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  1. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    TaosGlock i dont know either one, sorry.
  2. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    I too am happy with it and thanks.
  3. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    the exact same as you, it was between the M&P and the Ruger but there were way more people in favor of the M&P. I was interested in the Springfield Saint which came out after i had the S&W but I am happy with my choice. I thought about tempting to poke the bear and convince the Ceo that i needed another to keep the socialist hord at bay but.......i prefer my man parts stay in operating condition .
  4. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    Thank you all for the welcome, my user name refers to the Kansas State University Wildcats Purple & White. One of the other questions was what am i into....Well its all good to me. I started with 22's in highschool then a shotgun for bird hunting, then military rifles, then pistols...........then black rifle fever took over. When i got bit i was doing reserch and that is how i came across this site almost a year ago. When i bought my AR this group gave me the idea to tell my wife it was if the shtf this was a softer shooting rifle she could use....😇 and it worked, i learnd that from members on this site 👍.
  5. PurpleFan

    Greetings All

    Howdy everyone, i finally joined the group. I have been lurking for a while. I really like this community here and i am a fan.