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  1. PurpleFan

    Don't be an 'arrow stopper'.

    I agree with the article and have been telling my close friends & family we ARE heading to another civil war which will make the one in the 1800's look like a rival high school football game. The twist i see comming is this time around all our outside enemies are ready to jump in and attempt to end our way of life for good. They are already planting themselves in congress to weaken laws to allow help into this country......just as they are doing in Europe. It will be the crusades on a global scale. I am not a doomsday prepper but i see things everyday in person that show me that the number of people working to divide instead of unite is growing, not only at the national level but locally too.
  2. PurpleFan

    Saturday night at the hockey fights

    Was this game against the pilots?
  3. PurpleFan

    Some of you will not get this...

    Sadly i am old enough to get that 😬
  4. PurpleFan

    Twin Sisters in Detroit Absolutely Rock

  5. PurpleFan

    I hate funerals

    Prayers to you and your family.
  6. PurpleFan

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    My Dad always told me " even if you do not agree with what someone is saying, always listen because they may say something that makes sense" I've done that sinse i was a teen and every now and then i go hummm........okay that part makes sense.
  7. many years ago i was walking thu the local gun show and came across a table with three SKS rifles laid out still in the box wrapped with heavy brown paper covered in a black heavy grease. I looked all three over and picked the one with the best looking stock and payed $250.00 for it. got home and started cleaning it and discovered it was a unfired 1953 number matching Russian SKS. it also came with the folding bayonete installed, the cleaning kit & sight tool and Russian canvas sling. I love this rifle, its one of my favorites. Same show came back to town in the spring and i picked up a Chinese NHM 91 new for $180.00, love this one too.
  8. PurpleFan

    odd bag for ak.

    I read about using the carry bags for skateboards, pretty decent size but i am of the age it would look out of place with me carring it.
  9. PurpleFan

    It might be Monday.

    The one with the excavator happened here in Kansas out west on I-70. the tractor, trailer & nearly new excavator were totaled and the company paid for a new bridge. the driver was not cleared to be on I-70 but decided he could make up time and no one would know he left the approved route 😳 westbound I70 was shut down for months with a 50+ mile detour around the closure. the driver did have his seat belt on though πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. PurpleFan

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from the center of the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  11. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    TaosGlock i dont know either one, sorry.
  12. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    I too am happy with it and thanks.
  13. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    the exact same as you, it was between the M&P and the Ruger but there were way more people in favor of the M&P. I was interested in the Springfield Saint which came out after i had the S&W but I am happy with my choice. I thought about tempting to poke the bear and convince the Ceo that i needed another to keep the socialist hord at bay but.......i prefer my man parts stay in operating condition .
  14. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    Thank you all for the welcome, my user name refers to the Kansas State University Wildcats Purple & White. One of the other questions was what am i into....Well its all good to me. I started with 22's in highschool then a shotgun for bird hunting, then military rifles, then pistols...........then black rifle fever took over. When i got bit i was doing reserch and that is how i came across this site almost a year ago. When i bought my AR this group gave me the idea to tell my wife it was if the shtf this was a softer shooting rifle she could use....πŸ˜‡ and it worked, i learnd that from members on this site πŸ‘.
  15. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    Howdy everyone, i finally joined the group. I have been lurking for a while. I really like this community here and i am a fan.