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  1. capnjim01

    StrikeEagle on sale

    I know, what is it I can't stop wanting things for the AR that I don't really need? Yes Retcop I was warned but it's not my fault I'm weak
  2. Ok PSA has Vortex Strikeeagle 1X8 with mount on sale for $299 who has one and how do you like it. I've got the Strikefire II it's brand new and I haven't used it that much but man $299 for a 1X8 Vortex. I'll probably go ahead and buy this so I'm going to have more scopes than rifles. I'm really thinking about getting the scope and paring it with a .308 later, or buy a AR pistiol and transfer the Strikefire over. Why didn't someone warn me about BRD?
  3. capnjim01

    Weapon light

    Hi guys, what are you guys using for a light that is compatible with M-LOK and won't break the bank around $100
  4. capnjim01

    sling mount

    I bought the mount direct from IWC paid $28 so I'm good. Thanks everyone for you input.
  5. capnjim01

    sling mount

    No that's what I'm looking or. I found one from IWC but its $92 on Amazon.
  6. capnjim01

    sling mount

    Hey guys I need a sling mount for Magpul MOE stock. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. capnjim01

    Rumpie is a NutCase......

    Remember in East Texas, April showers brings Floods.
  8. capnjim01

    Great Sling For Less $$

    yes they are and so far the only thing I have found out is that I need to purchase and Magpul adapter that fits the rear of the receiver around for one point attachment.
  9. capnjim01

    Great Sling For Less $$

    Ok need more help I need to attach the sling to the rear of a magpul moe stock what adapter do i need. Oh and I shoot the rifle yesterday for the first time and I'm planning my next purchase.
  10. capnjim01

    New guy building a rifle 2.0

    Ok after 6 weeks of crappy weather I finally got to go to the range. The good news everything works well except the shooter. I'm no Chris Kyle, more like Chris Pratt or maybe Chris Rock. Had the red dot sighted in for 50 yards and using Federal 55grn FMJBT. Group, if you can all it that was about 3 inches high and all the shots where in about 3 inches. Windage was dead on. I could cover all the shots with the palm of my hand. This was the first time shooting an AR and first time shooting a rifle in about 40 years and first time ever from a bench. I couldn't get comfortable maybe the mag was to long, a 20 0r 10 round might have worked. I couldn't get the sand bags adjusted things just didn't feel right. Overall I'm happy. My hat is off to the guys who can shoot MOA with a red dot or back up sights my old eyes can't do it. I'm already plotting my next purchase, just need to pay some bills first so the wife won't leave me.
  11. capnjim01

    Me Want!!!!!!!

    Years ago, more than I care to remember, I worked for a wholesale firearms distributor and we had some of these in stocks. The part that holds the magazine pivots so you could hold it in your right hand with the magazine laying across you fore arm to study it. never had the chance to shoot one did look interesting.
  12. capnjim01

    Best Texas BBQ

    Coopers in new Braunfels between San Antonio and Austin., much better than Rudy's, A little out of the way is Luling City Market BBQ in Luling of I-20. I'm originally from NC and we always had pork bbq, Texas beef is way better.
  13. capnjim01

    Great Sling For Less $$

    Thanks but I'm doing good job of that myself
  14. capnjim01

    Great Sling For Less $$

    Thanks this group is always so helpful. I even remember when someone said to be careful of BRD, that advice I did not heed. Sill planning my next AR purchase.
  15. capnjim01

    Great Sling For Less $$

    Just ordered this sling no to find some Qd