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  1. Kevinohio

    WTB 6.5 Grendel Type 2 BCG

    Thanks everyone for the help
  2. Can you pm me pictures and your information on these?
  3. If any one has upgraded there AR15 rifle and has a good used rifle length handguard and stock for sale at a reasonable price let me know.
  4. Kevinohio

    WTB 6.5 Grendel Type 2 BCG

    This is my first build.im new to all the better parts makers and stuff.
  5. Like to find a good used bolt carrier group that is complete for a 6.5 Grendel at a reasonable price
  6. So the 300 blackout feeding ramp in the barrel .would work ok with my M4 feed ramps in my upper?
  7. Yeah I just seen that on a BCA 6.5 Grendel barrel.my upper I just purchased has the M4 feed ramps.its a striped upper
  8. Most of the AR15 uppers have the M4 feed ramps.i have never seen one with a 300 blackout feed ramp.would a barrel that has 300 blackout feed ramps.work on a reciever with M4 feed ramps?the BCA 6.5 Grendel barrel has 300 blackout feed ramps.then I have seen some other barrels have M4feed ramp.
  9. Kevinohio

    18” barrel forend length?

    Yeah just like your two pictures.i just now noticed them.sory about that.
  10. Kevinohio

    18” barrel forend length?

    I’m new on here and never seen them.can you send me pictures
  11. Kevinohio

    18” barrel forend length?

    Wanting it to look like the original AR 15 rifle with the 6.5 Grendel or other barrel
  12. Kevinohio

    18” barrel forend length?

    That’s why I was asking what shortest forend was so it would cover up gas system.
  13. Kevinohio

    18” barrel forend length?

    I’m not sure to what caliber to go with.i seen a reasonable priced .22 nosler barrel.it was 18” is long as they had.i was going to go with a 20” one or so if I go with 6.5 Grendel or a .224 wykerie.right now I just have my stripped lower.im on a budget build.