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  1. Fixed. Today my gunsmith suggested lighter lube. I'd had a film of Tetra Grease on the bolt, (I come from old bolt-rifle background). So I had some Dash Pot oil here from many years ago when we used it at the telephone company on precision electro-mechanical equipment. I slathered on a lot of this light oil and went out to the back of our place. Ran about 25 rounds with gas adjustment set at 2 full turns. Immediately cycled perfectly and continued that way through everything I shot. So the answer is -- it merely needs break-in with light oil. Tomorrow I'll tune down the gas until it burps, back up a bit and I'm done. I will say I am spoiled with the side-charger. Now the rear, traditional tee-handle cocking seems really, really awkward. Thank you all for the help.
  2. Longhair, good comments. I did run it wide open on the adjustment. No better. Dedicated lighter buffer might be what has to happen. I could live with a dedicated lower, but not the best end result. I think this might be a question now for Gibbz themselves. This is their upper - they ought to have some input from experience.
  3. Put 30 to 40 rounds through this new Gibbz side-cocker today. Not fixed. I ran adjustments from 0 to 4; 0 being closed, 4 being no gas restriction. Did not ever lock bolt back. Tried 4 different Magpul magazines. Tried an entirely different lower. Finally tried both lowers I have access to with two older, proven uppers and the Gibbz again. >Everything< interchanged and worked perfectly until I dropped the new Gibbz with new barrel with new Seekins adjustable gas block, with the new BCG unit on and right back to failure. Trouble only follows the new upper assembly. So my thinking is that somehow the bolt receiver must need a LOT of break-in to move quickly and easily, OR, there is some problem with the barrel/gas block assembly. I pulled the Gibbz upper off and set it aside until I get a new idea or take it back to the gunsmith that installed everything.
  4. I've had it to 3 1/2 turns and Seekins says 4 is max gas. Tomorrow I'll try 4 turns plus I'll drop it on a different lower. I'll also run several rounds through the magazines I'm using, (all Magpul), on a different rifle and make sure magazines are fine. Will also remove the Bolt, clean it and re-lube.
  5. Seekins themselves just replied to a question similar to my post here that I had sent to their web site. They sent instructions which I had not gotten. In them, 4 full turns out is no gas restriction at all. So now I know the limits of screw travel. I think tomorrow I'll try a different lower that would have a different buffer tube. Not sure that has much to do with this, but can't hurt. And through all this I am still very new to AR's
  6. New rifle. Gibbz side charger. New BCG. Seekins adjustable gas block. Went out with a few magazines, each loaded with 1 round. Fired. Won't lock back with gas setting 1.5 turns CCW. Repeated testing and quit at the point where I had 3.5 turns out CCW. Twice in 12 rounds bolt locked back properly. No info with the gas block. Firing pin strikes look good. Ejects empties about 8 feet, consistently. I stopped because I was not sure just how far to back out the gas block adjusting screw beyond 3.5 turns. Can anyone comment on the range of, "turns," one might encounter with the Seekings gas block adjustments???? OR, perhaps I just have to run 40 or 50 rounds through the new rifle to break in the new receiver and BCG, then try settings.. Thoughts?
  7. Interesting comment, Hamurabi. I'm not in the mainstream of being able to see problems posted for the lower priced receivers. I'd be curious where on facebook to see what you refer to. In fact, I'd be also curious what couple companies do show up with problems. From my limited observations and reading PSA and Anderson seem to have a very good reputation - what am I missing and where do I research this? 'Kinda like saying, "how concerned should I be?" So if I have an Anderson lower and a PSA High Shelf lower sitting in front of me, except for markings and maybe finish, they are identical in usefulness, fit, etc. ??????
  8. I guess I'm still trying to get this straight. Let me recap what I think I'm now understanding: A low shelf lower will allow installing an auto sear. (i.e. if someone wanted full auto capability which I have NO interest in) A high shelf makes that option a bit more difficult so manufacturers feel a little, "safer," legally. I've had experience working with a common Anderson lower - had no problems with it. PSA lowers seem popular and trusted, so I was thinking of trying one from them. "Their version of the Anderson." I'm not a high end, sophisticated player with AR's, I just want a simple, basic rifle that is enjoyable and handy to have around the farm. So if I have an Anderson lower and a PSA High Shelf lower sitting in front of me, except for markings and maybe finish, they are identical in usefulness, fit, etc. ??????
  9. Thank you. I asked because I was thinking of ordering a simple, stripped lower and wondered if High Shelf meant I would be getting something odd I couldn't use for a conventional build with any conventional lower parts kit. Looks like I'm safe, but it was/is confusing.
  10. Noticed PSA is selling a, "high shelf," AR lower. So what is it compared to just a garden variety, good, normal AR lower receiver? Thank you - I'm obviously still learning....
  11. Yes, this is the best group I've found in a long time. Thank you all. Happy New Year, Dennis
  12. I didn't give a lot of details last month when I posted that it works now. What I did is move the tube into the stock until it began to drag. (Too far - like beyond 1/3 way in, it became difficult to remove) Then I worked it back and forth through that, "semi-workable," area for a while. Removed tube. Looked into stock. I could see drag marks where the circular opening in the stock met the rib area. Right on that edge. Ah, ha. The tight spot. Got brave and smoothed in there with a fine cut flat file. Tried again. Better. So I continued, a little at a time. Eventually I began to also see drag marks in the circular area as well. Got a dowel and wrapped it with fine sandpaper. Worked that in there some. Everything just got better and better. Pretty quick it worked fine with a light plastic compatible lube. Days later it is still fine. Actually, a perfect fit now. (Hmm. Well, I guess I hand fitted it, didn't I? ) NEVER did touch the tube. My gunsmith would have helped, but he's sometimes hard to reach during holidays. Plus he's a 40 mile round trip. (That's local where we live) Cheers, Dennis
  13. DennisT

    Gibbz side charging upper

    I might be looking at them, but the Gibbz looks different to me. One side has a relieved area and their logo is in there. NFA seems to be all smooth side. Perhaps they have slightly altered molds for secondary sellers?
  14. Really stuck on the idea of getting a side charging upper. Really like the Gibbz, but at $249 it's a bit of a hit. Anyone that has been around here for a while ever remember if they go on sale at any point? (I'm pretty new here) Or alternatives, (BCA?) Still like the Gibbz. Would need right side ejection; left side charging. PA does not seem to carry the Gibbz. (I like Primary Arms)
  15. Hmmm. Understood about the MI rod limiting how the upper can be rotated. However, in looking at a photo of it, the rod is ground flat on 4 sides at the vice end. So loosening the vice and turning rod 90-degrees will allow upper/barrel to be, "turned on it's side," the way I see it. So it seems to me that with the MI rod, I'd give up the incremental, quick rotation possibilities of the G rod, but still have 4 positions if I just take the time to turn rod in the vice. I'm thinking that's a good trade off in favor of the MI. I need to look into the PlastiXrevolution block you mentioned. I'm fast turning the corner from modest education to the REAL challenge: Money. Modest budget. I'm really stuck, (so far), on getting a Gibbz upper, (right ejection; left charging). It's the most expensive single item I see soon at around $250. So I'm wondering what is most important to buy first: Gibbz upper or tools. Then there will be a bit of a wait. While my gunsmith is really promoting the 300 BO, I'm looking also at the 6.8. Barrels? Wow that's another unknown arena for me. Can only digest so much in one week.