. I am going to turn down and thread the muzzle, when I get to it, on my list of things I want to do, VS what I need to do next. Ed
  2. Recondo 101

    300 Blackout Build - Pricing & Pictures of Gun/Hunting

    Very nice build. You might consider getting an extra ejection port cover and have it engraved 300 BO for this build. As you get more uppers you can tell them apart at a glance by the port cover markings. Ed
  3. Recondo 101

    6.5 Grendel (Type2) / Beowulf 12.7X42 BCG on Sale

    Those big bullets will be a reason to cast and powder coat. :-) Ed
  4. Recondo 101

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Lon, What I did was to ask about mills in local machine shops, finally one came up, a 70s J head 3hp Bridgeport with a dial speed adjustment and a 48 inch motorized table. I did not have a place for it at the time asked the owner if he could hold it in one of his warehouses, if I paid him up front, which he did. When I got my shop finished, I picked it up with my heavy trailer. I had the shop built with a 10 ft roll up, insulated and sealed door. It gave me enough clearance to use my tractor’s front end loader to pick up the Bridgeport and back it into the shop, place the mill and level it. I had the shop electricians wire the rotary phase converter and rewire the mill so it would work as designed, forward, reverse and the table. Just have patience. Ed
  5. Recondo 101

    Your top 2 recipes.

    Steak secret for a top restaurant quality. You need two things, a quality piece of meat and heat. The meat should be cut thick enough to sear without cooking done in the sear process, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick. I prefer a NY Strip. The steak should be room temperature, then and only then, shake one side with garlic powder, then black pepper and then cactus dust, then turn and shake coating of garlic powder and then black pepper. Cactus dust on one side only. Steaks on a platter to sit for two hours. Do Not Stick A Fork of any kind into steak, ever. Use a pair of tongs. You need a good grill capable of 700-800 degrees like a Big Green Egg, with a cast iron grill surface. Clean the grill surface with a stainless steel scrub, spray with Pam, wipe down with wad of paper towels, then respray with Pam. Pour 1 ounce of hickory liquid smoke in a spray bottle with water, shake well. Using masquite chunk charcoal only, light off the grill in center with wax blocks, with top and bottom vents full open, lid closed, about 1 hour 15 minutes before grilling or start grilling when the grill temp gets to 800 degrees. Burp the grill lid to keep from burning yourself, spray grill down with Pam again. Put steak on grill, cactus dust side up, close lid and close top vents about 50% to control flare ups, grill for 3 minutes. Turn steaks, spray seared surface with liquid smoke mixture, close vents 50%, cook 3 minutes more, should be medium rare. Put on platter, spray w smoke mixture again, cover w foil to set for a couple of minutes. Serve with baked potato, fresh salad and your favorite beverage. A nice burgendy marinaded mushroom sauce goes well also. Ed PS Cut your own steaks from a loin. Learn to judge your best cuts, yourself.
  6. Recondo 101

    1911 picture thread

    Your community is very lucky to have those two on your ambulance. Both just lack a certificate to be PA. The military has started a PA program by the way, where our PJs and SF medics can get a national certificate in 1 year. After 17 years of war they have a lot of trauma experience and that experience should be put to use. Ed
  7. Recondo 101

    1911 picture thread

    In the last 15 or so years, pretty much since voting to have officers, the PJs have spread their operations. I am sure you have seen SF medics work as I have. Originally the PJ med school was the SF medics course including rotations in the SF approved hospitals as residents. Their dive training was the SF combat dive school. Then the AF changed to their own medical school and to the Navy dive school in Panama City, FL. This led to the PJs being tested and approved as the R&R teams for Carrier Battle groups. With a slot at BUDS and as the SEAL team medics on specific teams, like Team 6. They are also tasked for D teams and Teams from the Hill. What you see may not be what you are actually looking at with one of these men. It is not surprising that you guys got smoked in swimming. Son was on the swim team in school. He had to totally retrain himself to swim, just to pass the PJ entry to INDOC swim test. We in the Army are used to a 50% or a little more, attrition rate, the 2 year PJ pipeline has a 98% attrition rate and the students come for the challenge from all branches at every level, to try and be on the podium with a maroon beret in hand. Son was at Kadina for four years. He was the team leader on the Goose 50 Rescue mission, out of Kadina, special ops rescue mission of the year. Ed
  8. RC, you are very correct. As an armorer in the 101st, after we received the first XM16 E1s, I was assigned to write quarterly performance reports on the black rifles to the Pentagon. I had the distinct impression my reports were going into file 13 or being used in the head. I wrote about storing the muzzle up, causing corrosion, freezing the carrier key to the gas tube, carrier key blowing off the carrier, no cleaning rods, no brushes or proper solvents, no cleaning material for new guns from packaging, rifle racks that did not fit the M-16, lack of magazines, etc., etc. nothing, not one response and no materials. So I gathered coffee and cheese and went trading. When I got finished I had foot lockers full of mags and a footlocker full of cleaning kits with bore brushes under my bench, so when we got orders my unit had a full issue of mags and cleaning stuff for every rifle in the unit. I never got anything from the Army, by request. Ed
  9. Recondo 101


    Back years ago at our range we had two explosions by Federal 22 LR ammo. Federal was very good about it, replaced a Browning Buckmark silhouette clip, blew the base off and parts + ammo all over the firing line. Then replaced an Anchutz stock, explosion shattered the wood. Both were from the same lot and appeared to be the result of more primer than normal in the case. But they were very good about it. Hand loading would be a different situation. Ed
  10. Recondo 101

