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  1. I do good just playing a radio or stereo, the music playing gift did not pass on to me from the family members with the gift. They could play most any string instrument by ear, me nada. Except I can hear good matches in my head, melody to lyrics. Used to go to open mic in Nashville listen to new songs performed, fresh. I could hear the match that would sell. But it was not my job, just enjoyed the time I spent in places with new talent performing live. Have a very eclectic music library at home and in my truck with a Bose sound system, try to do the listning right..
  2. Thanks, a Nice Vid. In 1957 I went to see Jerry Lee live at Connie Mac stadium in West Palm Beach, FL. I sat about 2 feet from the stage, on the grass right in front of him. The stage was a raised ply wood platform. Jerry Lee used a wood stage as a percussion instrument, he hit the keys so hard that the impact transferred to a wood stage. In his 20s he was truly something to see, live. Saw Fats Domino live also. The headlines in the 50s and 60s were really worth seeing for that little touch of magic.
  3. What was it that Shakespeare said about Denmark? Does holding your nose count...
  4. Another happy camper leaves the Donk world. Hope they all leave what they left way, way, behind them.
  5. Never have quite understood how anyone that takes an oath of office as a public official in the United States, to protect and defend the US Constitution, gets out of that swearing in, itself, that they may ever target any person or group because of, race color or creed.
  6. Great morning to you all.
  7. I was going through my junk and found a brand new armory, never mounted, Huskavarna, Model 96 Swedish Mauser action dated 1943. These are preported to be the best of all the 96 Swedish Mausers, especially the Huskys made in the late 40s, strongest, etc The Swedes were reported to be proofed to 78k cup prior to civilian sale, by Swede law. I know from a couple dozen builds, the 6.5x55 setup is much stronger than US loadings for the case. Talked to Swedes and Finns both, in the US, scientists here at the testing facility at Eglin, on assignment, their stories about the rifle are quite different from US specifications. The Swedes and Finns reload and shoot big crittes with their 96s. So decided to build a cast bullet rifle based on a 358 Winchester cartridge. if you look on the Hogdon pages the 6.5x55 is listed at 46k PSI and the 358 is listed at 48k psi max for loads. Of course a cast bullet setup for 2,200 to 2,500 fps would only be around 22-25k. I normally just start a build and go through without pictures, until the end,. However, in this case, I decided to do pictures of the modifications as done. Come to find out, there are 36 separate modifications. I do have the Mauser tools, mandrel, lug lapping tool, etc, plus a gear-head lathe with a DRO and a Bidgeport mill.
  8. Yep, but, as Lao-Tzu is said to have said "A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step." Every single step is a step closer to the goal.
  9. Received an email message from Matt Gaetz, (R 1st Dist FL) that he will introduce a Bill in the US House to make the Florida, Stand Your Ground Law, a federal, US law. If this gets passed it will make self defense a federal law, spelled out, plus elinate retreat, and law suits for defending yourself. As with the original state law, the lies about the law started immediately. The Tampa and Miami papers called it the Shoot the Postman Law, which it is not of course. We will see about the passage and the marking of those that do not believe in self defense.
  10. This is the start of a Mauser 358 Win Cast Bullet rifle build on a brand new Husky 1943, M-96 action. Th action was bought about 30 years ago as an armory action, never mounted. So the fine setup adjustments were yet to be done, fine for me, with a total redo.
  11. I imagine you made a for good tale at the supper table. Mama, mama, we ran into a weird old man at the grocery store.....
  12. Before you retire go to the SS office and ask them very straight forward questions about the major thresholds and what happens if you pay double SS payments into your account until the Max Account amount is reached, which is an age limit by the way. You may learn a lot about increasing your account balance.
  13. Everyone said the same thing of the 20 house members that refused to yield to the radical left wing media and radical left wing politicians, now look at what the 20 acrually accomplished in the house rules changes. This is a one bill, one subject deal, and it can keep coming up until every American has a right of self defense. I do not care if it takes a thousand introductions, one day it will pass. This same law in FL was what Mat Getz sponsored and then he defended in the Supreme Court, so he has the expertise and legal background to introduce this law and to defend this law in the US House, as well.
  14. There is no real answer to crazy, or crazy acts, etc. To think a rational act can fix this is just adding bill-dung to bill-dung. Folks that are unbalanced and do no harm, only act like that until they do harm. Seems like the driving force is the ultra liberal interpretation of just how bad must a case of mental illness be, before it is a threat to society.
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