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  1. Black oil sunflower seeds is all they will eat around here……and they will clean a feeder in less than a day and a half
  2. PurpleFan


    Did i miss something again, has anyone heard from Rampy lately? Just curious.
  3. So sorry to hear of your loss.
  4. We had the same issue as they changed our plan we had for years to the “new unlimited” plan they were switching to......at a much higher cost.....and we never agreed too. We switched to T-Moble for our cell phones and cut the bill by 2/3 and have had a much better experience without any issues. We also have ATT for internet and u-verse tv which I want to drop but the wife dosent want to change & update all the accounts with new email addresses.
  5. This turd needs to understand that there are consequences to your actions......he made a direct threat to kill someone he should be in jail awaiting a court date. The inaction by the district is s key piece of this in getting this prick locked up and convicted and make the district start doing what they should be doing before your lawsuit hits the news. Didn’t the state change the laws after the Loveland shooting to deal with this type of threat? Has any other school staff been notified of the threat?
  6. Excellent news....keep up the fight.
  7. Whaaaaaaaaaa.............I dont think so
  8. We kicked ATT to the curb after they changed our plan without asking us and went to T-Moble and have been satisfied every since
  9. Whenever i need to relax and focus i listen to this Travis Tritt song, just close your eyes and listen to the words and you will feel much better.
  10. Dont forget Hillary, once her cleaning “crew” makes a visit to biden it will be over since he died in his sleep and kamala will appoint her as VP.......until she sets her sights on kamala.......
  11. The list of comrade Biden’s staff is a who’s who of left wing donks, and the one i just read is Hilitery is pushing her appointment as defense secretary. Were doomed without a miracle intervention.
  12. well that certainly makes things better........thanks Rampy!
  13. Okay several months ago I noticed a lot of heavy aircraft flying into Forbes field which was unusual, but most thought it was due to hurricanes hitting the gulf coast.......this went on for around 2.5 weeks then stopped and the normal tanker flying in and out and all was normal. yesterday i noticed more aircraft flying in. this time all single or two seater only. Today there are so many flying in and out i cant keep track of how many there has been. Some of you can answer something i noticed is the T-38s flying in are all painted flat black with no visible markings......and there has been at least 12 or 13 already today since around first light and has been continuous. Over the last several hours the heavy aircraft are going mobile as i have seen at least 3 of our tankers coming back and landing. I am not sure what this is all about but the timing of both are to me suspect. Has anyone noticed more traffic at any other bases?
  14. Its not cheating if you only put the tip in briefly 😇
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