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  1. I installed blink cameras all around my house. Its all wireless and works great.
  2. I just paid $4.09 per gallon here yesterday.
  3. Thank you all…..I have gained a wealth of wisdom from everyone here. it was an interesting B-day as we had severe t- storms and several damaging Tornados near us last night.
  4. Check out handgunlaw.us web site as it has correct and updated information for every state and has a wealth of info on carry laws and also has knife laws too.
  5. It just went to $3.89.9 yesterday for regular.
  6. We have had about 10 in the last month out in central Ks. most in the same 3.3 - 3,5 range but three have been over that with the highest a 5.9. All have been within 30 days, i am starting to worry as they are clustered.
  7. that was good and it should make a difference!
  8. prayers for you and your family, stay strong and never give up.
  9. Do not underestimate the Clintons, they have become unusually quiet and we all know how power hungry they are! They also thrive working in the dark like cockroaches.
  10. Black oil sunflower seeds is all they will eat around here……and they will clean a feeder in less than a day and a half
  11. Did i miss something again, has anyone heard from Rampy lately? Just curious.
  12. So sorry to hear of your loss.
  13. We had the same issue as they changed our plan we had for years to the “new unlimited” plan they were switching to......at a much higher cost.....and we never agreed too. We switched to T-Moble for our cell phones and cut the bill by 2/3 and have had a much better experience without any issues. We also have ATT for internet and u-verse tv which I want to drop but the wife dosent want to change & update all the accounts with new email addresses.
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