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  1. Well as an example I lived in northern Nevada and hunted elk. A close shot is around 400yards. I got my first one with a 308 at 630 yards. He was huge! Best meat I've ever tasted. I also was in the navy as an air crewman and held many rifle qualifications 308 being one of them. So I guess I'm looking to relive the glory days and do some long range targeting. Even though living in Florida now limits me to only a hand full of ranges
  2. Well that helps... I know what my next rifle is now!
  3. Still waiting on mine. Applied 5 weeks ago... Fl. Is so slow
  4. What is a creedmor and what is the difference between it and a 308??
  5. It all started in the Navy as an air crewman on H53E helicopters and got my 50 cal qualls. Served in desert shield in the gulf. I was hooked then but had other priorities. Now that I'm older I found this passion again when I purchased a 9mm as a carry weapon. Went to the range to get comfortable with it and some friends were there with their AR's. I tried a few out and was hooked again. Just purchased my first AR for Christmas this year and still haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. It is a PSA lower and upper combo from a local store. Found this forum on a Google search to help learn more about the gun and possibly get some good advise on add ons and upgrades. Thanks for having me Greg
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