    1911 picture thread

    No, not a PJ, I was the silhouette match director and an RO at IPSC matches at Hurlburt during 32 years as a non military member of the Rod and Gun Club. I was a Recondo (LRP) in the 101st, 64, 65, 66 & 67. Member of the 101st rifle and pistol team, coach and armorer. My Dad’s last assignment was Hurlburt, he was AF Intel. Hurlburt had 60 or so of the 260 PJs and 45 CROs in the world. I got to know a few PJs and their families over the years. They usually shoot 3-4 times a week and if not shooting on the Military range were at the R&G range for practice or a match. Well Chief Bob Hollar head PJ at Hurlburt, at the time, talked my son into taking the PJ physical test, then going to INDOC, then on to the pipeline, etc. After son being 8 years as an enlisted PJ, the PJs voted to have officers, first time since 1943. Son then graduated from Emory Riddle in 2 years, then graduated OTS. Chief Bob Hollar was there at his graduation to collect his first salute dollar. Son is CRO 5. So when one of the PJs, CROs or their Pedro (rescue chopper code name) crews or a family asks, I can always find the time to help. Ed
  11. Recondo 101

    1911 picture thread

    This is a retirement gift delivered this fall. What is not pictured is the two mag pouch w HALO wings engraved on it and the belt with multiple nation’s jump wings, plus a Greek Officers Para Rescue flash. The Greek flash is pretty impressive in and of itself, gold helmet of Achilles flanked by crossed lightning bolts. The set is an open carry set with an El Passo Leather rig, holster engraved with green feet, a tradition of PJs to have that tat on their butt cheek, the holster rig, Puma multiple fit, R or L sheath engraved with the US SF combat dive school bubble. The stainless steel Puma is an as new, unsharpened 1970 Skinner with an engraved SS initial plate. The shooting grips are Ergo (they make the PJ hand axe) and the display grips are stabilized Vietnam buffalo bone, engraved with a PJ flash on left and CRO flash on right. The grip screws are dimple decorated. The 1911 itself is a SS Ruger 45 ACP Commander with all of the Ruger markings removed except the serial number, has: Novak adjustable sights, matching front sight is tapered and serrated by hand, no night sights, cut and shaped slide, match barrel and bushing, funnel cut competition style chamber, match loop hammer and sear, Videcki trigger, trigger job, extended (one side) ambi safety, extended mag release, easy instal no scratch slide stop, old Safari grip safety, fitted S&A mag well w flat & smooth main spring housing, tuned extractor and ejector. All sharp edges in and out broken, three different blast textures, bead on top of slide, extra course Black Beauty on the frame’s grip areas. The slide is engraved with the two flashes, the Old Crow symbol of a CRO and a note on the official combat rescue record of the officer. The 8 rd mags are all hand fitted and serial numbered to the gun. All mags will feed a full mag of empty, brass, as fired, from this gun. The entire rig comes in a walnut display case with laser engraved glass top. Every piece of the set is symbolic and interlaced with the rest of the pieces, by the history and qualification of this officer. This is a similar set to the Remington based set made for the That Others May Live Foundation (TOML) as a funds raiser. Ed
  12. Recondo 101


    Tom, thanks for posting your pictures, was looking for another site to use myself. I need to get my pictures off my PC and onto my iPad as I have changed to total wireless. Ed
  13. Recondo 101


    Tom, you might be interested in the 358 MGP web site. It is a 358 cartridge based on the 6.8 SCP necked up and trimmed. The 358 MGP uses the 6.8 cartridge, bolt, and magazine. Mike Plinkington out of CT has worked on the development of the cartridge, dies, barrels, etc for years. Totally based on the AR-15 it is about like a 358 Winchester in a carbine. Shoots 170s to 230s real nice. I have two ARs based on his barrels made by McGowen, a 1-20 twist and a 1-12 twist. The 1-12 I built for subsonic 200+ Gr night shooting with a can, for hogs. Been a 357 SM or Max rifle shooter for decades, most folks try to lighten the bullet and increase the velocity, when they should be doing the reverse with a rifle on the bullet. Increase the bullet weight. I use 1680 in the MGP with an adjustable gas block. Ed
  14. It might be germane to the question if we consider what we would carry when hunting dangerous game. Now no 4 legged game is actually more dangerous than a two legged hunt. I have carried a 44 Mag Blackhawk w 252 gr cast, very early old model single action, reliable, in a shoulder holster plus a Merrill 30-30 single shot w 170 gr on my hip, hunting wild boar in the swamps of central north Florida. I killed 3 wild boar that day. 1 with the 30-30 at 20 ft on the charge. This was a handgun only hunt. Normally I would be carrying a handgun in a holster and it would stay there, while I used my rifle. A rifle is a far better answer to shoot back targets than a handgun, especially if that rifle shoots 30 or 40 rounds, very accurately, as fast as you can pull the trigger. It was incredible just how popular a rifle became going into Indian territory, in a real shooting back kind of war. Do not believe the movie garbage. Ed
  15. Recondo 101

    A&M vs LSU!!!!

    Clemson got to see Alabama’s weakness displayed by OK. Alabama never got to see Clemson’s weakness until it was too late to do anything about it. Both teams played well, one was better coached than the other. Bryant said it best, the players win the game, the coaches loose the game. Today has been very quiet living 1/2 mile from the AL / FL border. Ed