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  1. PurpleFan


    I thought this group might have the answer, over the last two weeks there has been a large number of military aircraft in & out of Forbes field here in NE Kansas. I thought at first aircraft from the hurricane areas were moving here as that has happened before, but the volume and type of aircraft is different this time. We have a KNG fueling wing stationed here but i’m seeing way more tankers and larger aircraft than we have flying around. last week a bunch of helicopters were coming through with a quad flight of A10’s, T 38’s, and two single engine fighters hauling ass to the base came over me so fast i cant identify what they were. Just curious if chess pieces are being moved before November.
  2. Sorry for your loss.....I share that pain......
  3. Best wishes on a clean bill of health .......but..........you know you got this 👍
  4. All though the nice gardens they like are tiny one on a table 😉 the weird part is packages were sent to seemingly random people throughout the state, not all to the same area. some had been labeled as jewelry but had seed packets in them, others did not have any ID on the package but the seed pack had Chinese symbols on them. I will be curious to see where these were delivered like near the big beef processing plants ot cattle operations or to major AG growing areas.
  5. Yesterday the news outlets in my state of Kansas warned people that random people across the state started to receive unsolicited packages of seeds. No markings as to what the seeds were. This morning the States of Virgina & Utah reported the same thing. This struck me as odd but now i wonder if the Chinese are launching phase 2 of a plan to attack America. Phase one the Covid-19 pandemic to weaken the economy...... now part 2 to destroy our food production and the timing is suspect as this happened after the consulate in Houston was closed. Am I over reacting?
  6. my theory in the Russians ARE behind this one and Hillary left the door open while in the key position of secretary of state ( remember the uranium mine she sold them?) and she still holds major influences over the blue mob and there actions........make no mistake this IS a coordinated operation. I also think Chinas release of covid-19 was an attempt to slow down the Russians plan by focusing everyone on a world pandemic, not to help the Russians but to gain them time to come up with a counter plan to step in and assume control........that right there is real tin foil stuff 😜 but we as a country are at a crossroad and come November the fuse will have been lit on our country’s future.
  7. Well stated TT 👍👍👍👍👍
  8. just put out jar lids and fill them with soda pop.......when the rodents drink it their innards explode as their system cannot handle the carbonation....old farmer's trick my grandpa used in his barns
  9. i cant wait to see if the muslim/ communist faction can match the Clinton's “mysterious accident team” .......
  10. well AOC and the other squids are piling on Hillary..........any bets on when the car crash, accidents & unsolved deaths will begin.
  11. This one has a bigger look of victory than the last one. 🧨
  12. i have the same thing in green my aunt made for my mother
  13. most likely crawling around biting ankles and climing curtains.
  14. Words spoken by an idiot that hasent worked a day in his life or knows any basic skills........except how to properly put Grey Poupon on stuff!
  15. Today will be a typical Kansas day. mid to upper 60's to 70's with thunderstorms this afternoon some severe then down to 29* - 33* tonight and only low 40's for the daytime highs thru the week end 😕
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